5 Most Durable Dog Bed for 2021

Inevitably, some dogs will never stop chewing everything around them. It is a fearful bad habit that sends shivers across the spines of the owners due to damages in the house. Of course, nothing escapes his dutiful teeth and a dog bed is no exception to that rule.

Moreover, scratching and digging further enriches the list of ill activities on the part of the dog. Let’s look at some of the indestructible dog beds so that the puppy fails to scrap it.

A List of 5 Most Durable Dog Beds 2020

1 Dogsculture Best:  Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed

2 Best Tough Bed : K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Bed

3 Best Overall: Big Barker Dog Crate Pad

4 Best Orthopedic Bed: PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed

5 Best Cooling Elevated Bed: AmazonBasic

Kuranda Chew Proof Aluminum Dog Bed:

Kuranda declares that ‘’every dog deserves a comfortable place to sleep and relax’’. They originally began their operations in Australia. Thus the strange sounding name sticks to the company. Michael Harding purchased it in 1987. Now, they are headquartered here in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

During this long period of time, they have drafted many hot supplies for dogs and Kuranda chew proof bed is of course one of the top candidates. It was almost like a family run small time company at the beginning. Since then, they have grown into a big dog supply manufacturer capable of serving the nationwide demands.

They have advanced the aluminum version of the standard bed into the market in 2003. A gradual development of this durable dog bed has given rise to a fantastic chew proof dog bed. There is little wonder in it coming with a patented design.

Intense pressure taking capacity has put it on a different level than other indestructible dog crate pads. It uses aircraft grade aluminum frames.

So, what does aircraft grade aluminum refer to?

Aluminum is highly resistant against corrosion because of its oxide skin. This corrosive skin safeguards the frame from chemical, acidic or weather reactions. However, the bed remains lightweight despite its supreme strength.

Besides, Kuranda aluminum dog beds can be easily washed by simply using a hose. It bears no extra padding. So, cleaning is always a breeze.

In addition, frequent washes will barely spoil its wonderful appearance. Furthermore, no padding means no abode for mites and molds. Its elevated design is straightforwardly meant for keeping the dog cool and comfy during summer. 

Your staunchest diggers will discover this bed to be a frustrating ground to begin with their nefarious designs. Nesting, chewing, digging and scratching will barely leave a dent on its body. Their chew proof bed gives you a full 1 year of back up warranty. This dog bed can house a dog weighing up to 250 lbs. Even these giant dogs will surely fail to damage the bed.

You must be wondering about the fabric quality now. What if the fabric is ravaged? Well, first of all, the fabric does not have a visible edge where the dog can start his chewing business. Dogs usually look for a bulge or edge to start chewing. The out and out chew proof design of Kuranda bed makes sure that the fabric edges are completely secured inside the frame structure.

Their durable 40oz sturdy vinyl fabric points to 40 ounces per square yard. It is certainly the most compact and strongest vinyl coated material in the market. It is highly streamlined for withstanding abrasion, tearing and scratching. This same fabric is also applied in industrial uses. It does not sag during an unimaginably long period.

Throw the gauntlets to the worst behaving dog. Put this bed in front of him and ask for his best effort to destroy it. You can laugh out loud at his failure. No matter how hard the dog tries, this bed is not taking in any hits.

Notably, chewers cannot get a solid grip on its fabric to tear it apart. Its high strength aluminum frame will also prevent those efforts. Interestingly, you can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They offer 5 colors for this bed including black, burgundy, forest green, royal blue and smoke and six sizes.


  • Aircraft grade aluminum frame
  • Tolerates frequent washes
  • Most durable dog bed
  • One year warranty
  • For both indoor and outdoor use


  • Keep it away from electricity sources because of aluminum body
  • Its durability is tiring as you have to see the same bed for years to come

K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Bed:

K9 Ballistics believe in life altering possibilities between pet and parent. They have dedicated their service to augment this unique connection with top quality dog supplies. A cozy and strong dog bed is just the beginning of the story in this regard. They have brought forth the Tough bed versions in order to handle infrequent chewers.

