Top 5 Extra Large Dog Beds for Mastiffs (Expert Reviews)

In general, dogs sleep for about 12-18 hours a day. So, a dog bed should top the list of products you are considering. Finding suitable and extra large dog beds for Mastiffs can pose a real challenge for the pet parents.

Rest easy as after finishing this write up, you will get all the perfect answers to your questions.

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed:

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The quest for a big dog bed started with Hank, a dog owned by Eric Shannon. Hank was suffering from hip dysplasia. Finding a suitable large dog bed proved to be a gruelling task for Eric. He is the founder of Big Barker.

Eventually in 2012, he decided to set sail for a unique bed that covers all the requirements of a giant dog. Eric wanted to combine comfort with durability. Norman Richie, one of the top foam engineers in America, did not need to have a second thought to join hands in introducing a top class dog bed to the market.

If you are looking for small or medium dog beds, you will have plenty of options. But what about the large dog beds? It is not that easy.

So, what makes Big Barker the special one for your Mastiff?

Firstly, it brings down your tall task of searching to a single shot. Large dog owners will never make the mistake of avoiding it for a number of valid reasons as this bed is dedicated to the big dogs only.

At the very outset, one might raise the issue of price range which is quite understandable. Well, if you go through the incomparable depth in quality at offer, you will genuinely forget the price factor.

Big Barker has exclusively designed a proprietary 3-stage blend of American made foam thanks to a 30 year foam experience of Norman Richie. He personally oversees the integrity of each and every foam. Their foam should not be compared against Chinese mass produced foam.

In essence, it will envelope the Mastiff in a cloud like comfort. The thick support core will protect each of his pressure points. Amazingly, they have a ‘’Can’t flatten, Won’t flatten’’ slogan. And they back up the statement with a solid 10 year warranty.

The foam will neither flatten nor pancake over time. Big dogs will not sink down to the bottom of the foam as what happens in most of the dog beds. Moreover, all foam is certified by CertiPUR-US®, a not-for-profit organization in America that validates foam authenticity.

Their rigorous standards set up a bar in terms of content, emissions, performance and durability. Many reputed brand names have received blows by being positive in lead, chlorine and arsenic tests. That is never the case with Big Barker.

The bed cover comes with a few wonders as well. The fabric derives from expensive couches and upholstery. A thousand washes will not mar its beautiful appearance. Your guests will be bound to notice its awesome look and by the way, appreciate it. It does not shrink out of daily use.

Most interestingly, this fabric scores 100000 in Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester. You know that this is a standard abrasion tester that measures abrasion resistance of fabric by rubbing it against standard abradent.

For your kind information, normal household furniture only requires a 15000 score to withstand daily wear and tear.

Again, the zipper is fully American made and surrounds all three sides, about 75% of the cover length. So, pulling out and pushing in the bed stuffing is a breeze for you.

For you, no more wrestling with the foam while taking it on and off the cover. They have workshops in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Their 20 men strong workforce has vivid mastery in furniture and upholstery craftsmanship.

All American hands and all American materials define Big Barker bed. Now, does the price seem off the chart? Of course, the answer is ‘no’.

Are you looking forward to winning the heart of a dog lover? Give this bed as a gift and experience something beautiful. Apart from Amazon review, you may check it out from a user among your family, friends or neighbours for the sake of surety.

Big Barker offers four different color choices including burgundy, charcoal grey, chocolate and khaki.

Your big dog knows the importance of taking a good rest. He will forever be grateful to you with this incomparable gift. This is actually a therapeutic mattress exclusively designed for large dogs. It keeps your puppy healthy and youthful for years to come.


  • Bolster support for head and neck
  • Easy maintenance


  • The bed often smells
  • Uses a plastic cover for the memory foam

Kuranda Dog Bed:

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Kuranda started its journey in Australia but was later purchased by Michael Harding. Now, it is headquartered in Maryland, USA. They believe that all dogs deserve a comfortable place to sleep and relax. They are also very careful about health and happiness.

So, they introduced a unique elevated dog bed devoid of unnecessary stuffing. As a result, the bed does not turn into a safe haven for dirt or allergens.

Moreover, it provides adequate joint relief. Especially dogs with destructive behavioral patterns will find this bed to be a very difficult item to destroy. This is indeed a tough ground to bring their nefarious designs into reality.

