10 Smallest Dogs In The World

Smallest dog breeds are too cute to ignore. Their presence leaves a soothing effect on our mind. They fit in a small space. They are good for family too. These short dog breeds have little exercise needs. Grooming takes almost no time. Moreover, you do not need to deal with a robust dog in your vicinity. So, the challenges are little in this perspective.


But on the other hand, they are chaos masters. They often do not have any idea about their small size and start confronting a bigger enemy. In fact, childish fun might backfire in case of a toy breed. As shown above, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Now, let’s dive into the ten smallest dog breeds in the world.


10Papillon (5-10 pounds):



Your Papillon is a happy dog. Actually, he is stronger than it really appears and loves to have an occasional romp around the place. He can demonstrate compelling athleticism. Their ears resemble butterfly wings giving them a cute look.


9Brussels Griffon (8-10 pounds):

brussels griffon


He is affectionate and offers you playfulness. Naturally, this dog comes from Belgium. Brussels Griffon is a robust dog in a small body. By the same token, he possesses an air of self importance which is all the more adorable to an admirer. They are however nice family companions.


8Toy Fox Terrier (3-7 pounds):

Fox terrier


Toy Fox Terrier is a package of both fun and love. His terrier nature gives him an edge as a catcher of rats and squirrels. Despite being a terrier, he is loyal to your commands. In fact, their high intelligence is an excellent springboard for success in agility and obedience tests.


7Pomeranian (3-7 pounds):



Here comes the standard companion for just anybody. Pomeranian is super lively and pleasing. Similarly, his splendid coat, fox face and cute size makes him a dear family member. But a good look is not all they can offer. Their keen intelligence is another aspect for you to take credit from.


6Russian Toy Terrier (up to 6.5 pounds):

Russian Toy Terrier


Naturally, this breed comes from Russia with love. Russian nobility used to enjoy the company of Toy Terrier ancestors. Sharp intelligence together with swift learning capacity comes along with a Russian Toy Terrier.


5Toy Poodle (4-6 pounds):

Small Toy Poodle


Poodle basically has three sizes and toy is the smallest among them. They are superb athletes and can be a good show dog. However, their lush coat seeks for a bit more attention than that of most other dog breeds. Clipping is a good solution in that regard.


4Japanese Chin (7-11 pounds):

Japanese Chin


Another Toy Group member with luxurious coat. Most importantly, this Asian dog has been in companion service for about a millennium. He bears some grace of a cat. Posh appearance and gentle behavior are the gifts along with a Japanese Chin.


3Yorkshire Terrier (7 pounds):

Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dogs ever and they impeccably fit in an apartment. Correspondingly, American hearts melt at his presence as he has captured the top position in toy dog category. He was also a ratter-in-chief in the early times. He seems to be aware of his beautiful-floor-mopping-coat.


2Maltese (under 7 pounds):



This is another ancient dog like Chihuahua. By and large, their existence was well known in the Pre-Christian Era. Maltese promises an outstanding companionship and fierce competition in obedience tests. His exuberant coat is a symbol of nobility.


1Chihuahua (below 6 pounds):

Smallest dog breeds chihuahua


Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world. Uniquely, their existence can be traced back to the Pre-Columbian Age. He is an excellent sport and polished companion. Mexicans take pride in Chihuahua being one of their national symbols. These short haired dogs are good at shows.


As a matter of fact, smallest dogs are your lap dogs and they stay close to your heart. Their companionship is a treasure. They light up their surroundings with liveliness and beauty. If you have a small or toy dog, do not forget to comment below. Tell us what you like the most about him.

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