It can undergo occasional chewing apart from regular digging and nesting. On the flip side, persistent chewers will need armored products. Let’s dig into the details on K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Bed before making the final decision. K9 Ballistics will be honored if you let them become a part of your pet parenting journey.

Very few dog products can genuinely claim a guaranteed stable service life along with steadfast quality in the long run. This bed is entirely designed to withstand a digger-in-chief thanks to K9 proprietary ripstop ballistic fabric.

What is ripstop fabric?

This is a woven fabric which is often made of nylon. It uses outstanding reinforcing methods that turn it into tear and ripping resistant material. Advanced K9 technology does not stop there. They have also made it in a unique manner for a cool sleeping experience of the pet.

It has a water resistant finish and a K9 Waterproof Membrane. However, moisture can still permeate through the fabric. Notably, their fabric scores superior than 1000D Cordura fabric In a latest third party test. Super easy washing sets K9 standards apart from others.

The cover is fully machine washable. You have to go for cold water on a delicate cycle. But you should seal the zipper closures prior to washing. You can tumble dry on low heat or air dry it.  

They have used a shredded foam mattress for this bed. Shredded memory foam refers to exactly what it sounds like. They tear the foam into tiny bits and pieces. As a result, those pieces can independently move here and there. This characteristic gives the bed extreme molding capacity. So, the dog can shape the bed into any position or form he wants.

 The foam is certified by CertiPUR-US for its inherent high standard. It comes off clean in terms of lead, chlorine, mercury and other detrimental chemicals. There are five sizes for every dog out there. The foam ensures super classy comfort for your naughty puppy.

The dog will enjoy its enhanced relaxation properties. Their chew proof statement is not just a talk as they back it up with a 120 days warranty to completely replace a damaged bed. If your dog is going hard on the bed and you are really tired of purchasing one every now and then, this chew proof dog bed should be your top choice.

When it boils down to the most durable dog beds, there are very few eligible candidates ahead of a K9 Ballistics bed. They are totally committed to wear and tear repellent formula. You get a puppy bed that genuinely claims itself to be chew proof and you know it is a rare announcement in the pet supply industry. K9 Ballistics offer 12 different colors for your puppy.


  • Long lasting service for years
  • Chew repellent rip-stop ballistic cover
  • Comfortable wash
  • 3 months of replacement warranty
  • Ultimate comfort


  • The bed is intended for medium chewers
  • Not a solidly waterproof dog bed

Big Barker Dog Crate Pad:

Hank, the 92 lb hyena like dog was the buddy of Eric Shannon, the founder of Big Barker. To his utter surprise, Eric found out that the market was flooded with dog products suitable for small and medium sized dogs. But unfortunately, the same does not apply to the big dogs. Tracing out an excellent dog bed proved to be a really tall task for him.

Hank’s health crisis led him to the biggest decision of his life. He really wanted to solve the issue by submitting a unique bed suitable for all big dogs. Eric started Big Barker in 2012. Norman Richie, the best foam engineer in America, did not even blink before joining hands.

What is the most important characteristic of a Big Barker dog bed? Well, it trims down your choices to a single shot. Your hunt for a supremely classy dog bed ends here. Especially, the large dogs will enjoy its immaculate service for at least a decade.

Initially, you may have been pondering over a no starter. Of course, we are talking about the high sounding price. Now, we have to check out the qualities at stake to justify the price range. You will certainly forget it as you go through this review.

A proprietary 3-stage blend of American made foam gifts your dog with a good night’s sleep. Big Barker has laid out an ingenious design for your adorable puppy thanks to a 30 year foam experience of Norman Richie. He personally supervises each and every foam quality that makes it to the market regarding its durability and class.

