14 Low Maintenance Dogs Reducing Extra Costs

Easy Maintenance Dogs

American Pet Products Association (APPA) conducted a survey that illustrates that about 68% of US households own a pet. A super busy man needs a pet as well. You have reached the perfect place if you are looking for a family or companion dog that barely bothers you.

Notably, low maintenance dogs do not necessarily mean ‘No Maintenance’. Prepare for some in action drama while you are adopting any dog.

Low maintenance dogs demonstrate many aspects such as easier trainability, minimum aggression, strong health, little grooming requirements, calm temperament and good behavior with the kids.

14 low maintenance dogs list-

We have brought you 14 of the best low maintenance dogs each of which covers most of these traits in some way. Let’s immerse ourselves in the breeds.

1. Chihuahua:

    1. Smallest Breed
    2. Apartment Dog
    3. Low Energy
    4. Mexican Treasure

The Chihuahua, weighing no more than 6 pounds, unmistakably belongs to the Toy Group. Naturally, this tiny dog costs little time in grooming. He is a Mexican national symbol and one of the most ancient breeds in America. They have no health issues attached to the breed.

They can show a good amount of energy in a game but it drains fast too. Though he is seemingly running with enthusiasm, you have to take care not to tire him out completely. They are perfect low maintenance dogs for apartments who are unable to live out in the open.

However, his tiny physical size is a lure for each and every hunter romping outside. These dogs are bred to become your lap dog companions. Short haired Chihuahuas call for less time than their long haired counterparts. Chihuahuas possess an easy going temperament that makes them all the more adorable.

2. Boston Terrier:

  1. Weekly Brush
  2. Cheerful Companion
  3. No Hereditary Disease
  4. American Gentleman

‘The American Gentleman’ nickname proves the calm and polite temperament of the Boston Terrier. Intelligent Boston Terriers are reputed for witty expressions. As a terrier, he possesses a certain headstrong nature.

So, training him could be a tough job that requires much patience and treats. Boston exercise will need both your companionship and supervision. Otherwise, he is prone to spend the time sitting down idly.

They do not seek for regular timely baths but weekly brushing is a must for a shining coat. You have to spend little time for his grooming a wonderful trait that puts him into the low maintenance dog breeds.

They have no breed related massive diseases except for some ocular issues that you may alleviate with drops. They are Non-Sporting dogs and go along well with the other pets.

3. French Bulldog:

  1. Easy Going Personality
  2. Low Shedding
  3. Couch Emperor
  4. Easy Trainable

Though the French Bulldog belongs to the Non-Sporting Group, he ranks on the highest places in popularity. He is both a low energy and a easy going dog that makes him one of the most sought after canine friend. His smooth nature and pleasing temperament makes him easily trainable in spite of an occasional stubborn streak.

Franchises are not well known for good health especially his facial wrinkles and bones cause the biggest of the ailments.

They have a characteristic short coat with a negligible amount of shedding. The French Bulldog Club of America puts down interesting breed temperament aspects. He must not undergo vigorous training schedule.

As a brachycephalic breed, he suffers from breathing problem which is aggravated by excessive physical movements. They are crowned couch potatoes, ideal apartment dogs and immaculate small low maintenance dogs.

4. Miniature Schnauzer:

  1. Awesome Health
  2. Least Shedding
  3. Superb Athlete
  4. Eager to Please

Terrier dog Miniature Schnauzer promises day-long joy for the owner. This bearded dog withholds a mischievous temperament. He has got the least shedding double coat. Every other month his coat demands clipping.

Dietary practices, good exercise schedule and a healthy lifestyle will keep your dog away from diseases making him one of the best low maintenance dogs. He is simply trainable as he has an inherent eagerness to please human companions.

Their athleticism and playfulness makes it far more easier. These general traits could backfire in some certain dogs as it’s an unpredictable terrier we are speaking of. They are good for any watchdog jobs. Beware of leaving unsupervised underage children with him. His whimsical nature may cause some damages too.

5. American Staffordshire Terrier:

  1. Immaculate Companion
  2. Lengthy Exercise
  3. Least Aggression
  4. Almost Never Ill

With an axiomatic gallantry, American Staffordshire Terriers are your impeccable companions. This is a healthy dog breed capable of fighting off diseases. They have a tendency to suffer from old age complications but that goes along with almost all the breeds.

