22 Hypoallergenic Dog that doesn’t Shed

Hypoallergenic dog

The REAL Question is – Why Shedding?

Dogs that do not shed or 100% hypoallergenic dogs do not exist. You will never find a dog that does not shed at all. Unfortunately, all dogs do that to some extent.

So the question is how much do you expect in your place? Dog shedding is a natural phenomenon. And dog breeds that shed a lot are just demonstrating their perfect skin activities. Usually, dogs undergo heavy shedding during Spring.

Obviously, their massive winter coat helps them fend off the cold and immediately after Winter. They need to lay off the heavy coat to prepare for the hotter weather. Generally at this time of the year, you will find an excess of fur around you.

On top of that, your couch, dresses, bed and of course the floor is inundated with dog hair. However, the level of shedding is quite low in the list of the dogs we have presented below.

As non shedding dogs are impossible to find, you can choose from this list. Frankly, do not expect that you will be spared of your grooming responsibility by adopting any of these, so to say, non shedding dogs.

Undoubtedly, you have to stick to the same calendar schedule. But you can definitely enjoy a bit cleaner environment which is often a lasting one.

To keep his coat tangle free, you should continue with your brushing, bathing and grooming routine.

As we have noted, this cleaning routine will further help you towards a non shedding dog by timely removing dead or fallen hair.

What is the literal meaning of hypoallergenic dogs?

Then, there comes the issue of the allergic reaction of the owner. Hypoallergenic dogs play a vital role in reducing your probability of getting affected. These dogs point to a group of dogs coupled with their physical attributes responsible for the least allergic reactions.

Primarily, allergic effects take place due to dog saliva, dander and urine oriented proteins. Not to mention, dander is the biggest culprit. It refers to the skin particles that fly in the air or lie down on the floor and often remain invisible to our eyes.

As can be perceived, hypoallergenic dogs produce a limited amount of dander. So, you can maintain a comparably healthy environment for yourself.

After all, we suggest you follow the doctor’s prescription in order to stay safe in this regard. Because only a doctor can suggest you a way out of this situation by pinpointing the underlying reasons.

However, the list of non shedding dogs will circumstantially assist you. Of course, hypoallergenic dog mixes are not matters of discussion here.

A list of 22 hypoallergenic dogs that doesn’t shed-

You already know that hypoallergenic dogs are not actually non-allergenic. However, their physical build up has a certain effect in this regard. So, you can reap some health related outcomes in your companionship with the dog.

Shih Tzu:

Shih Tzu wears a double coat. In fact, the long outer coat tends to hold on to the fallen dead hair from the inner coat. That hair is regularly removed during grooming or brushing. As a result, we can barely detect fur on the floor.

Correspondingly, it has put him among the hypoallergenic dogs. Furthermore, this tiny non shedding dog is a true charmer with an amusing companionship. Usually, Chinese lover Shih Tzu will not stop at anything short of true affection.


Maltese dog hypoallergenic issue is of substantial importance because of its extensive beauty. Its coat consists of hair instead of fur. So, it experiences less shedding which is a common trait of the hypoallergenic dogs.

Furthermore, they belong to the smallest dog breeds in the canine world in terms of weight. They produce a minimum amount of dander which is almost imperceptible to an allergic person.

Moreover, playful and curious Maltese will keep you amused all the time. He is also a good watchdog.

Bichon Frise:

Bichon Frise is closest to being a non shedding dog and a spirited ideal pet for allergic owners. However, their actual shedding remains unnoticed as the undercoat holds on to the fallen hair.

They must have three brushes each week to remove that hair and to prevent mats. By and large, Bichons are indiscriminately gregarious to anyone they meet. They are good for families with kids.

Scottish Terrier:

Once a week brushing is enough for the rough coat of the Scottish Terrier. He is a proud member of the exclusive group of dogs that do not shed. A Terrier independence is the hallmark of this breed.

Hence, this quality works in favor of his watchdog capacity. They are frequent chasers of small games but are not good for long time exercise. Certainly, his small attributes help him catch vermin.

Brussels Griffon:

In short, there are two coat types. One is smooth which is easy to take care and another is wiry as well as time consuming regarding grooming requirements.

Consequently, rough coated Brussels Griffon is rarely shed. Dogs that do not shed actually mean wire haired Griffons.

Above all, this Toy Group member is sturdily built and good for close companionship.

Coton de Tulear:

Coton de Tulear breed has come from Madagascar. First of all, they are reputed for infrequent or low shedding.

However, they need extensive daily brushing that prevents mats and tangles on their splendid coat. In brief, this is a Non-Sporting, alert and territorial dog.

