Research Based 14 Best Mini Mattress for Dog in 2021

Your care for your furry friend is perfectly expressed through a fitting mini mattress for dog. Of course, they love to curl up here and there every once in a while as they tend to sleep 12-18 hours a day.

A suitable mini mattress for dog will allow your little puppy the comfort and relaxation they deserve. A flawless sleep or nap, on the part of the dog, is going to elevate your relationship with the dog to a different level. Dogsculture sorted out the best mini mattress for dogs.

Furhaven Pet Mini Mattress:

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Furhaven Pet Products started off their illustrious journey in 2004. Their aim has always been to serve dogs with snuggly soft comfort within reasonable price. They have reached the peak of their ingenuity with this therapeutic mattress for dogs.

This mini bed for dogs can accommodate dogs up to 20 lbs including Toy Poodle, Chihuahua and Yorkie. The bed is made of an orthopedic egg crate foam.

It simply resembles egg shape and comes from polyurethane and is great for a responsive feel. This foam can distribute body weight far better than a thick layer of normal foam. Superb airflow defines its charismatic characteristic as it can take down temperature and smelly odor. It is certified by CertiPUR-US®. Moreover, the foam is manufactured here in the USA.

The  plush faux fur fabric cover is completely machine washable for your ultimate convenience. However, the bed is not suitable for excessive teething behavior. Furhaven offers 90 days of limited coverage for the dog mattress.

Both dogs and cats can use this mattress alike. Extra plush fabric provides the pet with exactly the right amount of cozy comfort required to put him to a peaceful sleep.

Anti-wear formula comes to implementation with an application of microsuede on the sides. Orthopedic foam base helps relax his muscles. The mini dog mattress has four categories of foams for your puppy. Besides, they offer five sizes and 35 colors.


  • 90 days product coverage
  • Comfort of egg crate foam
  • Rich color choices
  • Gentle faux fur fabric
  • Promotes air circulation and removes joint pains


  • Not fit for dogs with teething behavior
  • The replacement cover costs almost the same as the bed itself

BarkBox Dog Mattress for Crate:

BarkBox began their journey in the pet industry in 2011. They have been striving for an outstanding bondage between humans and pets. World class product line and a satisfying customer base elevates their status from a company to a friend of the dog community.

When it comes down to small dog beds, we are bound to consider their top offer. BarkBox uses therapeutic gel memory foam for this little dog pad.

So, what is memory foam? It is made of polyurethane. High density and viscosity characterizes memory foam. It can take shape along the body contours of the puppy. But whenever the dog leaves the bed, the foam retrieves its former shape.

As a result, he can enjoy superb pressure relief. NASA invented it in the 1960’s for the astronauts. Nowadays, sofas, mattresses and car foams use it. This foam gives a longer lifespan of the bed.

Now, let’s check out the gel memory foam. They insert gel microbeads into the foam. It creates a superb breathable foam that helps regulate body temperature. The gel beads can cast away extra heat from the bed. Thus the puppy enjoys an extremely comfortable sleep throughout the night.

As a result, BarkBox captures the top spot among mini dog beds. This little dog bed is an insurance against hip dysplasia, arthritis and physical strains. Both small dogs and cats can use it alike. Washing goes easy as the zippered cover is machine washable. A single wash will bring back the fresh look and smell you want all the way.

Deal with potty incidents in better ways as you have a waterproof mattress. It immaculately matches your home interior and successfully hides all dog fur to a huge extent. Ergonomic memory foam instantly flies the dog into the realm of sleep.

Interestingly, it suits little pigs and hedgehogs as well. It has four sizes and seven colors for you to choose from.


  • Maximum therapeutic support of gel memory foam
  • Magnificent interior look
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Zipper on three sides
  • Great fit for toy and small dogs


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Foam requires spot cleaning and air drying

MidWest Homes for Pets Super Plush Bed:

Who else can say that their story goes a century back? Of course, MidWest Homes for Pets started in 1921 and they are still going on strong. Marvelous product quality and exquisite customer service has got them to this esteemed position. They have introduced an excellent toy dog bed within a meager price range.

This is a super soft synthetic dog bed for breeds weighing up to 6 pounds of weight. They use a poly fiber cushion. Poly fiber is the short form of ‘polyester fiber’ and is made of chemicals. It has less breathability but high durability.

You can comfortably wash the bed as there is a removable cover. They have also ensured a non-slip bottom. Toy breeds are the perfect suit to this miniature dog bed. It brings in luxurious relaxation within a heavily tight budget for your lovely puppy.

Soft synthetic bed component makes sure that your pet falls in love with his crate because of an incomparable abode. The bed has an eco-friendly cover which can be sent to washes at any time. This small dog bed has 7 sizes and 3 rich colors.


