14 Long Haired Dogs with Splendid Bonding Opportunities

Beautiful Long Haired Dogs

If you are greatly into looks and care little for the extensive grooming needs of your four legged companion, then long haired dogs turn out to be your desired champion. These dogs are unrivaled victors of beauty.

Their owners cannot but silently praise their pets for an adorable appearance. These 15 long haired dogs come in distinct sizes and shapes. Here, the selection parameters do not solely rely upon the observable outlook though.

1. Yorkshire Terrier:

Popularly known as Yorkie, the Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate sprightly and tomboyish. Toy Group member Yorkie ranks 9th in popularity in the USA for a big personality and feisty nature yet a pure devotion to his owner.

His coat resembles that of human hair and if it is kept untrimmed, it requires daily brushing. Yorkies need weekly bathing. If you are interested to know more about the grooming necessities, you may visit the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America website here.

He loves trotting around to check things for himself. He is speedy and is usually in the habit of chasing birds, rats or smaller games.

This glamorous English showpiece enjoys an occasional cuddle on your lap. The Yorkie is a bit bossy in nature which is a source of inflated amusement for you.

2. Pomeranian:

Naturally, the pocket sized Pomeranian belongs to the Toy Group and are tiniest among the Spitz groups. His exclusive double coat intensifies the beauty exponentially. But it asks for tirelessly regular brushing and caring as he is an active dog.

The exterior coat is long, straight and rough in texture while the undercoat is short, soft and thick. His inquisitive, bold and lively nature has placed him in the 22nd ranking position in popularity.

This tiny breed has a long life expectancy and a similar reputation among both the royals and commoners. He likes to alert everybody about his animated presence around him. Poms never cares for its small size and likes to chase even a bigger opponent.

He got the qualities of a splendid watchdog with an active intention to search for sights, sounds and activities around the clock. He will warn you in advance of an incoming stranger. They love your company and like to add some extra amusement in the party.

The Pomeranian can thrive on a little exercise and this trait has suited them better in the city life.

3. Afghan Hound:

One saying goes ‘where the dog and owner combination is right, no animal can equal the Afghan Hound as a pet’. If you are truly into hairy glamour, then ancient, independent, sweet and silly Afghan Hound ought to be your foremost choice.

The fur is not only a showpiece but also a tool for greater protection against rough Afghan weather.

So, he must be included in the long haired dogs’ list. The coat requires several tending hours per week for a tangle free look. A hounds name always declares its inherent strength and agility.

Afghan Hound is no exception to that. The dog lived in the mountainous regions for hundreds of years and has gained a natural hunting capacity. His serious prey drive may choose some innocent smaller pets an ancestral trait that needs removal at an early age.

With a sizeable physical structure, Afghan Hounds could demonstrate silly antics too. As trifles from them are less expected, their manners often prove otherwise.

Do not be fooled by a puppy mistake when you are adopting one. He will grow up sooner than you think and will honor the hereditary hunter name.

4. Barnese Mountain Dog:

Long haired dogs’ list should incorporate the Swiss Barnese Mountain Dog. This is a good natured, calm and strong dog belonging to the Working Group. His thick double coat contains a larger outer layer and a woolly undercoat. Bernese has a good rate of shedding all year long especially in the spring and fall.

Brush his coat twice or thrice a week to keep it tangle or mat free. Steady tempered Bernese works tooth and nail. He thrives on a fair amount of exercise such as sledding, running and romping in the snow. He does well in a cold climate and dislikes living in hot weather.

A characteristic timidity might turn into aloofness in absence of early socialization. The distinguished white markings on his coat create a majestic aura in his personality. The hardy Bernese grew up in the farmsteads of Bern. This large dog is capable of performing as a watchdog, companion as well as a hard worker.

5. Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retrievers have come from Scotland and are the third most popular dog breed in the USA for their versatile capabilities. Water resistant Golden coat sheds moderately all the year and heavily during the Fall and Spring.

His dense coat has an inner and an outer layer. It requires brushing twice or thrice a week and daily combing in the shedding seasons. He needs a bath each month. It helps clean him up easily.

Experts prohibit combing while his coat is wet. Goldens are reputed for their intelligence too and you may check out here for some additional information on them. Golden retriever coat propels his Gun dog capacity enormously.

He can fetch a game out of the water pretty smartly which was his primary job for him. They are muscular, athletic dogs who are ready to please the owner.

6. Shih Tzu:

Chinese oriented Shih Tzu belongs to the Toy Group and is affectionate, playful as well as outgoing in temperament. Shih Tzu long coat demands daily brushing and you have to make sure that your brush reachs deep enough to keep it clean and shiny.

Once a month bath will maintain his fresh look. His eyes get covered with long hair that you have to trim down or tie into a topknot. Its name denotes a little lion that does not tell enough about his friendly company.

His favorite occupation is following you around the room. If you are lacking in wide open area, then Shih Tzu is your best option as he is a perfect apartment dog.

He can live on a little exercise within your apartment. Princely looking Shih Tzu was once the dog of the Chinese emperors. Still, he considers himself in the same old way only in a polite manner.

7. Lhasa Apso:

They say, ‘when a Lhasa Apso looks in the mirror, he sees a lion’. This Non-Sporting dog is confident, smart and comical. Tibetan Lhasa Apsos are highly valued as watchdogs. His toyish look deceives us of his sturdy will hiding inside. You have to bathe him every 15 days. The long, straight and thick Lhasa coat appears gorgeous.

Everyday brushing is mandatory for the proper maintenance of the look. A busy owner might find these daily tasks tiresome. So, people often prefer keeping in regular touch with professional groomers.