You do not need to worry about the Mastiff until it reaches 250 pounds of weight. Kuranda bed can effortlessly accommodate the dog thanks to its aircraft grade aluminum structure.

However, this strong bed stands at a shipping weight of mere 14 pounds. You can throw a challenge to the naughtiest of dogs to chew on it. The dog is sure to fail.

This giant dog bed brings in a patented design which remains chew proof for a long time to come. The fabric hides inside the frame and remains untouched from his teeth as there is no visible edge.

It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Insects cannot bother him during an outdoor nap due to its elevated design. In addition, a cold and hard floor surface is no longer a concerning issue.

Kuranda is not shy of offering one year of warranty for both the frame and fabric. The warranty also applies to the legs and corner fittings. However, scratches and bite marks are not covered in the warranty.

You can use a hose for cleaning the bed. It will give you a real easy time during wash. Frequent cleaning will not spoil its beauty. This large dog bed for Mastiff will remove all kinds of worries from a pet owner. There are five color options available for this bed including black, burgundy, forest green, royal blue and smoke.

One dog bed for a lifetime is true for this one. No mischievous dog can harm it by chewing or jumping or simply, using. It is an outstanding interior decoration for your home.

Moreover, this bed gives your puppy orthopedic support and cozy comfort. Highly active pet homes are the biggest beneficiary of Kuranda dog beds.


  • Easy clean
  • 1 year warranty


  • Top fabric occasionally tears
  • It fits in only the very large crates

PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed:

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PetFusion started off in 2010 on a solid footing with three goals in mind. Seamless blending of their designs into your home, exceptional quality and affordable price are those three concepts.

Well, they have brought all three aims into reality with this large dog bed for Mastiff.

A firm 4 inch memory foam core graces your dog’s sleep and rest periods. It ensures the ultimate level of comfort. Memory foam is also called ‘viscoelastic foam’ and it was developed in the 1960’s.

NASA designed it for astronauts. Memory foam is made of polyurethane and has a certain elastic nature that is very resilient to the changes in the shape of a body that presses upon it. Its elastic properties provide soft touches and curved shapes when the dog lies on it. But it regains the shape as the dog leaves the bed.

This character of the memory foam is highly important for the large as well as physically stressed dogs. Giant dogs create a lot of pressure upon the bed and it returns to their body in the form of pain.

Curved structure of the memory foam makes sure that the pressure does not return to his body. Super density of memory foam structure equals optimum support and pressure relief. CertiPUR-US® certified their memory foam.

Thus it brings in a peaceful night of sleep for the big dogs and dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint sores and so on.

Moreover, the bolsters serve the dog with extra support for the head and neck. These are filled with polyfills. Sharp and trendy look of the bed is a great boon for your home interior. There is a zipper for easy insertion of the memory foam into the bed.

Besides, it has a non-skid bottom meaning no accidental slip-offs or wishful skiing inside of the house for the Mastiff.

Pragmatic design has made it easy to identify hair and debris as well as to remove it. The cover is water resistant to some extent.

Does a giant dog mean a tear here and a tear there in the bed? No, this bed has a tear resistant formula for the cover. Most importantly, they are offering a 36 month warranty to back up any manufacturer defect.

Anxious dogs will enjoy greater relief from their ongoing situation thanks to a splendid solution. Its superb memory foam is handy for dogs of all ages, especially the older section.

Joint pain and arthritic conditions will be professionally dealt with. Nestling is no more a far cry for your fur baby. This bed is fully ready to cope up with the lively giant puppies.


  • Machine washable
  • 36 month warranty for manufacturer defect


  • Return policy is quite unclear 
  • Removable cover is not rock solid waterproof

The Dog’s Pain Relief Bed:

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The Dog’s bed comes from the The Dog’s Balls Store. They believe that companion animals are part of our daily lives and unconditionally affectionate family members.

As pet animals are the foundation of our lives, The Dog’s Balls Store is striving to make a significant change in pet product quality. This superior vision has set their course on a path to designing awe inspiring dog beds for one of a kind sleeping experience.

The bed has five basic segments. Those are thick orthopedic memory foam, bolster tops, water resistant inner protection, a high stability support foam core and an Oxford fabric cove.

All these ingredients are statements of thoughtful design and rigorous testing. We are not going to repeat memory foam aspects as we have elaborately discussed about it. Let’s talk about the other dimensions now.