  • One of a kind toy dog and cat bed
  • Ensures the best den environment in the crate
  • Excellent look
  • Easy wash
  • Lowest price


  • Polyester fiber cushion prevents smooth air flow
  • Frequent washes might damage the structure

 Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed:

Better World Pets hyper concentrate on both product quality and value of your money. Making a sale is not their ultimate goal but turning you happy is. They are primarily engaging their efforts on building a sound relationship with the satisfied dog people.

An innovative design of this bed has already positively influenced a lot of dog lovers. A shredded memory foam base blesses your tiny dog with a good night’s sleep. Shredded memory foam refers to exactly what it sounds like.

They tear the foam into tiny bits and pieces. Thus the individual pieces of foam earn independent capacity of movement. This feature allows maximum mold ability of the bed. It will change shapes upon the slightest pressure. So, the dog will feel like resting on top of the cloud.

However, you cannot wash the shredded memory foam in the washer as such a practice will permanently damage it. As a result, Better World Pets places a waterproof encasement around it. No water or dirt will get access to the foam base.

People fall for its water repellent capacity. The bed is an excellent choice for dogs with incontinence, arthritis and hip dysplasia.

The cover is made of 180 GSM fabric and it is removable as well as washable. Non-slip bottom makes sure that the dog does not ski around the apartment. Impressive look of the bed is going to transform the interior appearance of your place.

Only true dog lovers can understand the other dog lovers. This bed has been designed by people who have dedicated their life for the betterment of the pets. Pet bed basically defines your pup’s good life.

Here you have reached the pinnacle of royal comfort. Your dog’s soul lights up with this orthopedic dog bed by his side.


  • 1 year full refund without question
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Full support to all pressure points
  • Fits in a tight corner as well
  • 10% of their profit goes to protect animals


  • Shredded memory foam cannot be machine washed
  • Makes a whooshing sounds as the dog sits upon it

 Furhaven Lounger Cradle Mattress:

Furhaven is always ready to amaze their customers with astonishing dog beds. This is one such beautifully designed and immensely popular small dog bed. Its cozy contours are perfect for any cuddle lover. The puppy will surely fall for the cradle shape of a Furhaven lounger.

The cover is topped with a plush faux fur fabric. Faux fur greatly resembles original animal fur but it does not actually derive from animals. It is also known as pile fabric and is the end result of processed as well as dyed polymeric fibers.

Faux fur was first introduced in the 1930’s. Thanks to an advanced polymer technology, faux fur nowadays can barely be differentiated from genuine fur. This ingredient heavily adds beauty value along with an unmatched snuggling experience.

They have used a dense orthopedic foam base to ensure solid comfort. What is an orthopedic foam? It is meant for straightening the spine and alleviating physical pains. This is a very useful component for dogs with back or bone related concerns or even a healthy dog.

Orthopedic is very often a marketing term for the manufacturers for increasing their sales growth. However, that is not the case with the Furhaven bed.

It provides high quality orthopedic support for young and old dogs alike, thanks to a contoured design concept. Get his physical pressures off altogether.

Furhaven believes in peaceful sleep and cheerful life. You will have an easy time in maintaining this piece. This is a wear resistant pet bed. On the flip side, excessive teething behavior bodes no good to the bed. This dog mini mattress is available in six sizes and eight colors for your puppy.


  • Best fit for cuddlers
  • Sets his body right into the comfort zone
  • Orthopedic foam base saves joints
  • Magnificent look
  • 90 days of limited product coverage


  • Replacement cover costs almost the same as the bed
  • The fabric may tear apart if the dog digs or chews

Shu Ufanro Kennel Dog Mat:

Shu Ufanro has brought a wonderful dog bed for travelers. It immaculately suits carriers, crates, vehicles and homes alike. The bed poses no hurdle in terms of portability as it is super lightweight. A frequent outgoer will reap the best benefit of this mini bed for dogs.

The cover is made of soft fleece plush fabric. So, what is fleece? It is totally synthetic and made from a type of polyester. Though fleece used to refer to sheep coat, nowadays it is a man-made object rather than a natural element.

Sensational softness, warmth and breathability of fleece makes it a magic component. Definitely, these qualities have sealed its rank on top of the outerwear ingredients. It derives a true feeling of relaxation.

This bed has a non-slip bottom. There will absolutely be no sliding around in the house. It should be noted that it is to be hand washed. In case of machine wash, you have to go for a cold, gentle cycle and no bleach whatsoever. Furthermore, high heat will seriously affect its structure.

Your small dogs such as Jack Russell Terrier, Pug can use this bed. Its highly soft ingredients, made of cotton filling, act against his muscle and joint pains. Orthopedic properties ensure top quality stress relief for the old and arthritic dogs.