This stringent quality control process leads to their unique slogan ‘’Can’t flatten, Won’t flatten’’. They back up the statement with a flat 10 year warranty on the foam as it will not pancake or flatten during this time. Rather, it will hold on to 90% of its shape up to a decade.

The dog will truly feel like sleeping on top of the cloud. Outstanding joint comfort is a natural result of the memory foam quality because of a dense support base. Moreover, it is verified by CertiPUR-US®, a not-for-profit organization that certifies foam authenticity in America. Their solid standard tests are applied to determine emission, performance, content and durability.

There is no possibility of mass produced Chinese foam in the mix for your peace of mind. Moreover, it is completely free of lead, chlorine, arsenic and other harmful stuff. Washing the foam requires a bit of a trick. Use warm water and dish soap to soak the affected area.

Let the mixture sit in for 5-10 minutes and then press out as much moisture as you can. Wringing out is prohibited as this practice may dismantle the foam into pieces.

Let’s dig into the cover fabric now. Daily wear and tear cannot have any impact upon it as they offer tear resistant cover. It can actively combat issues such as digging and nesting. Besides, the Cordura™ cover does not smell bad like other dog bed covers because of its outstanding standard.

It is certainly waterproof and small incidents like drool, licking, happy squirts, or a wet dog coming in from the rain will not get access through the fabric. Easy cleaning has immensely contributed to its sky high popularity. You can machine wash the crate pad cover on low heat. Then dry on low for 10-15 minutes. High heat will damage the waterproof backing.

Amazingly, a thousand washes will not mar the beautiful appearance of it. Furthermore, the cover scores 100,000 in Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester whereas top class home furniture requires only 15000 score to withstand daily wear and tear. You know Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester calculates abrasion resistance of fabric by rubbing it against a standard abradent. 

We should talk about the zipper as well. It covers 75% width of the cover. So, pulling the bed stuffing on and off is easy peasy for you. No more wrestling is needed to pull out the stuff as there is about 150 inches of zipper on three sides of the cover.

In fact, Big Barker is defined by all American hands and all American components. They are headquartered here in Prussia, Pennsylvania. 

Indestructible dog crate pads should have super defense against tearing habits of the dogs. And here goes one of the ultimate choices in this respect. This dog bed comes home with a military grade fabric turning it into a fortress against any ill behaving dog.

So, the bed outlasts everyday wear and tear in a practically proven method. Besides, the Big Barker bed guarantees stellar comfort for the puppy. Overall, you can always count on this dog crate pad. Tan is the only color available for this one along with two sizes.


  • Tear resistant formula
  • Water repellent cover liner
  • Outstanding comfort
  • 10 year warranty on the foam integrity
  • All American products


  • Replacement cover costs almost half the bed
  • It is not completely chew proof

PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed:

PetFusion stepped into the dog supply industry with three core motivations in mind. They want to give you the taste of seamlessly blended designs, exceptional quality along with an affordable price.

Well, they have amassed all those features into this exclusively designed dog bed. Years of research has finally culminated into this long lasting dog mattress. Let’s jump into the details on how it can alter the life of your puppy.

Dog experts never forgets to point out that dogs should have an excellent place for resting corroborated with a rewarding feeling. The feeling in fact comes from comfort. True comfort derives from the PetFusion bed. It will make the puppy’s life super healthy and relaxing.

So, what does the bed bring to your dog?

It is composed of memory foam as well. Their foam is also unmistakably certified by CertiPUR-US®. It does not convey mercury, lead and other damaging chemicals as well. Low VOC emission sets this one apart from the other choices. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and simply put, low VOC stands for eco-friendliness.

Moreover, the bolsters use recycled green polyfill which is again an environmental friendly component. Conventional polyfill is petroleum based and may be harmful for pet health. On the opposite, organic polyfill originates from cotton, corn or soy fiber. None of these substances poses any harm for the dog. The bolsters are great for head and neck support. 

PetFusion bed has a water resistant cover. The cover will greatly protect the stuffing from simple incidents such as drooling and licking. But we should note that it is not fully waterproof. However. It is tear resistant.

