How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer

Dog In summer

Sunny outside warmly welcomes you and your puppy to have a look outside. Or simply the dog is going out 4-5 times everyday to accomplish his potty business. Whatever the reason is, the issue is how to keep dogs cool in summer.

Especially, a pooch with a heavy coat as well as a Working breed, who must attend to his jobs, undergoes tremendous physical strain in a hot and humid condition. A few simple tips in this regard are going to save the dog from troubles. So, let’s dive into the core discussion on how to keep dogs cool in summer.

Dog reactions to excessive heat:

These symptoms are the tip of the iceberg.

a) Massive panting and drooling,

b) Laborious breathing,

c) Physical feebleness,

d) Temper tantrum,

e) Galloping heartbeat

To keep the dog cool in summer avoid doing these:

Summer tips for dogs tell us to steer clear of these practices in a hot and humid day.

01. Keeping the dog dehydrated is no option at all.

02.Walking the dog on the pavement or the road will instantly burn his paw flesh.

03. In the parking lot, do not lock the car leaving him inside of it. Soaring temperature will turn him insane.

04. Long coat is not very suitable in such a situation.

05. You can purchase summer gears such as dog cooling mat, dog cooling collar, beds, etc.

06. Too much exercise is forbidden. Especially, brachycephalic or short muzzled dogs such as the Bulldog, Boston Terrier, etc should be kept in a cooler place.

What you can do to keep the dog comfortable in summer hot:

Summer tips for dogs dictate you to take several steps to maintain your puppy’s good state during the hot days.

01. Give him fresh and cool water for drinking. If possible, get a doggie pool for him to have some occasional splashes.

02. Leave him home while you are going out.

03. If the dog is accustomed to stay outdoors, arrange a shade to save him from direct sun.

04.Give him some ice cool treats.

05. You can purchase summer gears such as cooling collars, beds, etc.

06. You have to turn on the AC in order to cool down the house.

07. Low exercise dogs can rescue you if you leave in a hot region. Exercise programs must coincide in the morning and in the evening, usually two of the coolest periods of the day.

08. If you must keep his hair long, there should be regular mat and tangle removing sessions. Grooming chills him with additional air flow.

09. Heat stroke or heat exhaustion or any complicated must be reported to a veterinarian.


Keeping the dog comfortable in Summer requires a few important steps on your side. You cannot leave the dog all by itself  in too hot a condition. Your close inspection should follow the pooch.

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