On a point of caution, it is not a great fit for the destructive canine fellows. The mini dog mattress has three sizes and only royal blue color.


  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Fit for crates and carriers
  • Machine washable
  • Orthopedic support
  • Ultra lightweight for easy portability


  • Hand wash is preferable
  • Not for chewers or digger

 Furhaven Sofa Style Dog Bed:

Since 2004, Furhaven has ceaselessly been bewildering the pet parents with snuggly soft comfort products. Let’s dive into another top contender among cheap dog beds. Their rectangular foam mattress brings your dog an orthopedic therapeutic treatment. Mini dog beds should include this gift from Furhaven.

The mattress is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. It significantly slashes down the cost of the bed. Polyester fiberfill is acclaimed for its non-allergenic properties and mildew resistance. The bed turns lightweight. But it holds on to an essentially supportive feature thanks to the fiberfill. Your dog can enjoy maximum physical backup.

There are bolsters on three sides and these are superb for optimum head and neck support. The puppy can burrow into the angles created by the bolsters. The zippered cover is meant for easy machine washes. On the flip side, this bed is not suitable for excessive teething.

This mattress has undergone rigorous standard tests. It is the result of an experience and research based analysis. The whole product is made in the USA and you are going to use it for years to come. Dogs love snoozing all the time and this bed will lull him furthermore into the fairyland.

It will protect his vital joints from aches and strains by spreading his weight all across the bed. This bed does not use any harmful chemicals including mercury, lead, flame retardants and so on in its manufacturing process. They offer four sizes for this dog bed.


  • Long lasting plush faux fur fabric
  • Comfort of polyester fiberfill
  • Sends the pup to deep sleep
  • Orthopedic support all the way
  • 90 days of limited coverage


  • Not fit for dogs with extreme teething behavior
  • Washing the stuffing might lead to less fluffiness

MidWest QuietTime Bolstered Dog Crate Mat:

MidWest Homes for Pets prides itself in their mastery in crate design. And there is no wonder that they have brought forth one of the best dog beds for crates. Phenomenal customer reviews also tell a one of a kind story of the dog pad. This is in fact one the cheapest dog beds as well. This one is perfect for tiny dog breeds weighing up to 6 pounds.

They have used ultra soft synthetic for its cover. On top of that, padded polyester bolsters on all corners introduces ultimate comfort for the head and neck. Interestingly, you can wash it as a whole in the washing machine. So, maintenance is not a headache anymore. You will find it ultra fit for folding metal dog crates.

Public interest in this mattress seems to be on an ever increasing trend and there are a number of undeniable reasons behind it. Now, your dog gets to know the real meaning of a homely environment. Solid relaxation and comfort of this bed gives the pet a heavenly feeling of joy. This mini mattress for dogs comes at a mini price.

It is an ultra fit for both your home and the dog. It exerts a soothing effect upon your young and raucous fur baby. The pillow tops on all four corners ensure ultimate comfort for his head and neck. Moreover, an easy carry means smooth travel experience. They have six colors and eight sizes for this dog bed.


  • Lures the dog into the crate
  • Cool maintenance
  • Perfect for toy breeds
  • Comfy bolsters
  • Bewildering reviews


  • Not water resistant
  • Made in China

MIXJOY Ultra Soft Mini Crate Mat:

MIXJOY has introduced another choice for the travel junkies. You will find it suitable for crates and carriers alike. Easy portability has sent its popularity through the roof. In addition, an anti-slip bottom makes a static and cozy headquarter for your precious puppy.

Its soft body protects each of the dog’s physical joints giving him endless comfort during sleep. It uses top quality cotton and polyester for stuffing. You know that polyester is highly recognized for its immense strength, wrinkle as well as tear resistance, etc. So, the bed will not take easy hits from the dog.

They have used cotton padding for the bed. As a result, steady airflow will keep the pet cool. High breathability means a breezy summer for the pet sitting on top of this pad. MIXJOY prefers hand washing as it will ensure a longer life of the product. But you may use a machine wash as well in a cold and gentle cycle.

This flat dog bed is a tremendous defender of his vertebra. Both young and old dogs will benefit from it. Their 24 inch dog bed suits a Corgi, Papillon, Poodle, Chihuahua, etc. It has four different sizes and only mocha color for you to pick from.


  • Enduring polyester cover
  • Breathable cotton padding
  • Low price
  • Suitable for travel
  • In case of defect, MIXJOY will fix it on the first instance


  • Machine wash will lead to lumping up of the stuffing that requires redistribution
  • This is a rather thin bed

SIWA MARY Crate Mat:

Siwa Mary believes in genuine comfort in relaxation periods. They have outlined a magnificent mini mattress for dog. Pet safety lies at the top of their consideration.