This robust dog barely calls for a vet visit. AmStaff intelligence gives you an easy time training him.

However, this strenuous working dog has lost much of its aggression down the century old careful breeding process and now, bears a kind of laid back temperament.

They are notorious for bad breath and you have to brush his teeth everyday. His short and stiff coat requires a weekly brief brush. AmStaffs ask for a good amount of exercise. Human companionship is a vital issue that softens his mind. Frankly, they are good for children above 6 years of age as their mighty moves may come down hard upon a tender kid.

6. Pug:

  1. Kid Friendly
  2. No Aggression
  3. Genuine Companion
  4. Occasional Grooming

Charming, mischievous and loving Pugs belong to the Toy Group. A hot temperature will bother him greatly. As a flat faced dog, he may experience breathing difficulties. Honestly, he is only meant to be your companion.

So, expect nothing more than that. No herding, hounding or guarding job is suitable for this breed. A Pug is capable of putting a smiling face on you with his playful and comical nature.

Usually, Pugs do not need bathing if he looks clean. An occasional coat brush is just enough for his grooming necessities. He is truly a symbol of low maintenance pets for kids and is incapable of any hard work.

So, vigorous exercise will result in a breathing problem. In fact, he is just good for a short walk.

He is also prone to obesity. You need to check on his meals regularly so that he does not gain fat. This age old breed is a healthy one if you keep the temperature, diet and exercise issues in proper line. On top of that, their pleasing tendency eases down training.

7. Rhodesian Ridgeback:

  1. Superior Fitness
  2. Freaking Territorial
  3. Affectionate Hound
  4. Clean Breed

Affectionate, dignified and even tempered Rhodesian Ridgeback belongs to the Hound Group. As a dog of African heritage, Ridgeback possesses strong prey drive. But the dog is quite unlikely to assault someone physically.

To sum up, this is a tremendously fit dog with moderate energy. But like all the other big dogs, Hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia could be common problems.

They are likely to pleasing you.  A strong willed as well as predatory chaser Ridgeback may give you a hard time in training. However, they like human companionship which eases their trainability. You have to keep him within an encircled area.

Otherwise, he is may take off on the back of any interesting animal or object. This is particularly not a laid back type dog and keeping that in mind you have to find out suitable jobs for him.

He is considered as one of the most territorial dogs and that saying goes strongly in case of a stranger. This is a great watchdog. Early socialization is vital for a matured good behaving dog. His coat requires weekly brush and he does not need a bath unless visible dirt flashes out.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

  1. Amazingly Sporty
  2. Bent on Pleasing
  3. Family Dog
  4. Gentle Nature

His Spaniel forefathers took good care of his indomitable sporty attitude that sustains to this day in spite of a companion tag attached to his name. He is a Toy Group dog with affectionate, gentle and graceful nature.

Descending from the hunting dogs, Cavalier King enjoyed the companionship of the British royal personages and was named after King Charles II. This is an exemplary house dog as he has a friendly disposition towards the other pets.

This low energy dog does well with a little exercise like a brief walk or strutting on the couch. They are highly tied to their family and often follow around in the exactly similar footsteps Behind you.

Cavalier King is always ready to please you.Cavaliers are delicate enough to hide into a corner if you holler at him. Generally, they are considered healthy and able to deflect a normal disease except for some breed related major diseases. Gentle nature Cavaliers are easily trainable.

9. Bullmastiff:

  1. Medium Exercise
  2. Guarding Capacity
  3. Moderate Shedder
  4. Pet & Kid Friendly

Tall Bullmastiff figure as well as strong and muscular physical outlook has nothing to do with their low energy. He can show a glimpse of high energy only in a high pitched action. But that streak runs for a short period of time. He has a moderately shedding stiff coat that needs little grooming.

A perfect cross between the Bulldog and Mastiff led to this breed with a larger Mastiff body and Bulldog tenacity. This virtuous union has created reliable low maintenance guard dogs that belong to the Working Group.

Situational changes can adversely affect Bullmastiff health. Owners have to keep a close eye on hereditary issues so that his health does not get easily affected. Bullmastiffs are caring of the children. He can accommodate his domain with the pets he has been raised with.