So, dog nesting and digging can be efficiently handled from right now. Furthermore, the bed has a non-skid bottom. The dog cannot slide around the home.

In terms of quality, PetFusion bed ensures European REACH safety standards. REACH is a regulation of the European Union that aims at protecting human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals. So, your pet does not undergo any health hazards for skin contact with the bed.

Notably, this bed exerts a calming effect upon the dog. In addition, it is made of long lasting polyester ingredients along with cotton. So, tear resistance is a natural feature of it. It fits excellently with your home interior. The bed has four sizes and three distinct colors.


  • Certified memory foam
  • Tear resistant cover
  • Bolster support for head and neck
  • 36 month warranty
  • Safe skin contact


  • Cover is not fully waterproof
  • Obscure return policy

AmazonBasics Cooling Elevated Bed:

AmazonBasics prods into the cheap dog bed market with a bed carrying long lasting features. It is an exquisite fit for standard dog crates. Its frame is made of iron.

So, destroying it is not a task for your puppy. Besides, they have deeply pondered over pet safety and came out with a design containing gently curved corners. Accidental falls upon the frame will not automatically lead to physical damages.

No other dog bed can compete with AmazonBasics if you are considering a durable dog bed for the crate. Here goes your best dog crate bed. As the dog is likely to spend a lot of time inside the crate, this protection measure will greatly ensure your dog’s well being. 

AmazonBasics bed eploys mesh PVC fabric top for this bed. If you are wondering what mesh PVC fabric refers to, we have arranged the answer.

In short, it is vinyl coated polyester mesh. It is indeed one of the most commonly used components in the world. Polyester yarn is the core component and then the yarn is coated with vinyl. This is genuinely an extremely durable product and prevents daily wear and tear.

The thickness, density and strength of the yarns determine its longevity. As a result, AmazonBasics dog beds can deliver up to the buyer’s expectations.

Not to forget, you can set it up for both indoor and outdoor uses because of its smooth portability and elevated style. This one is handy for traveling, outdoor picnic, camping, etc. you will find the cot style bed a great option for lifting the puppy above the ground.

Besides, assembling the bed is really an effortless task. AmazonBasics has included all the required tools inside the shipment package.

And of course, washing goes easy as you can simply hose off dirt and debris.  Pet parents depend on its high level of performance. One year of warranty backs up your prudent decision. Cool down your furry buddy by giving him a paradise of his own.

For your kind information, green and grey are two colors for you to choose from along with five different sizes.


  • Unhindered airflow
  • Can take on the largest dogs
  • Best for a traveler
  • Solid iron frame
  • Full one year of warranty


  • The legs may scratch the floor
  • Chewing may ruin the fabric

Why should you buy the most durable dog bed?

An indestructible dog bed is the ultimate insurance against any accident. Especially a chewer-in-chief will tremendously benefit from such a product. You do not need to undertake further cautious measures in this respect.

So, you can leave the dog without unnecessary concerns whatsoever. Your dog might develop such bad behavior at any stage of his life. Chewing, digging and scratching seems to be inseparable urges for them. As a result, the most durable dog bed gets you easily off the radar. It has to withstand all the abuses the puppy can even dream of.

How to stop the dog from destroying his bed?

Destructive dog behavior can be channeled into positive actions if you apply some techniques. At least, you can prevent them from causing actual harm.

  • Arrange plenty of physical actions including running, walking, working and so on. A tired dog is always a good dog.
  • Toys are great detractors. Whenever the dog starts displaying bad behavior, give him a toy to explore. Kong and food dispensing toys or puzzle toys will keep him busy for a long time.
  • Set up a chewproof dog bed in the house.
  • Dogs in general abhor some repellents and you can spray it on the bed to deter the puppy from chewing.
  • You can put him in an awesome crate when no one is around for supervision.
  • If nothing works, then take the pup to a vet for proper analysis of the situation.

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