8 Best Small Hypoallergenic Dogs

Lhasa Apso

Frankly, hypoallergenic or non shedding dogs are not completely free of allergic elements namely dander. But they are less likely to spread these harmful elements around your place.

Most of the time, hypoallergenic dogs have a double coat or a wiry coat. It internally prevents many things from falling off. Hence, the term non shedding dog comes to use. Remember that they also need proper care to maintain this healthy state.

Do hypoallergenic dogs mean anything?

First of all, hypoallergenic dogs do not mean ‘no allergic reaction’ at all. Allergies are not a direct result of dog fur or hair. Rather, it is a symptom of dander attack which is almost invisible to human eyes.

So, no matter how fine a coat your dog possesses, dander will fall resulting in allergies. But hypoallergenic dog coat has some traits that can cut down the amount of dander and dust. These small hypoallergenic dogs really mean nothing more than what has been described here. Now, we are going to put light on ten best small hypoallergenic dogs.


Agility is the word that comes first while describing a Poodle. Poodle coat mats at the innermost part if you do not comb and brush him regularly. His hair requires trimming. Poodle coat is a great barrier against allergic components.

Chinese Crested:

He is a spiky dog who demonstrates proficiency in alertness. Here is a hairless version for you. But you need to protect him from sunburn and other exposed skin issues. So, never consider him a no grooming dog. They have some hair on the head. Hence the ‘crested’ part of their name came along.

Coton de Tulear:

This is a companion clown. He has a sound physique just as the other African dogs. Long coated Coton will demand a lot of brushing, perhaps daily based on the situation. Their hair also gets matted inside if not properly cared for. Reach his skin while brushing and use conditioner. It will conserve his coat.

Lhasa Apso:

Lhasa Apso is a genuinely independent dog. They possess high confidence. If you go for a long coat, you have to brush him more than weekly. Their floor mopping coat is a beauty in itself. He follows his own path and so, grooming this dog will try your patience.

West Highland White Terrier:

This is good hearted dog pledging a lot of fun around. Their double coat has a coarse outer part. His undercoat remains clean from outer garbage. Stripping the dead hair and regular brush saves him from mats. You can clip his hair too. But it takes out his fame as well.


Prepare yourself for some high maintenance schedule with the Maltese. His lustrous coat requires equal amount of efforts on your side. Combing him using a conditioner will bring the desired shiny look. He has a single coat which is obviously enough. Brushing regularly will leave no falling hair in your home.

Toy Fox Terrier:

This may be one of the few small hypoallergenic dogs that require little grooming attention. This is an intelligent and alert puppy. He will not give you much pain in terms of togetherness. You can scale down his minimal shedding to almost zero with regular brushing.

Cairn Terrier:

This small dog is ready to face a threat larger than him such as a fox. He thinks that he is self sufficient. A Cairn Terrier is always prepared for the next game. His maintenance does not take much of your valuable time. Regular combing and occasional hand stripping will do the job.


These small non shedding dogs will spare you from a tremendous amount of fallen hair. Their small size means that you have to spend less time grooming. Minimal or almost no shedding is their characteristic.

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