If you want to have a cute and cuddly pet, you must go for a Coton de Tulear. In addition, they truly enrich the hypoallergenic dog list.

Italian Greyhound:

Italian Greyhounds are splendid sprinters. But their small size does not indicate enough of that athletic characteristic. They are reputed low shedders. Meanwhile, he is the tiniest among the sight hounds.

Not to forget, he likes to chase anything that looks interesting in his eyes and his enemy list is mainly filled with rats, cats, squirrels, butterflies, etc.

In the same token, you have to keep him in an enclosed area or you will lose him at any time. The list of the dogs that do not shed proudly includes short and smooth coated Italian Greyhounds.

In conclusion, they do not drool at all which gives them an extra point in this regard.

Chinese Crested:

The Chinese Crested is truly a hypoallergenic breed responsible for minimal allergens in your place. Fortunately, they are quite a long living breed and belong to the Toy Group.

In fact, the trademark spiky hair on the forehead and the surrounding areas adds the‘crested’ part to their name. They are lively and adorable family dogs.

However, they are not amicable to all but their known circle.

Yorkshire Terrier:

The Yorkshire Terriers are proud members of small dog breeds that don’t shed or bark. Consequently, you will trace little allergen elements in a Yorkshire Terrier coat which is a symbol of happiness for its owner.

In the same vein, a human hair like coat gives these dogs an edge over their competitors regarding beautiful looks. This Toy Group member will happily go after your footsteps all day long.

Frankly, cuddle specialist Yorkie will soon capture your heart and mind.


Pulis are considered non shedding dogs because of a corded coat that does not let any hair fall off. As a result, you fail to detect fur on your floor. Subsequently, this trend heightens Puli low shedding status.

This Herding Group member is a sturdy dog and looks forward to having a lot of work from you. Of course, an idle Puli is an obscene Puli.

So, keep him busy and motivated. By the way, this is an intelligent canine companion who learns his lessons pretty fast.


Basenjis have arrived from the Congo and are highly regarded as bark less dogs. At first, they are hounds and have got agile moves like cats.

However, these dogs are good family companions if you can meet their huge exercise demands. They are intelligent enough to understand your pulse and needs.

Most importantly, Basenjis have a strong sense of cleanliness and they like to keep their body polished all the way through.

So, short haired basenji shedding is almost unnoticeable. Their cleaning tendency leaves little room for dander affliction. Luckily, Basenji hypoallergenic dogs put a whole new meaning in this category.


Speaking of speed limits, Whippets are the English cousins of the Italian Greyhounds. Likewise, they can reach up to 35 MPH. On the other hand, they have a cool temperament which is good for families with children.

But you need to fence the yard in order to prevent his frequent flights behind interesting games.

Certainly, his gentleness dies down at this time. A fair amount of exercise relaxes his mood and helps keep his behavior under control. Not to forget, the Whippet is not a perfectly non allergic breed as they shed but not profusely.

Irish Terrier:

Above all, the Irish Terrier double coat barely sheds. The outer coat requires hand stripping rather than clipping. Meanwhile, a thick undercoat lies beneath the stiff outer coat.

Moreover, weekly brushing will do fine with the water repellent coat. This lively dog seeks a lot of exercises just like a terrier does. In addition, their versatile capacities and  bravado dominate many hearts. He is good at long work hours, kid companionship, swift learning and watching over your home.

Tibetan Terrier:

Their snowshoe feet lend a cute look to their overall appearance. First of all, Tibetan Terriers came into use exclusively for companionship.

On the whole, trademark terrier trouble making is absent in this dog in spite of a terrier name. He has an extensive double coat flowing beneath his feet. Coat color can be either hard or soft. Most importantly, their hair grows long.

As a result, it has a low shedding rate. He demands a fair amount of exercise opportunities. However, sweet tempered Tibetan Terriers will scarcely bother you.

Portuguese Water Dog:

These are medium sized hypoallergenic dogs. They have a very low shedding rate in terms of coat thickness. But the coat also needs extensive grooming.

Dense coated Portuguese Water Dog is good at retrieving from water. Their webbed feet superbly assist in swimming and they love water sports.

As a Working Group dog, he needs a lot of activities. Besides, he is an alert participant which makes him a wonderful family companion

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier:

Allergic owners can have the best of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. After all, a timely grooming will leave almost no trace of loose hair.

However, his coat forms tangles in absence of daily combing. This medium sized dog is lively, friendly and just a bit stubborn but can easily be managed. He likes to be on the heels of the smaller animals.

He has a greater exercise requirement. Not to mention, you need to be active to meet the necessity.

