14 Short Haired Dogs with Sky High Popularity

Short Haired Dog

It is depressing if you are desperate for a certain dog but afraid of serious grooming needs. There are many short haired dogs available around the world.

Here, we have considered the issue of short hair as well as popularity, intelligence, personality and sociability into account. Most importantly, short haired dogs come up with some advantages.

What are the biggest advantages short haired dogs?

  • You need not frequently run after dog saloons.
  • You can spend more quality time with the pet.
  • Your place remains comparatively cleaner in absence of visible fur.
  • Grooming costs will barely bother you.
  • The dog looks fresh even though you have failed to tidy up him timely.
  • The hair treatment process does not test your dog’s patience.
  • The dog rarely suffers from hair related allergic and bacterial diseases.

Long haired dogs  have the unique advantage of the beauty that short haired dogs can scarcely compete against. But the problematic issues attached to long coats often discourage a potential owner from having them.

For your convenience, we shall discuss 14 of the best short haired dogs.

1. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terriers are friendly, bright and amusing. Nicknamed ‘The American Gentleman’, Boston Terriers accompany you with flawless manners. Most importantly, we can identify him for his sleek and tight tuxedo coat that sheds little. He belongs to the Non-Sporting dog group with his ever observant round eyes.

However, he is a sturdy small dog weighing no more than 25 pounds. Consequently, they are perfect urban pets. The Boston Terrier will never become aggressive unless someone invades his territory. Usually, they are considered intelligent dogs.

2. American Hairless Terrier

Technically, he does not belong to the short haired dogs group as he is completely hairless. So, what are the facts pushing him into the short hair dog list?

American Hairless Terrier is energetic, alert and curious. This Louisiana native has to be the top choice for allergic people.

Fairly long living AHT is often identical to Rat Terrier. He is an apartment dog easily affected by sunburn due to a hairless smooth coat. Papillon upright ears are known as butterfly.

On the other hand, American Hairless Terrier’s ear position is called bat. This is a muscular dog with strenuous shoulders and a wide chest. He protects his humans and passes with flying colors as a watchdog.

3. Basenji

Along the lines, the AKC celebrates the Basenji as independent, smart and a poised demeanor. Is there really any barkless dog?

Notably, Basenji is an African barkless dog belonging to the Hound Group. Sturdy Basenji requires a lot of physical exercise. You must keep this fact in mind before getting attached to his sweet face.

If you are not prepared for him, you may become disappointed with big time exercise requirements. Despite being a smaller-medium sized dog, he has got strides like that of a mini racing horse.

Light footed Basenji seeks for an omnipresence around the events. Above all, hunter Basenji trails his prey both by scent and smell.

Unfortunately, he does not do well with strangers and the small animals such as cats.

4. Bloodhound

The AKC describes Bloodhounds as among ‘the canine kingdom’s most docile citizens’. Drooping jaw Bloodhounds are renowned as friendly, independent and inquisitive. They are famous for their smelling capability and they are especially the best at locating lost things.

Their tailing never aggravates up to a physical attack but licking. Moreover, solemnly dignified Sleuth Hounds enjoy remaining near the kids and the other pets. Drooling Bloodhounds love human companionship as well.

What makes him relatively a weak guard? This gregarious nature obstructs his guard motivation in spite of his formidable body structure. This noble creature is somewhat withdrawn among strangers. But he is capable of making fun too.

5. Beagle

The Beagle is a hunter with a funny and cute disposition. He is a pack hound who is friendly, curious and merry.

Above all, he possesses an easygoing nature and enjoys the company of others. What is Beagle specialty? His powerful nose plays the most significant role while tracking something. Therefore, many airports around the world deploy Beagles to trace out contraband items especially drugs.

His small and compact size and unlimited smell receptors help him easily trail a particular element. Beagles are great food lovers and their taming often requires plenty of lures.

Though his short coat needs little grooming, he has a need for a lot of physical exercise. Otherwise, he will gain fat very fast.

6. Dachshund:

The thirteenth most popular dog, the Dachshund, is friendly, curious and spunky. These hounds come in two sizes and display a little fur on their coat with moderate shedding. How can such a small dog become a hunter?

Originally, they have been bred to be hunters especially preying on badgers and foxes. A pack of them can even take on a bear. So, it is better to pet them in a group.

On the other hand, they need to have two good walks per day for exercise contrary to popular thought that small dogs do not require much of a strict routine in this regard. Jogging and stretching help maintain his backside muscular strength.

They love to enact humor and like your company very much. In fact, you will regularly discover him peacefully lying under your bed cover.

7. Black and Tan Coonhound:

A short and thick coated Black and Tan Coon hound is easy-going, bright and brave. Most importantly, His blood line resembles to that of Bloodhound and Fox hound trailing back a thousand years.

He is a tall and strongly built hound who is capable of living outdoor. Originally, American B&T loves sleeping as well as hounding some raccoons. Meanwhile, their large size contributes heavily to both their tenacious working capability as well as relentless resting periods.

What do they like to do? He is headstrong while on a scent trail and you would not want to unleash him unless in an encircled area. He is a fantastic jogging and children companion. Late-to-mature B&T is funny and pleasant to live with.

8. French Bulldog:

Adaptable, playful and smart French Bulldog is the sixth most popular dog in the USA. In fact, the English Bulldog traveled to France to acquire a new name. Their tight and short coat scarcely allows shedding.

