How to Choose a Soundproof Dog Crates

Soundproof Dog Crates

Soundproof dog crates are highly recommended for two reasons. Firstly, the dog is too noisy and he likes to bark a lot. Secondly, your home or surrounding environment is very unsettling for the dog.

There are loud sounds of plane take offs or rail tracks and these incidents frequently scare the puppy. In addition, thunderstorms, fireworks or loud music and things like these may frighten the dog and you want to prevent it by soundproofing the crate.

Where can I get soundproof dog crates?

Well, you will get it nowhere. There is no ready-made dog crate with such an intact feature. But a little effort on your part can get you one very easily. We are going to discuss the techniques on how to turn your simple dog crate into a soundproof one.

What should I consider while soundproofing the crate?

You have to be careful about the well being of the puppy as you walk this way. The issues are mentioned below.

  • Breathability is vital for the dog. You have to use elements that do not obstruct airflow. The crate could become very hot in the absence of air. Moreover, the puppy may suffer from breathing issues.
  • Dealing with darkness is a real challenge. If you choose to totally darken the crate, the puppy may go for more barking.
  • Cost effectiveness of the solution has a significant bearing upon your mind. Of course, the solution has to be under a reasonable budget as you do not want to spend a significant amount in this respect.

How to make soundproof dog crates?

Well, there are several methods for you to pick from. Let’s check out those in details.

Set up a dog crate cover: Dog crate cover is the cheapest way to soundproofing the crate. Buy a fitting crate cover and drape it around the crate and you are done. It significantly brings down noise levels thanks to the padded layer of the cover. It is important that you keep its breathability in mind.

Use a moving blanket: Moving blankets can reduce sound pollution to a great extent thanks to a padded cushion inside. This pad acts against sound intrusion. It can absorb noise with precision while keeping smooth maintenance of airflow. Moving blankets cost little money and lasts for almost a lifetime. So, this is really a viable option for you at any circumstance. It will suck out the noise and protect the dog’s ears.

Place an absorption sheet: Yes, you guessed right absorption sheets are designed to absorb noises. This is an outstanding solution to a soundproof dog crate. Get the right sized absorption sheet to cover the crate. The sheet is there not to block the noises out and out but to absorb them. Thereby, the frequency of the sound goes down before reaching your pet’s eardrums.

Soundproof the room: You can soundproof the whole room if your neighbors are shy of appreciating the doggo musical charade. You may apply acoustic panels so that barely any sound passes in or out of the home. This is especially useful for a home near the railway tracks, airports, or areas prone to thunderstorms.

How can I stop the dog from barking?

You need to protect your ears from the incessant barking of the fur baby too. Here is how to do it.

  1. Allow the dog enough physical workouts so that he is left with no extra energy to bark.
  2. Fear factors drive them crazy. If it is possible, remove those issues. Particularly, dogs are afraid of strangers, loud sounds and so on.
  3. If the dog is holding up his potty needs for too long, he will bark. Pay attention to this physical necessity as well.
  4. Happy mood or boring routine is also responsible for dog barking.
  5. Territorial protectiveness, obsessive compulsion and some diseases can cause this behavior too.
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