Poodle (Standard):

All three Poodles carry almost similar characteristics except for the physical attributes. Long Poodle coat forms mats near their skin. As a result, they hardly shed. But if you choose to trim down that curly hair you would better check regularly at the groomers.

Eventually, some owners learn their own ways of brushing or trimming their beloved pets. Actually, Poodles are happy dogs if you take them out routinely. This is a lively breed in the love of actions. Especially, you will trace dignified intelligence in him.


This ancient Middle Eastern breed is reputed for being clean. Remarkably, you can maintain their beauty and hygiene with a simple weekly brushing. Indeed, these dogs are quite free from doggy smells.

So, they do not need a bath unless there is visible dirt on their coat. Both feathered and smooth coated Salukis shed too little. However, long ear fur is a huge issue for the Salukis. Consequently, his ears need to be cleaned regularly.

Fortunately, Salukis do not come up with any fatal genetic disease. As a sight hound, they will sprint around a lot. Keep him under your supervision and within a fence. Otherwise, he may run away swiftly.

Giant Schnauzer:

Giant Schnauzers are work machines. Actually, versatile Giant Schnauzers are loyal and intelligent. They also enjoy a long life compared to the other large dog breeds.

As a matter of fact, Their dense wiry coat shed almost nothing. As they are very active dogs, you need to focus on their lengthy exercise schedule in order to keep them under control.

They remain aloof to a stranger and are splendid as a guard dogs. By the way, they are fearless protectors.

Airedale Terrier:

Periodic shedding leaves you tension free most of the year. Brush his coat regularly to have an even better outcome in this regard.

Furthermore, his wiry coat calls for less grooming attention. He is the largest among all the terriers. Moreover, he is a great hunting fellow, swift runner and good companion. This multi-tasker goes hot on the heels of its prey.

Similarly, he is a fantastic swimmer. They become fierce while trading some blows with an opponent. It is worth noting that they are generally not the breed to pick a fight.

Irish Water Spaniel:

The AKC goes like this, ‘suitable for allergy sufferers, the breed’s hypoallergenic coat requires brushing at least weekly’, regarding the Irish Water Spaniel. Hence, their coat leaves almost nothing behind the path.

So, allergic owners will enjoy a marked situational development in presence of these dogs. Their tendency to please their owners makes them excellent trainees for any kind of job.

In addition, they have got the necessary physical attributes as well as wit in order to follow a difficult instructions. They are good at water sports.


They are built for speed. Their physical structure tells a lot about the aim of their existence. In a word, it could be posed as chasing and chasing.

As the owner, you have to arrange a wide open area for the dog to run at full steam. However, they have a sweet temperament which is good for a family. Place the dog in a guarded place or he will run after anything.

The Greyhounds are in the middle of the road in terms of shedding. They are a clean dog breed. So, a daily brush and regular grooming will put you above the radar.

9 Meticulous methods on how to reduce dog allergies:

It is a wonderful fact that your dog body substances are not always responsible for your allergic reactions. However, their coat traps all kinds of dirt and pollen while outing. Not to mention, these elements may also cause equal harm to you.

Of course, fur and feathers to have its share of responsibility. But fur is not be mentioned beyond catching on to the allergic components which are dander, saliva and urine oriented proteins.

Danders empire expands to every nook and corner as Americans can barely think of a home without pets. So, it is important to have some ideas on how to reduce dog allergic effects. Coughing, sneezing, skin rash, runny nose and red eyes are the biggest symptoms of allergy.

There go preventive and treatment related measures for allergy reduction.


  1.  Then, you may consciously avoid dog entrance in your place or steer clear of the dogs altogether. Especially, never allow the dog into your bedroom.
  2. You may maintain distance from dog owners too.
  3. If possible, bathe and brush your dog’s teeth each week or so based on your situation.
  4.  Foam, carpet, wool, dresses and furniture tops attract and hold on to the dander for a long time. Put these things away from general dog zones.
  5. Central heating and air conditioners can make matters worse. You can obstruct dander by placing some filters on the ventilators.
  6. Sweep the floor regularly and use a vacuum too.
  7. Dog hugging and kissing is obviously a no for you.
  8. A dog dedicated shirt will give you some respite. Take it off immediately after dog interaction.


9. Certainly, going to the doctor and taking a medicine lies on top of the list.

Which breeds are especially the least allergic?

Generally, Poodles along with their crosses, Lhasa Apsos, Schnauzers, Kerry Blue Terriers, Maltese and Bichons perform better in terms of allergic reduction.

But hypoallergenic dogs are often not a package solution for each of your family members. For a better prevention plan, read out the next part.

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