10 Best Medium Size Hypoallergenic Dogs

medium sized hypoallergenic dogs

Medium sized hypoallergenic dogs do not need too much protection as small dogs. Moreover, they are often capable of being on an equal footing with big dogs. You can employ these dogs for work too.

10 Best medium size hypoallergenic dogs

So, these dogs are not only for show purposes. Apart from greater allergic protection, they will cover many adorable roles. Here comes the list of medium hypoallergenic dogs.

Portuguese Water Dog:

Portuguese Water Dog

His coat appears really thick. But the wonder is that you will rarely discover any lost hair at all. This medium hypoallergenic dog will seek elaborate grooming. He is an alert working dog with fantastic swimming capability.



These dogs have a corded coat. It does not allow anything to slip through. So, you can enjoy an almost fur and dander free home. Be prepared with a long list of jobs if you decide to take him in. Idle life bores him and brings out his destructive form.

Lagotto Romagnolo:

lagotto romagnolo isolated

Curly coated dogs are prevailing in the list of medium sized hypoallergenic dogs and he is another one of that type. He comes from Italy with superb swimming capacity. Their double coat is a guarantee against profuse shedding. The coat contains hair instead of fur.



They are animal sprinters. You may even compare a Whippet with an Italian Greyhound in terms of speed. They are known for low shedding. However, no dog can boast of being completely no shedding. So, you may expect it to some extent from him as well. This is quite a gentle family dog.



Samoyeds are working-class canines. They are also heavy grooming dogs. Their thick double coat has a rough, longer outer coat and soft undercoat. Samoyeds will profusely shed in the season. You might need to brush them twice a week normally and in the season, perhaps daily.

Spanish Water Dog:

Spanish Water Dog

Robust Spanish Water Dog is both your playmate and heavy duty worker. He has a single coat and you never need to brush it. Yearly once or twice clipping will do just fine with this dog. If you let it grow freely, it will form cords. But this process asks for owner expertise.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen:

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

He is a hound and has some tricks of rabbit hunting up his sleeves. He is an enthusiastic dog who does everything with a merry soul. His coat needs an expert supervisor because of its unusual characteristics. Brush him weekly so that it remains clean. Other than this, his coat does not demand too much attention.

Kerry Blue Terrier:Kerry Blue Terrier

It was a farm dog and has still got enough of that energy left inside. He bears an independent nature. But they are mostly happy with the job at hand. They are famous for low shedding. But you should expect intense grooming. Brush every inch of his coat each week so that no mats form.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon:

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

This is an excellent retriever with an ample sense of humor. Their fame has firmly been established as the ultimate gundog. His double coat sheds almost nothing. Stripping is the perfect way to maintain his bushy, water repellent coat.

Final words:

Dander is responsible for allergies. These medium size dogs also produce dander. But their special type of coat prevents its spreading to a great extent. These hypoallergenic dogs are robust and can undergo immense pressure. So, you can appreciate many qualities in these selected dog breeds.

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