10 Small Short Haired Dogs

Small short haired dogs

Short haired dogs do not promise you no shedding. But small short haired dogs will always be preferred in this regard. Their little size translates into less fur in your place. These dogs also call for less grooming efforts. Some of these belong to the group of best small dogs.

A list of top 10 small short haired dogs

So, without further ado, let us dive into these 10 small dog breeds.


The Dachshund has a smooth and short haired coat. There are also wirehaired and longhaired variations. But the smooth coat is quite easy to groom.

These short dogs are full of devotion to their family. He is another clean dog without almost any odor. Smooth coated Dachshund coat will give the least pain.

Shiba inu

A pack of Shiba Inu can corner a wild boar. They are good as a hunting companion. Birds and small preys are their favorite. He is a short dog with ample personality. His spirit will be the torch bearer for your kids. Shiba Inu has a short coat but it also has a tremendous shedding prospect.

Miniature Pinscher

These small dogs are very easy to take care they have a very short and hard coat. Once a week brush is fine for their maintenance. Though he is look a like of a Doberman, this is not a relation. However, the Min Pin is able to face up to a challenge bravely just like a Doberman.

American Hairless Terrier

Here is a point to be noted hairless has a coated variety too. Grooming requirements are not paramount in either of the types.

In fact, the hairless will ask for only ear cleaning. They may be considered as non shedding dogs. American Hairless is your true terrier with plenty of feisty activities.


Pug short coat will ask for a little grooming labor. You can weekly tend to his smooth coat. These short dogs do not look forward to too many baths unless visible dirt appears. But their facial wrinkles will take much time for careful cleaning.

Jack Russell Terrier

He is for an experienced owner who has talent in handling a bit of a headstrong dog. This is a trademark of Jack Russell Terrier. There are two coat variations which are smooth and rough. Both need regular brushing and care.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terriers are more robust dogs than their size suggests. They were bred for fighting and they are the finest of the pack hunters.

But nowadays, they are more likely to be an affectionate companion. He is good with other pets and kids. His fine shiny coat will demand a weekly brush.


The Beagles need patient owners as they are hounded. His companionship will similarly amuse both adults and kids. A thick and super short double coat protects him. They are average shedders. A weekly brush will keep him clean.

Italian Greyhound

This is one of the small dog breeds promising plenty of sprints. But he is a sweet nature dog inside your home. His lanky physique does not have too much strength and his careless running as well as romping often leads to joint dislocation. Neither bath nor brush is a regular necessity unless you can detect garbage


Never forget that this small dog is a hound. Put him on the trail of a small game and experience some wonders. Are you looking for a noise free puppy?

He is called a ‘barkless dog’. These African dogs are quite resilient and healthy. Basenjis are smell free dogs needing little grooming.


Small short haired dogs will give you more time outing than waiting in a saloon serial. You need not supervise a matted or ruffled dog. Now, which dog are you going for from this list? Leave a comment so that we can appreciate your choice properly

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