5 Best Puppy Nail Clippers for 2021 (Expert Views)

Wild dogs never imagine getting a nail cut. So, what is actually the point of clipping dog nails? You may subconsciously be wandering about it. Well there are obvious reasons for you to trim the nails at home. In short, long nails really hurt the pet dog.

Let’s dive into the best puppy nail clippers along with these relevant health and wellness issues.

BOSHEL Puppy Nail Clippers:

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Boshel offers serious, high quality and intuitive pet grooming solutions for both cats and dogs. They have reached the pinnacle of pet supply success by introducing this top drawer dog nail clipper. Topnotch professionals are never shy of recommending it to the pet parents for reasons. Unmatched reviews also tell a one of a kind tale.

It suits any medium to large dog. Its powerful structure is made to handle all tough and nasty dog nails. Comfortable use has set this one apart from the pack. Thousands of content pet owners go for it for all these reasons.

Most importantly, overcuts are no longer your concern thanks to its safety stop blade. The safeguard plate bars the nail from going all the way through the clippers and trimming the nail dangerously short. However, you have to keep a careful eye on the on-field situation as well for foolproof security.

One cut and clean cut happens to be the motto. Super sharp stainless steel blades take care of all angles small or large. Home grooming cannot be more comfortable than this. You may not look into the puppy nail clippers beyond this one. Boshel bids only deep blue color for it.


  • Recommended by the professionals
  • Tends to all nails sizes
  • Literally, thousands of satisfied customers
  • Safety guard system
  • Stainless steel blades give clean cut


  • Slow clipping might rarely break the nails on the sides
  • Made in China

GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs:

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Unparalleled attention to details are put into the GoPets products. They are enriched with 25 years of deep experience in the pet supply industry. So, you already know that you have the best shot at hand with their dog nail cutter.

This clipper is made for years of troubleless use. What else can really a pet owner ask for? Well of course, high quality 3.5mm thick stainless steel matters a lot. This is actually why you can remain worry free in the long run. Give an accurate cut every time from today.

They have installed a quick sensor safety guard in order to make sure that there is no unnecessary accident involving the quick. Great security puts your mind at ease if you are new at grooming. Comfortable grip and effortless cuts are cutting edge advantages of GoPets clippers. The clipper has both small and large sizes and only one color.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Non-slip handles with swift and accurate cuts each time
  • Years of sharpness
  • Gives you replacement or refund if dissatisfied
  • Part of their profit goes to animal charities


  • Might leave some rough edges along the cuts that requires filing
  • No replacement blades

Shiny Pet Nail Clippers for Dog:

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You are very often seeking for the perfect nail clippers for little ones. Well, you have reached the right place. It is in fact the ultimate choice for the small dogs. Look no further and get into the details. Shiny Pet specializes in stylish and quality products and this puppy nail clipper is no exception.

You can use this scissor-style clipper on dogs, kittens, puppies, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters and bunnies. Superior safety and control defines it as you need this feature all the more while handling a small pet. It brings in razor sharp blades built of stainless steel.

You can hold it comfortably because of its rubber coated inside rings. This characteristic allows topnotch control over the device. It is maneuverable with both hands. Interestingly, they have attached an instructional EBOOK on how to cut dog nails. If you are a rookie in the business, you can also do all the things a pro does. Lifetime money back guarantee is really a great solace for the bucks you put in the line. It has no size and color variation.


  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • Suitable for both hands
  • Excellent suit for small pets
  • Tremendously sharp blades
  • Sound control all along


  • Only for the tiniest pets
  • No nail guard and nail guard is actually redundant in such a small device

Gonicc Puppy Nail Clippers:

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Gonicc set sail in the pet supply industry back in 2000. They are now manufacturing products for clients across 20 countries apart from the USA. This dog nail trimmer is certainly a wonderful addition to their 100+ home products.

Sharp edged blades and anti-slip handles bids farewell to all worries regarding nail clipping of the dog. Amazingly, it has an unlock protection feature to bar children from using it to their naughty designs. It keeps your family safe and sound all the way.

