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We may make use of your account in this website for user identification and customization of content for you and to send you regular updates with newsletters or promotional packages. This action will further into responses to you questions as well as administrative policy notifications.

In addition, this measures will extend up to tracking for user friendly advertisement display. Finally, this use of information thing runs for protection against illegal activities. Each of our emails will lay down a section which will let you opt out of any future notifications.

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DMCA Notice:

In case of copyright infringement, notify Dogsculture as is set out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998(“DMCA”). For a valid complaint you should place information regarding-

1. Physical or electronic signature of the copyright holder or his representative,

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4. You need to supply us with your contact details including phone number, email id and address

5. You have to provide a statement which is liable to perjury if your claim is proved to be inaccurate.