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Dogs can be destructive once in a while and nobody is really willing to bet against it. Digging, scratching, chewing, barking, biting and so on can keep them going for the whole of their life. Your precious things are not so commendable in their estimation. So, their investigative minds always want to discover ingenious ways to test the resilience of those things. But this behavior should not translate into their sleeping on the floor surface too. Truly they like to sleep a lot. As a result, the answer lies in an indestructible dog bed for crate.  It comes with one aim in mind which is to prevent such behavior from the dog. Now, let’s jump into the list of most durable dog beds.

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K9 Ballistics Dog Bed

1. Chew proof

2. Made in the USA

3. 4 months of chew proof warranty

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You will not find too many beds out there claiming to be chew, scratch and bite resistant at the same time. Well, here is the ultimate dog bed stating this bold claim. Moreover, they back up their assertion with a limited time warranty. Naturally, it has gained public attention which is eventually a positive one. Long lasting ripstop ballistic cover gives it an enduring life. All naughty dogs should get one of these products to put a cap on their ill behavior. So, this bed makes it to the top of indestructible dog bed for crate. Most importantly, they have not compromised on the grounds of relaxation in any way. Top standard shredded virgin CertiPUR-USA Foam blesses the dog with super comfort. Waterproof and machine washability gives you more freedom.


Big Barker Dog Bed

1. Top quality foam

2. No flattening over time

3. Secured from potty accidents

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The Big Barker bed is an incredible fit for dog crates. Moreover, it brings you the highest tear resistant capability. With this pad, the crate will turn out to be the favorite place of your puppy. You know crate time can be boring for the puppy for many reasons. The hard floor of the crate can cause damage to his vital joints. So, place this bed inside of the crate to make it enjoyable for the dog. You do not need to fear about digging or accidents anymore. Its easy cleaning feature is heavily appreciated by the pet parents.


Kuranda Chew Proof Dog Bed

1. Heavy duty PVC frame

2. Orthopedic design

3. Tolerates frequent cleaning

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You can choose between PVC and aluminium body depending on the body weight of the dog. Both these options will guarantee longer life than the common dog beds. You are going to enjoy a one year warranty for the bed giving your relief from qualitative concerns. Your dog will have an elevated place to lie down now. But its abrasion repellent canvas makes sure that there occurs no slip or accidents while the dog is getting up or down. Buy this one and forget replacing the dog bed every once in a while. This is an awesome looking product which will positively impact your house interior appearance.


AmazonBasics Dog Bed

1. Simple assembly

2. One year limited warranty

3. Relieves pressure

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This is in fact an iron made bed. So, the frame strength should not raise any doubt in your mind. Together with a mesh PVC fabric, it should be the top choice for you. If you keep the price factor in mind, it simply shutters anyone’s imagination. On top of that, you can use this bed for both indoor and outdoor occasions giving you tremendous liberty. Ultimate reliability stems from this pet bed. Pet parents are never shy of checking this one out and their positive reviews has skyrocketed the popularity of AmazonBasics bed.


PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed

1. Reinvigorates the puppy

2. Sleek appearance

3. Non-slip bottom

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Its extravagant outlook should not deceive you as it comes with tear resistance as well. Long lasting support and extreme comfort has made an outstanding combo. Your dog will live in the best possible place he could ask for. Cleaning goes easy as you will spot hair and dirt almost instantly. This bed fits well those dogs who deserve added care and relaxation from their owner. Solid memory foam base makes sure that the dog reaches the deepest level of sleep. So, he will wake with renewed energy and strength for further activities with you. Safe skin contact has been ensured using highest quality components.

What can cause destructive dog behavior?

Destructive dog behavior springs from many reasons. We are going to light up on some of the prominent issues.
Teething: Gum pain is an inevitable part of puppy teething period. They will try to use their teeth more often to get some relief from it. Chewing is a natural symptom of this time.

Inactivity: The dog will turn nuts if he does not get a fair share of physical actions. Daily walks are a must in this respect.

Enticing attention: Dogs love your loving eyes centered on them. So, they often devise ill ways in absence of your attention especially when you are busy with something else.

Separation anxiety: Velcro dogs stick with their owners all the time. They cannot tolerate loneliness. These dogs tend to behave in ill ways.

Curiosity: Dogs possess a super curious mind and they want to investigate things around them. Chewing, digging and scratching are often part of this project.

Hunger: A hungry dog has little to no sense and it can do any harm. Out of anger and hunger, they can cause damage to the things in the house.

Medical conditions: A physically sick dog is often seen doing damages which is simply not in his nature.

How to stop destructive dog behavior?

Luckily, you can adopt some effective measures in order to put a stop to this kind of behavior. Let’s discuss those points.

01. Allow him a lot of physical interactions including running, jogging, walking, training and so on. Make him tired everyday so that he is not even left with the power of barking.

02. Feed him on time and give him his due amount of food.

03. Introduce the crate at an early age so that he can learn the techniques of living on his own for at least a few hours at a stretch. It will give you room for your personal time.

04. Do not punish him physically as it teaches him nothing. Reinforce the behavior that you want from him in a positive way.

05. Remove the fear factors including strangers, loud sounds, etc that are triggering such behavior.

06. Give him chewing toys, puzzle toys and kong for the sake of passing quality time all by his own device.

07. Refurnish your place with furniture that cannot be chewed including an indestructible dog bed for crate.

08. Get him to the vet if these techniques bear no fruit.


Most durable dog beds can help you handle the worst dogs in an effective manner. Besides, you have found some time tested techniques in this article to keep your destructive puppy away from damaging actions. Apply these tricks and tell us about your experience in the comments section.

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