A weekly grooming is just fine for him. His small size along with little exercise demand has made him the perfect pet for the city folks. You will find him less barking and more charming despite his serious and gloomy look. He throws a challenge to any other dog with a remarkable companionship.

His sturdy body and bat ears do not make him a splendid watchdog but very often a couch potato. Frenchies are friendly to both the other pets and the visitors and are unfit for a rough outdoor life.

9. Pug:

Double coated Pugs have a short and glistening coat. Their small fur has a good rate of shedding but calls for only one grooming a week. The AKC puts this toy breed characters charming, mischievous and loving. Muscular Pugs appear in two colors.

This amiable dog puts on a comical face and is affectionate to his family and visitors. Though Pugs and Bulldogs bear a facial resemblance, they are different in height and weight. They are better watchdogs but not guards.

Pugs came from China. They cannot live outdoor. They are sociable and like to live with their human companions.

10. Italian Greyhound:

Middle age Italy saw a surge in Italian Greyhound popularity. They are playful, alert and sensitive in nature and belong to the toy group.

They have a significantly short coat with mild shedding and require occasional grooming. Though the smallest among the Gazehounds, Italian Greyhounds are noticeably intelligent dogs and you can train them kind of easily.

He is an inconsiderate sight hound who cares neither for the situation nor you. Anything moving as well as interesting will trigger his swift chasing be it a car or another animal.

He is a dashing runner who can speed up within seconds. These sudden take offs are often responsible for a young one’s broken limbs.

So, the leash remains to be your only hope to keep him under control at that moment. With a beloved disposition, Italian Greyhounds love your presence and will likely follow you around the clock.

They also like to lie down anywhere and everywhere. You may have a hard time avoiding sitting on his tiny body reposed under a loose bed cover.

11. Miniature Pinscher:

Just once a week brushing will do fine with the Miniature Pinschers as they naturally come up with a short, hard and smooth coat. Their average shedding does not count much due to a minuscule size.

Known as ‘king of toys’ among fans, Miniature Pinschers are fearless, fun loving and proud dogs. The dark and slightly protruded eyes with erect ears almost remind us of a fawn face. He brings you a spirited presence and loving or often a demanding company.

A remarkable feature of the Min Pin is the demonstration of a high stepping gait. Do not let his size deceive you as he is quite capable of instantly jumping into action.

He is safer in a fenced area or on a leash. His keen senses and quick-to-act nature make him a true watchdog. Min Pin size and characteristics is perfect for apartment dwellers.

 12. German Shorthaired Pointer:

Naturally, German Shorthaired Pointer was first bred in Germany and their known existence goes as far back as the 17th century. Pet parents call their GSP the ‘perfect pointer’.

This is a complement well reflected in their nature. They are friendly, smart and willing to please. Meanwhile, they belong to the Sporting Group of dogs and perform superbly in high energy tasks as well as athleticism.

Originally, GSPs are Gun dogs and do well in swimming, running and retrieving. They have a short, thick coat shedding seasonally. But you have to brush and bathe him occasionally.

Otherwise, his sticky fur will lie down here and there. Remember that it is a tiresome chore to remove those gummy hair. This tall dog is a noble looking family companion. He does especially well in an outdoor game or activity and he is not meant for an encircled apartment life.

13. Boerboel:

Though experts discourage a first time owner from having a Boerboel, he is the protector angel of your place. Originating from South Africa, they possess a characteristic confident, intelligent and calm temperament.

This Working Group dog has a formidable and often intimidating physical structure but a relatively short life span.

Moreover, the Boerboel wears a short, compact coat requiring only a weekly bristle brushing and monthly bathing. They ask for a large place to roam around and are capable of living outdoors.

What are the best qualities of a Boerboel?

This South African Mastiff needs a lot of exercise and bears a good health record. Therefore, they were used for the protection of farmlands and eventually guarded against lions, hyenas and fearsome African wild animals.

Fortunately, he is doubtful of the strangers but very affectionate toward the kids. Ultimately, If you can train him flawlessly, he is a distinguished jewel among your companions.

14. Bluetick Coonhound:

Renowned raccoon hunter Bluetick Coonhound is smart, devoted and tenacious. His short, glossy coat sheds mildly. Like all the other breeds discussed here, his coat too needs a weekly brushing and once in a while bathing.

What motivates him the most?

In fact, his training desire is more driven by the treats rather than a motivation to please you. They have a tall, sturdy and sleek body ready for a race.

First of all, he is a good family companion who does not dislike the kids. For instance, he gets especially close to someone who cares for his requirements.

Because of a serious prey drive, other small pets are fair games to him. He thrives at nighttime hunting. Above all, he loves hunting and pushing his prey into a corner. If you do not burn out his tremendous hound energy, his lengthy hymns will get on the nerves of your neighbors.

Wrapping up:

no matter which dog you choose, they will shed to some extent except for the hairless breeds. Seasonal shedding is another aspect that you have to go along with. Less fur not only implies less grooming but also fewer parasitic attacks. It also denotes little hair loss tension, scarce allergic reactions, etc.

Moreover, short haired dogs may come up in small, medium and large sizes. You have to decide on taking one depending on your tastes and requirements. Choose short haired dogs and enjoy their no-hassle-companionship.

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