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Dogs are infamous for their inherent destructive behavior. Destructive behavior has many forms such as chewing, digging, scratching, biting and so on. Usually, their sharp teeth along with a strong jaw cause some irreparable damages in the house. Actually, their value judgment tremendously differs from that of yours. So, your precious assets mean little to nothing in many cases. Indestructible dog crate pads are specifically designed with this concern of yours in mind.

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Kuranda Dog Bed

1. Heavy duty PVC frame

2. Solid traction

3. Tolerates regular cleaning

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Invite the worst behaving dog to a challenge. Throw this bed in front of him and ask for his best effort to destroy it. After watching a while, laugh out loud at his failure. No matter how hard the dog tries, this bed is not taking in any hits. Notably, chewers will never get a grip on its fabric to tear that apart. Its high strength PVC frame will act against those efforts. Depending on dog size, you may have to choose between all aluminium or bronze aluminium dog beds too. Those are for the dogs weighing above the average breeds.


Big Barker Dog Crate Pad

1. Tear resistant formula

2. Water repellent

3. Outstanding comfort

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Indestructible dog crate pads should have super defense against tearing habits of the dogs. And here goes one of the best choices in this respect. This dog bed comes with a military grade fabric turning it into a fortress against any ill behaving dog. Its cordura super weaved nylon is the most durable fabric that you will find. So, the bed outlasts everyday wear and tear in a practically proven method. Besides, Big Barker bed guarantees top of the shelf comfort for the puppy. Overall, you can always count on this dog crate pad.


K9 Ballistics Dog Bed

1. Durable for years

2. Chew resistant

3. Uncompromising quality

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When it comes to having the most durable dog bed, there are few competitors ahead of a K9 Ballistics bed. This brand fully focuses on wear and tear repellent formula all the way through. You have a product that claims itself to be chew proof and you know it is a rare statement in the pet product industry. It has a ripstop ballistic cover that powers their claim. Scratching, biting and ill behaviors are barely your concerns anymore. Your purchase will enjoy a 120 days of warranty in case of damages.


Cooling Elevated Bed

1. Unhindered airflow

2. Easy cleaning

3. Best rest

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You will have a iron framed dog bed which is made for lasting use. Pet parents depend on its high level of performance. Mesh PVC fabric can be comfortably cleaned. Assembling is quite an easy task for anyone. You have the freedom of using it both indoors and outdoors thanks to its smooth portability. This one is handy for traveling, outdoor picnic, camping, etc. One year of warranty backs up your prudent decision. Cool down your furry buddy by giving him a paradise of his own.


PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed

1. Sturdy dog bed

2. Sleek design

3. Pet safe components

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Notably, this bed exerts a calming effect upon the dog. Besides, it is made of long lasting polyester ingredients along with cotton. So, tear resistance is a natural feature of it. You will find it waterproof as well. It fits excellently with your home interior. In terms of quality, PetFusion bed avails you with European REACH safety standards. So, your pet does not undergo any health hazards for skin contact with the bed. Solid memory foam base blesses the dog with a good night’s sleep.

What are the causes behind destructive dog behavior?

Destructive behavior is not a breed specific issue. There are some real triggers working behind the scenes. We are going to trace out those factors.

Separation anxiety: Dogs build up a strong bondage with their owners and cannot tolerate separation which very often leads to anxiety. Separation anxiety is responsible for relentless barking, potty incidents, etc.

Teething: Puppy teething period introduces unbearable gum pain that gets them to chew things indiscriminately as it helps them forget the pain.

Fear: If the dog fears a person or an unexpected situation including thunderstorms, loud thuds, etc, they may turn destructive.

Absence of social interaction: Lack of playmates, companionship or toys can get them going in this direction as well.

Attention seeking: Attention seeking is a huge factor that we have to weigh in. If the dog is used to too much attention, he will feel its absence all the way more. Thus he is likely to get off the rail in an unfavorable circumstance. Such a dog will try to capture your eyes with even negative actions.

Curiosity: They want to investigate their surroundings and taking things in the mouth is very often a part of that process.

Irregular feeding: A hungry dog will do anything in search of food. Out of hunger it is capable of doing all kinds of destruction in the house.

Exercise shortage: Lack of exercise bores them tremendously leading to ill activities. Medical conditions: Gastrointestinal problems often bewilders the dog and his behavior goes nuts.

How to deal with destructive dog behavior?

There is little room for frustration in dealing with dog destruction. Thanks to the latest advancement in psychological research, we have quite a clear path ahead in this respect.

01. You should not physically punish the dog in any situation. It will further complicate the condition by increasing the fear factor. Positive reinforcement is the way to go. Correct his behavior as it happens and continue with this effort.

02. Give him ample chance to perform physical activities. Walking, running, hiking, jogging and training them will keep his mind occupied. Make him tired so that he feels no enthusiasm for bad activities.

03. Regular feeding can check a lot of their ill intentions.

04. Pay him due attention no more and no less. Over enthusiasm around the dog always sends a bad message.

05. Give the dog a few chewing toys or a kong so that his teething period passes peacefully. Puzzle toys can keep him busy for a long time.

06. Crate training is a great escape route for you. The dog will spend a big chunk of his time in confinement while he is alone. So, he will manage little time for damaging things.

07. You can replace the weak furniture with strong ones. Indestructible dog crate pads are one such example.

08. If the situation spirals out of control even after applying all these techniques, get the dog to the vet. He will help you set up the right course of action.

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