So, this best dog pad uses completely pet safe and breathable components. As a result, the dog skin remains safe at its contact. On top of that, he can enjoy supreme airflow on a hot day.

There are a number of non-skid bottom dog mattresses in the market. But Siwa Mary has come up with a dirt resistant base as well. Stain or dirt resistance essentially refers to preventing liquid absorption and fine particles adherence to fabrics. Stain resistant coatings can turn a simple polyester rug into a performance fabric.

You can have tours and travels without worrying too much about dirt or stain accumulation whatsoever on its bottom section.

This is truly a terrific dog bed for crates. Moreover, you can machine wash it on a gentle cycle and the polyester cover will not pill. It is extremely soft to touch. Polyester top and cotton cushion keeps your puppy warm and relaxed.

Smooth airflow makes sure that the dog does not suffer from heat conservation during the hot summer days. Your pet will smell a regal feeling sitting on top of it. The bed comes in three sizes and only grey color.


  • Dirt resistant bottom
  • Easy machine wash
  • Polyester breathability
  • Ultra soft feel
  • Affordable price


  • Chewing habit breeds no good
  • Polyester is not eco-friendly

DERICOR Dog Crate Pad:

Do you want a top quality small dog bed? Do you want it at a low price? Well, DERICOR dog pad is just for you. Brace yourself for an outstanding dog bed within a restrained budget. It will add value to your home outlook. This is one of the best standalone choices for your puppy. You can use it in carriers, houses, crates and vehicles. 

Polar fleece component flies your dog to the dream world. They use artificial cotton for further comfort of the puppy. Throw it at any corner of the house and it will boost up the interior beauty.

In addition, this is a reversible dog bed meaning you can use either side as top or bottom and the look does not get marred. As a crate fitting mini mattress for dog, you can place it near the top of the shelf. It has five sizes and two colors.


  • Impeccable crate fit
  • Reversible dog bed
  • Great fit for carriers 
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent comfort


  • China made
  • Warranty is not mentioned

Mora Pets Mat:

What are the small dogs? Yes, they are hell of a cute. What does fit them? Of course, the cutest dog bed. If you are looking for the most adorable dog bed, here you go.

Moreover, you get a one year warranty on the product. In fact, what else is there to ask for? It can accommodate a dog weighing up to 10 pounds.

Mora Pets sells top quality pet supplies for pet lovers. They focus on delivering happiness and style into your pet’s life. The bed cover is made of fleece and the padding comes from cotton. Effortless portability of the bed has already skyrocketed its popularity among toy dogs.

It is highly recommended for crates, vehicles and carrieres. Super lightweight design of this bed is highly effective for a traveler. You can send it to a machine wash on a gentle cycle.

Different colors on top and bottom introduce a flawless match for your home interior. You may use this mat on top of another dog bed as well which will be a huge boost for the outer appearance of his overall abode. Genuine dog lovers rolled out this dog pad into the market for the exclusive club of tiny pet owners. It has 4 sizes and three posh colors for your puppy.


  • Cutest pet bed ever
  • Great for toy breeds and cats
  • Cotton fill
  • Easy peasy carry
  • Machine washable


  • Cover is not removable
  • Not a chew resistant dog bed

Buying guide:

There are several factors for you to think through before you finalize the mattress. We have listed them down.


Dogs are dirty and your beloved furry friend is no exception. So, every now and then the mattress will call for a good wash. Removable and replaceable cover gives you ample facility in this context. However, you can also vacuum it.


The thickness of the dog mattress matters in a practical sense. It is important that the dog stays off the floor. A thin one will give him the cold of the floor by sinking him down to that level. Make sure that the product does not flat or sag or sink over time.


Well, this of the highest importance to a responsible pet owner. Dogs develop several bone issues with aging. An extensively researched item will never give you such headaches. It will keep working along the lines of body and joint pressures. Thus it will remove pain and other issues.

Home Decor:

How does the mattress fit your home interior has some value as well. So, an outstanding look of the item that perfectly matches the inner side of your house will bring you peace of mind.

Do the beds slide around on smooth surfaces?

The answer is ‘no’. All these beds have non-skid bottoms that prevent the bed from sliding around. However, on a hardwood or tile floor one or two of these beds may slightly drift.

But that is quite a negligible issue. If you face this problem, you can buy sticky rubber pads from a nearby store. It will solve the issue for good as you set the pads down under the bed.

Do I need to spread out the memory foam mattress before use?

Yes, you do. Most of the memory foam beds are shipped using extreme compression. Thus the bed size is reduced to an expected level.

As a result, you may have to leave the bed as it is out in the open after undoing the zips. It will self inflate into a normal looking bed within 72 hours depending on the shipping time.

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