If you are unwilling to buy a nail file on top of the clipper, it should be the best pick for you. Gonicc has masterfully hidden a file in the handle. In short, you get all in one with the Gonicc nail trimmer. In addition, they are always by your side with a lifetime warranty on the product. This one has no size and color variation as well.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Secret nail file
  • Safety stop blade
  • Lightweight design with non-skid handles
  • Unlock protection for child safety


  • The nail file often does not come out easily
  • Made in China

Fur Goodness Sake Dog Nail Clippers:

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Fur Goodness Sake is a leader in the pet industry founded in 2012. They have grown a habit of setting awe inspiring examples for others to follow within this short period of time. These nail clippers are a great leap forward for them.

If you are looking for the cheapest dog nail clippers with the highest performance, you are going in the right direction. This low budget nail trimmer takes care of all your concerns keeping a close eye on the health of your wallet.

Certainly, you get a pointed device ready for use at any time as it comes with stainless steel blades. Safety gears and precise cuts are all yours now. Little pressure is all it takes to do the job in a smooth fashion. Strong grip on handles are meant to give you comfort during grooming times. It has one size and color for all dogs.


  • Pointed stainless steel blades
  • Low price and lightweight
  • Effortless pooch pedicures
  • Sound grip
  • Nail safety mechanism


  • Comparatively low weight indicates less metal and longevity
  • Gotta knock the seller for warranty information

What is a Puppy nail clipper?

Puppy nail clippers are handheld and operated manual devices dedicated to trimming down the nails. You can use it to slash down the redundant segment of the nails. There are mainly three kinds of puppy nail clippers in the market. Those are scissor-style, guillotine-style and pliers-style clippers. Each of these types has its own advantages.

What are the advantages of clipping puppy nails?

Certainly, you have your own reasons as you are already searching for answers. We are going to add a few more points in this respect.

  • If a dog is not super active, his nails are unlikely to worn out all by itself. See this is why wild dogs do not call for a nail trimming session. A lot of outdoor physical activities automatically depletes nail size. Otherwise, it needs regular clipping.
  • Long nails of course cause some discomfort. It creates sound on a hard floor. And in some extreme cases, the nails tend to bend sideways or they often curl up and protrude back into the nail bed giving forth significant cap on movement. Breaking and splintering of long nails is a common scenario.
  • Long nails are always bad for intimacy with the dog. Sharp ends of it are prone to bringing forth accidents and damages.
  • Regular puppy nail clipping sessions can power your relationship with the dog to a different level of closeness. You know dogs have their own reasons for not letting anyone near the paws. But their trust in this regard means something deep underneath.

What to consider in a dog nail clipper?

There are several factors to weigh in before jump-starting a buying spree. We are going to discuss these issues.

  • Dog nail trimmers must correspond to the nail size. Small, medium and large sized dogs have distinct nail height and length. The clipper must be adequately coordinated with these aspects.
  • In general, pliers style dog nail cutter is a tremendous fit for any size of dog out there. However, guillotine style better suits small and medium ones. Moreover, there are scissor-style clippers mostly for little dogs. These are designed for your convenience as you can always use some extra mechanical force.
  • You have to remember your comfort of clipper handling as well. You can simply go for a dog nail trimmer as you consider to be easily maneuverable.
  • Thickness of the nails also matters. A large nail cutter is must for thick nails. A small or medium device will give you much pain due to the characteristic toughness of thick nails.

What happens if you don’t trim a dog’s nails?

For a pet dog, it is imperative that you occasionally clip the nails. You simply cannot write off this grooming segment. We have already shed some light on this topic. If you opt out of dog nail trimming, there are some pragmatic concerns for both of you.

  • Most importantly, the nails may curve back into the nail bed. This problem can genuinely impair his movement.
  • Uncut nails are more likely to split into sections. Such a problem gives rise to pain, infection, bleeding and so on.
  • Long nails naturally grow long quicks as well. The bigger the quick, the more difficult it is for you to trim it down to a desirable size. You have to be ever watchful not to hurt the dog in a grooming session. Your work also gets slowed down to a snail’s pace.
  • Then, you have to consider the scratching issues coming off of dog nails as you get physical intimacies with the pet. A sudden move on the part of the dog can cause damage to your skin. It will further into the areas of socialization as your dog might incidentally harm another person or animal.
  • Long nails give forth to a clicking sound as the dog walks on a hard floor surface. It is very often a disturbing factor.

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