There is a premium grade support foam containing thousands of tiny air pockets. It renders a spongy feel of the foam with a cushion like quality.

So, your dog can enjoy better air flow on hot days. Together with the memory foam, it takes care of dogs suffering from osteochondritis, cruciate ligaments, arthritis, patellar luxation and hip dysplasia. This combo also takes care of the tender post surgery periods.

Pressure sores are real concerns for immobile dogs. These things are common at locations where the skin has little distance from the bone. Staying in one position for too long causes this problem which in turn is responsible for damaged skin.

Dog elbows are usual victims to the sore points because of an inevitable proximity between the bone and skin. This bed will handle sore joints with medical grade care.

Leave this bed anywhere in your home and it fits the interior in an amazing style. Removable cover along with the inner protective layer gives you easy time in handling accidents. It is especially effective for dogs with incontinence issues.

The inner water resistant mattress protector safeguards the bed from water intrusion to a great extent. An excellent group work of the Oxford fabric and the inner cover repulses dust mites, molds and mildews.


  • Waterproof cover
  • Replacement covers available


  • Warranty is unspecified
  • Bolsters and mattresses are not sold separately

Joyelf Memory Foam Dog Bed

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Its flame retardant material keeps the foam intact for a longer period of time in case of fire or heat. This bed has an inner cover which means that senior dogs are supposed to commit potty accidents. You do not need to worry too much in this regard as the internal liner saves the memory foam from liquid penetration.

Removing all those fur off the bed is not a tiresome job anymore. Most importantly, you are getting a top of the shelf product within a reasonable price.


  • Bolster support for head and neck
  • Easy maintenance


  • The bed often smells 
  • Uses a plastic cover for the memory foam

Why to consider separate dog beds for Mastiffs?

Well, animal behaviorists do not prefer lying on the same bed with the pets. This practice breeds some ill habits. Moreover, sharing the bed with a large dog gives you some pragmatic concerns.

  • Large dogs usually bring in a lot of strength and a shared bed might become a battleground for both of you.
  • There is the issue of pack leadership as well. The dog will consider itself equal to you as he sleeps in the same place.
  • A separate sleeping place gives the dog his real dominion and he does not need to bother you each time he feels like taking a nap. Dogs really make a lot of tossing and turning during their sleep which is a nuisance for you.
  • It will make sure that the dog gets a good night’s sleep in an undisturbed manner as the bed allows him excellent physical postures.
  • The pup does not have to deal with temperature variations as the bed holds on to a steady level of heat.
  • Dogs may be dirty a lot of the time. You do not want to bathe him every now and then as well. So, he is better off at a different place where he can do whatever he wants to.

What are the extra large bed factors to keep in mind?

Of course, there are some issues to consider before you make the final decision. We have listed them down for you.

  • Dog bed ensures cozy comfort and in this respect, posture matters a lot. A fine bed supports vital joints. Any inconsistency in sleeping position will result in physical pain.
  • Large dog beds do not suit a small puppy and the opposite is true too. In fact, a great Dane cannot find absolute peace in the bed of a Mastiff due to size differences. Get the measurements of your puppy before buying a fitting bed.
  • Keep its washability in mind. The bed will get dirty once in a while and you may need to frequently send it to washes. A premium bed will give you an easy time in cleaning.
  • Large dog beds usually cost more than that of smaller ones. Then, there is the question of product quality. As you go up the size ladder, your wallet gets thinner.

Is an orthopedic dog bed really effective?

Orthopedic dog beds are nowadays used for both young and old dogs because of its inherent supportive properties. There are a number of high end orthopedic beds available in the market and we have to be aware of a few facts before going all out for an item.

  • Orthopedic beds are made of memory foam which distributes the pressure points all over the bed. This foam changes form and shape according to pressure as well as heat points. So, the puppy can take a comfortable nap.
  • Dogs affected with arthritis or hip dysplasia can release their front and hind leg pressure across the bed. It immensely relieves the joint pain.
  • Usually, working and sporting breeds go through a tremendous amount of physical activities. It affects their limbs over the years with accumulated pain. An orthopedic dog bed can really assist in their long healthy life.
  • With the removal of pressure points, blood flow increases throughout his organs. It helps with quick healing and keeping healthy.

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