A moderate exercise is enough for their well being. Beware of Bullmastiff drooling as it happens all the time. Their training is often a time consuming task because of a headstrong nature.

10. Basset Hound:

  1. Charming Companion
  2. Limited Energy
  3. Food Lover
  4. Obstinate Hunter

Low energy Basset Hounds are charming family companions. Usually, a walk or an easy game participation is enough for the preservation of his health. Thick bone structure along with a lazy lifestyle may turn your dog into a fat one. However, a physical exercise will soon be followed by an unlimited resting period, a common trait of the Bassets. Luckily, a weekly brush session will significantly cut down his profuse shedding.

As a hound, his specialty lies in scent work. He can be obstinate while on a trail because he was bred to do so.

As a matter of fact, he likes to bash on some rabbits or some small game. Bassets are a healthy breed and are likely to remain so. His heavy size and drooping ears require your regular inspection for some breed related diseases. They are low maintenance low energy dogs.

Like the Bulldogs, the Basset Hounds are too in love of food. You have to remain vigilant about it. Otherwise, he will grow fat very fast.They are unlikely to follow around on your finger tip. So, training these hounds could be a challenge.

11. Dachshund:

  1. Fast Learner
  2. Playful Attitude
  3. Occasional Baths
  4. Excellent Family Dog

Dachshunds are another easy maintenance dogs belonging to the Hound Group. As a small companion dog, he bodes very well with the children. Usually, his playful nature adds some extra points in this regard.

This is a very witty dog capable of learning fast that eases down their training procedure. Uniquely, he knows exactly how to please his human family and this is the single most important trait of a Dachshund  as a wonderful pet.

His elongated back may suffer from disc damage. But in general, he can be regarded as a healthful breed. In spite of a smaller size, they require a good amount of exercise for the sake of a muscular back.

Short haired Dachshunds usually need less frequent brushing than their long haired counterparts. In short, towel mopping along with occasional baths will be just fine with their coat protection.

12. Beagle:

  1. Sweet Temperament
  2. Long Exercise
  3. Pack Member
  4. Few Vet Visit

As a hound, Beagle remains to be a pack hunter. So, this dog can be raised in a group that will ask for less attention because of intimate group interaction. In spite of his small size, Beagle possesses high energy and demands at least an hour of physical stimulation.

Strikingly, adopting a Beagle will almost never end in a regular vet visit. Of course, he is strong and healthy. His coat needs a weekly brush but not a regular bath unless you can detect dirt on his coat. Correspondingly, the Beagles have a sweet temperament that attracts human company.

He is fully capable of living peacefully with the other pets. On the opposite, his hound nature gives him a strong prey drive. Unless in a fenced area, a Beagle will start chasing anything and everything.

Additionally, you need to outsmart him while in a training session. In the long run, he is intelligent enough to push you around with his requirements. Not to forget, he is stubborn and gets easily diverted to some other interesting instruments.

So, his training will need a lot of patience and repetition. He is a wanderer and you have to keep him on the leash in an outdoor activity. Beagle is one of the lowest maintenance dogs.

13. Greyhound:

  1. Cleanest Breed
  2. Healthiest Dog
  3. No Aggression
  4. Outstanding Racer

If you are looking for the cleanest breed of dog, then Greyhound is the answer for you considering low maintenance issues. Overall, he is the Usain Bolt among dogs. But that high speed lasts for a limited time only and immediately after the run the Greyhound will be content to take rest for the remainder of the day.

Above everything else, the dog needs to run full frontal as an exercise. You can build a fenced area for a safe sprinting.

He is a sight hound who can eye an animal from a distance and start chasing them then and there. As a sight hound, his training is kind of difficult with constant distractions from the dog end. It requires both technique and patience to effectively discipline him.

In addition, the Greyhound can be regarded as one of the healthiest and cutest low maintenance dogs. He is unlikely to have a regular vet visit. They are not aggressive dogs and would like to follow an alternative path while facing a stranger. Moreover, his short and smooth coat does not seek for much of your grooming attention.

