7 Best Large Hypoallergenic Dogs

Large Hypoallergenic Dogs

Many potential dog owners are in fear of dog triggered allergies. So, we have come up with 7 large breed hypoallergenic dogs. Few things are more depressing than not having a specific dog out of allergy panic.

Identifying a hypoallergenic dog takes much time and effort. Priorly, smaller dogs used to enjoy this status. But nowadays, many large dogs have appeared in this category.



Salukis are the oldest dog breed to date which can be traced back as far as seven millennia ago. These hounds served Pharaohs as well as Alexander the Great. They are also the cleanest dogs exempt from any doggy odor. Both their smooth and feathered coats need a weekly brush.

Airedale Terrier:

Airedale Terrier

Strong prey drive, humor, stubbornness and several other natural traits adorn them with a versatile character. He is robustly active in the family. A short and wiry coat relieves you from too many grooming requirements. He might need a professional grooming touch every two months.

Afghan Hound:

Afghan Hound

To an Afghan Hound, loyalty means nothing short of true loyalty. This dog will always look for an opportunity for running. His regal coat seeks your attention for several hours and perhaps thrice a week. If you do not tend to his long, thick and silky hair, mats and tangles will prevail.

Giant Schnauzer:

Black Giant Schnauzer dog

They are immaculate guard dogs and require an experienced owner for proper handling. Boldness lies at the bottom of their heart. His double coat allows almost no shedding.

Weekly brushing, clipping and stripping will maintain his cool look. You will have to arrange a professional grooming session every two months.



You can mistake any dog for another but never a Komondor. He has got the most distinguished corded coat and most importantly it does prevent the release of anything from inside.

These cords do not take that shape naturally though. It requires much effort. Brushing is not the way to go with it. However, a Komondor should be bathed regularly.

Irish Water Spanie:

Irish Water Spanie

These large hypoallergenic dogs are brave in character and solemn retrievers. They look forward to immense exercise and activity schedule. They shed a bit. But unlike the other types, his hair does not stick around. Depending on the situation, you may have to brush and comb him thrice a week.

Poodle (Standard):

Poodle (Standard)

Entertainment is in the heart of a Poodle. They are incomparable athletes. His coat tends to mat and you should consider serious grooming arrangements. Clipping is the solution for him. Learn the techniques of brushing as you will need to do it daily.


Large non shedding dogs are mainly workers and herders. Their coat type is curly most of the time. So, their grooming necessities often vary significantly than that of the other dogs.

Regular brushing, trimming or clipping methods are also different and you may have to learn it from a professional groomer. However, these dogs will ensure a non shedding environment which is the ultimate goal here.

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