Once royal companions, Lhasas consider their guarding job sincerely. He will not make an easy friendship with a stranger in spite of his puppyish behavior. His family and home always stand first in his mind.

Lhasa parents have to be strong willed leaders in order to control or let lose an independent pet. The thousand year old breed is not a couch potato and performs superbly in dog events. He can accompany you on a brisk walk and will burn out his energy with incessant running in a fenced area or your apartment.

8. Maltese:

Long coated Maltese are gentle, playful and charming. We can trace him back to the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures where the Maltese were considered a treasure. This two thousand year old breed possesses a white blanket coat that is both an eye catching aspect and a mammoth grooming piece.

Just like the other long haired dogs, you need to brush and comb him daily.

He has a minimal shedding rate due to having no undercoat which is a consolation for the owner. Maltese coats are prone to mats and it takes time to remove those with detangler and solution.

Do not attempt to take it out at once as it will give him much pain.

Comb gently for timely removal. Toy Maltese looks for a little exercise in the backyard and he is happy to go out with you for a brief walk. This delicate breed needs to be leashed for its own security.

He excels at agility tests and makes friends quite effortlessly.

9. Havanese:

Cuban native Havanese is intelligent, outgoing and smart belonging to the Toy Group. Long, tender and shiny Havanese coat extends down to the ground.

As a prominent member of the long haired dogs group, daily grooming is a must for a tangle free fur.

You may also trim it down for a reduction intending time. An occasional bath is enough for him. They love to be around you but are a bit scared of strangers which can be removed with proper early age socialization.

This is a perfect house dog who dislikes being left alone for a long period of time. He is an impeccable lap dog who excels at agility tests and exercising tricks with his amazing energy level.

As a watchdog, his job stretches only up to barking. They are not a dominant breed and live well along with the other pets. It is a small dog but sturdier than most of the other toy breeds.

10. Bearded Collie:

This Scottish gentleman is a Herding Group dog. His long water repellent hair demands daily brushing and weekly thorough grooming. Although a medium size dog, Bearded Collie has high energy level that needs burning in a positive way such as exercise, herding, hiking or other physically tiring tasks.

Bushy double coated Bearded Collies bear a trademark bouncing leap. Beardies jumping streak started in the Scottish highlands for a better look at the farthest corner of the cattle. He used this technique to frighten a stubborn animal.

He is an outdoor animal liking to keep it that way in any weather. Beardies are highly sociable and they are especially fond of kids. His extrovert nature contributes positively to his family dog status.

They have a penchant for barking and often have a tendency to herd animals and people alike due to a strong herding instinct.

11. Alaskan Malamute:

Large Working Group dog Alaskan Malamute was extensively used for Arctic sledding. His thick, water resistant double coat protects him from rough Arctic blizzards and hazards and gets him into the long haired dogs’ list. In your home, it requires everyday combing for a suitable look as well as a healthy upbringing.

He is unfit for hot weather. The Malamute loves working hard be it pulling, sledding or towing. Massive bone frame, wide and deep chest declare his gigantic strength. He looks for numerous tasks for better physical and mental stimulation.

They enjoy your company only after their daily work routine is over. Their training takes huge effort and it is quite a challenge to live with them because they easily get bored without interesting things to do.

They are prone to attack others recklessly often ending in a tragedy. They have a streak of self reliance or independence.

12. Komondor:

The Komondor is a tall Working Group dog. Experts suggest bathing instead of brushing for his double coat.His curly fur forms into cords within 10-12 months.

You may use dilute shampoo to ease down the cords. The Komondorok are loyal, dignified and brave in temperament. His heavy coat makes him the most recognizable dog breed in the world. He used to guard cattle and can undergo immense work pressure.

Hailing from Hungarian noble breeds, Komondorok have a streak of independence and training them might prove to be a gigantic job.

He has a natural suspicion of the strangers but cooperates well with the family. In spite of a formidable height and weight, they are super light footed and perform fantastically in agile tests. The komondor is a free thinker with tremendous animal strength.

13. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier:

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are friendly, happy and deeply devoted dogs. They belong to the Terrier Group dogs. His soft, silky coat has minimal shedding.

He can do without a bath for a long time unless he smells stinky. Weekly twice brushing is just fine for his up keep. He is kind of a couch potato and unfit for day long work.

His occasional obstinacy reminds us of his mild terrier nature. Wheaten also has a trademark bouncing leap often as high as your face. He requires a modest amount of physical stimulation that means he fits well in an apartment.

Native to Irish farmlands, Wheatens enjoy accompanying you in walks and hikes and are effective for any given jobs to some extent.

14. Great Pyrenees:

The Great Pyrenees is a stranger to taking orders. He is a smart, patient and calm Working Group dog. Early on, he was treated as the royal dog of France and his ancestral home could be traced in the Spanish-French Pyrenees mountain.

Their double coat is repellent to dirt and so requires less grooming. The undercoat bears testimony to a tremendous shedding issue.

An overall weekly deep brushing will reduce flying fur around your place. The Pyrenees needs a bath within 3-4 month time.

This dog is considered as one of the most beautiful breeds with a woolly white coat and an expressed mane below the throat. He stands tall and has a sturdily built body to combat effectively against the wolves.

But now he is a wonderfully calm and composed family dog willing to watch over the children. Because of his liberated soul, you may have to undergo a bit of struggle for a well trained dog.

The Pyrenees needs plenty of socialization and training. He does not look forward to a lot of exercise and a short walk is often enough for him.

Wrapping up:

We have dug deep into the coat, personality traits, grooming requirements, brief history as well as introduction, perks and problems of 14 long haired dogs.

Based on this information, we hope to have helped you in choosing your next perfect home mate. All these are primarily long haired dogs and you have to pick the size and shape you long for.

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