14. Boxer:

  1. Super Active
  2. Easily Trainable
  3. Higher Intelligence
  4. Good For Family

Bright, fun loving and active Boxers always rank among the highest popular dogs in America. This large Working Group dog is good at almost everything. As a matter of fact, you know you have got the best friend when a big dog like Boxer is your ardent fan and looking forward to your companionship.

He does well in a moderate climate as neither heat nor cold is suitable for this breed. Boxers are intellectually superior to the most other dog breeds as they can often make it out of a situation on their own.

So, training them is quite a comfortable and enjoyable task. However, they dislike repeated drills and are likely to disprove your commands in such a situation. Of course, strenuous Boxers will seek for a fair amount of exercise. Do not let them run wild as their chasing heritage may put them on a dangerous path.

Well trained dogs will make its way into the top low maintenance dogs. Evidently, short Boxer coat does not need much of your serious attention except for an occasional brush or even rarer bath. By this time, you may have got a clear picture on several dog breeds which are easier to take care of.

15. Labrador Retriever:

  1. Easy grooming
  2. Quick training
  3. Most popular
  4. Very active

Interestingly, outgoing Labrador Retrievers make it to the list of low maintenance dogs. There are obvious reasons for their top position in the USA in terms of popularity. They are highly affectionate and incredibly friendly to their family members.

Occasional baths will keep them going due to an easy care lustrous coat. But shedding goes high and coat brushing should be regular. Brush their teeth and trim their nails in due time.

This is a healthy breed and you do not need to worry a lot about it. In an overall sense, you can groom them comfortably. Training tricks is really a breeze with the Labrador Retriever.

Easiest dogs to take care of?

The Beagle and Chihuahua top the list of low maintenance dogs. Most of the time, we seek an easy going and easy caring dog out of time shortage. Then, there comes the issue of cost effectiveness as well. There are other concerns too.

A person might like to have the company of a dog but dislikes the essential effort into the process. In short, the man loves his idle time and spends it in another way.

So, he is also a candidate for a low maintenance dog. This list below comprehensively points out the pros and cons of the easiest dogs to take care of.

Low maintenance guard dogs:

The Bullmastiff, Boxer, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Doberman Pinscher can do the job for you. Guard dogs secure the perimeter around your place, keep your family safe and warn an intruder with an ill intention. Low maintenance guard dogs also do the same. But the difference lies in attention seeking and care programs. These canines can get along well on their own given limited supervision.

How a low maintenance dog saves money & time?

A low maintenance dog possesses several characteristics that guarantee fewer costs and time consumption. The dog may be a low energy companion which indicates you do not have to spend a lot of time behind his exercise requirements.

These dogs often seek less attention as they can maintain a good relationship with the other pets. They pass quality time even in your absence.

Easy maintenance dogs ask for little grooming efforts. Their coat shedding usually goes very low to medium range. Normally, you do not need to brush him daily. They are physically superior to most other breeds and so, they call for few vet visits.

These canines are often from ancient breed lines that are good at deflecting inborn diseases. Some of these low maintenance dogs originate from Africa and are very healthy as well as alert for security purposes too.

So on an overall estimation, these puppies will ultimately save you both money and time in the long run.

Which small dogs are low maintenance?

The Chihuahua, Dachshund, Maltese, French Bulldog and Boston Terrier belong to this category. Their gentle nature is a fresh air into your life. In fact, small dogs are best suited to an apartment life where they can squeeze into a corner.

But low maintenance is a rare blessing among the tiny dogs. So, we have taken up the challenge and sorted out a number of little dogs meeting your requirements which have been mentioned above.

Which are kid friendly low maintenance dogs?

The Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Manchester Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bullmastiff, Doberman Pinscher and French Bulldog fill up this list.

Low maintenance and kid friendliness are two of the dearest qualities of a dog especially for an owner who most of the time remains occupied. These dogs fit well in a home environment while you are busy paying attention to your real business.

Such a dog can accompany your kids and vice versa. Moreover, you do not have to strictly abide by a set of, so called, dog rules.

Final Verdict:

Our experts actually conducted this research to pick up the small low maintenance dogs, low energy dogs, dog breeds that shed the least, medium sized low maintenance dogs and the cleanest dog breeds. Hope you can enjoy a good time with your chosen one.

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