Master These Ideas on What Dogs Like

Humans often have no idea what a dog really likes and what he totally dislikes. This question sometimes hangs on the borders of psychology. But most of the time, it is quite clear as daylight. However, their queer choices do not fail to bewilder us.


So, at first we have to identify their nature. What do they do in case they like something? Swift tail wagging, a little romp, slobbery kisses, some facial movements resembling a smile, relaxed body posture and a few barks are going to accompany their blissful expressions. We shall dig into their likes and dislikes in some details.


What do they like in general?

1. What is the role of food and treats?

Irrespective of breed, size or anything else, dogs are the greatest food lovers. Tasty food items and treats melt them almost instantly. However, you should follow the prescriptions of the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to inquire into the ingredients of a dog food. It will ensure proper dog health.


2. How does games and sports go?

Games and sports are very important for their growth. Participating in a game is always a top priority for a dog. Especially, they love interactive games in which they have partners. It stimulates their brain properly.


3. Is accompanying others a good pastime?

Keeping company is also a preference. Not to forget, a lonely dog may suffer from separation anxiety. Both human and dog family members are welcome in this respect. They are a source of pure joy and entertainment for you. Dogs also love to get beside you round the clock. They want to make you happy.


4. How important are the toys?

Toys are treasures. These playthings provide wonderful time. So, they value those items just like their other precious possessions like food and family. Safe dog toys will ensure a lasting joy for so many days to come. Puzzle, fetch, flying, interactive and all the other kinds of toys test both their physical and psychological capacity.


5. They like to be petted in some special body areas. You may go for the chest, the foundation of the neck and the shoulders. Pats and rubs give them sweet pleasure.


6. Dogs prefer investigating you first before you get to touch or adore them. They will sniff around and acquire some valuable information. If those details give them a positive signal, they are likely to welcome your presence.


7. What is better; to sleep or not to sleep?

Long time naps are inseparable from a dog. Apart from the working breeds, all the dogs will love to fall asleep at any time. Regardless of age distinction, each and every puppy, adult or older dog will avail himself ample bed time ranging between 14-18 hours a day.


8. Do they always fight for leadership?

Most of the dogs would rather hand over the leadership role to you than grabbing it. They look forward to you for instructions. They are good followers watching after most of your directions closely. Excellent schedule, robust feedback and steady rules will get them into proper shape.


9. Praising voices always top the list of favorite things. In fact, they can understand whether you are appreciating or disproving their behavior. It is a reward they look for eagerly.


10. You have washed him just now and without a second thought, he goes out to have a good rollover in the yard. Thus, he gets all kinds of dirt painted on his coat. Occasionally, they will do it for no reason at all. By and large, they may want to remove a smell or itchy feeling in this way.


11. A dog is happy when he can come to your assistance. Especially, working breeds will demonstrate destructive behavior in absence of a sound job schedule. Dogs love to help you with errands.


12. They need to go out regularly. Of course, going for an exercise or a stroll to the nearby park is a favorite thing. It keeps them jolly.


13. Digging a hole in the yard, carrying things in their mouth are the other favorite pastimes. Usually, digging is a reminder of their ancestral den life in the wilderness.


What do dogs like


What do they dislike in general?


Your dog is not a ‘like machine’ who will always prefer your choices in their daily life. There are things that annoy them profoundly. As can be seen, their list of dislikes twists some popular beliefs on dogs. So, we must check it for the sake of taking proper care of the canines.


1. Which actions are considered threats?

Personal touch or a closeness often means threats in the doggy world. Generally speaking, it may go wildly wrong. Be careful not to corner them. Hovering over his body sometimes gives him a perception of danger. Moreover, petting him on his face or head is never a good intention.


2. Do they like your speeches?

Words are puzzles. Dog psychology tells us that a dog can memorize up to 150 words at best. But these words mean little to them. They mostly capture your thoughts based on your tone and gestures.


3. Boredom strikes a dog at its heart. Loneliness, lack of physical activities, absence of playtime and several other factors contribute to his boredom. Besides, this is responsible for his destructive behavior.


4. Are strangers welcome?

Strangers are not very welcome. They prefer keeping it alone to attending to an unknown person. Especially, encroaching upon their territory may be equal to a declaration of war.


5. But what about a dress?

Their coat gives them ample security and they do not need a dress though it may appear cute. Most of them would go about in the natural way if they had a choice. You can arrange a dress in case the weather goes sub-zero. There are breeds like Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky who will even enjoy a freezing temperature. So, there you go.


6. What does emotion do to them?

Hugs and kisses intricately bear some emotional messages such as love, joy and support to a human being. Unfortunately, it does not carry the same meaning to a dog. Most of the time, these behaviors annoy them and even it might be translated into a threat. Squeezed into your arms, they may be seeking for an immediate way out.


7. It is a good thing to put your dog on the leash. But he abhors the idea of outing without exploring things or smelling the attractive items on the way. So, taking him out is always preferable if you allow his inner Columbus or Marco Polo a little freedom.


8. Is human stupidity good for a fun?

Teasing rarely goes well with a dog. Usually, they do not get the funny meaning of your intention. So, if you pull their tail or bark reciprocally, it will tremendously anger them. They will retaliate with whatever they can.


9. Do they like to be cleaned?

Grooming sessions are fair and square disgusting. Bathing, nail cutting, ear cleaning and coat trimming are all meaningless. However, the tasty treats that accompany these sessions are not so worthless in a dog’s view.


End lines:

Not to forget, an individual dog may have an individual taste. But as an animal species, there taste bends on these topics discussed above. We would love to know about what your dog likes. Your outlines might pioneer new school of thoughts. So, please do not forget to comment below.

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