Picturesque Detail on How to Wash a Dog Bed with Stuffing

Many dog owners wonder how to wash a dog bed with stuffing. Well, you are about to know the best washing tricks within a few minutes. Dog bed provides ultimate comfort to the fur baby. But the puppy is quite unable to distinguish between a dirty bed and a clean one. So, its cleaning process entirely rests upon you. A healthy dog needs a clean bed for sleeping and resting.

Should you clean the bed yourself or go to the laundry?

Actually, you can do both depending on your situation. Cleaning the bed all by yourself is not a huge task if you know the techniques. Most importantly, it will save you a few bucks. On the other hand, a busy dog owner will find it difficult to manage time on a regular basis for bed cleaning. He will most likely prefer the laundry option. Moreover, if the bed is too large, handling it could prove to be a difficult job for one person. In such a case, sending the bed to the laundry seems to be a logical decision.

How frequently to clean the dog bed?

In general, a weekly wash will do. However, an active outdoor dog may call for more frequent services in this respect. Usually, your nose will show you the right way in this respect. Whenever you feel a stinky smell in the house stemming from the dog bed, you can send it to washes. Moreover, you can detect some visible marks of stains and spots on its body which could be another sign for a laundry time.

Why wash the dog bed?

There are several reasons for washing the dog bed.

01. Uninterrupted dog rests are vital for the puppy. A nice and clean bed is the provider of ultimate rests.

02. The bed can turn out to be a breeding ground for the insects and germs. His health falls under great threat in such a scenario with imminent attacks of diseases.

03. Smelly dog beds do not belong to a place where you live in. You must not want to wake to an abhorrent smell on a sunny morning.

04. Dog allergies are often triggered by dander, pollen, dust, etc. The dog bed is a safe abode for those harmful elements if you keep it dirty.

What are the essential ingredients for dog bed cleaning?

How to wash a dog bed with stuffing?

Let’s discover the step by step method to cleaning the bed.

01. Disengage the bed cover and the stuffing. Wash the cover separately. Then close all zippers of the stuffing to protect those from damages. If there are any torn areas or weaknesses, get those fixed before going for the wash. It will ensure a long life of the bed. You will also find a tag with the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash a dog bed with stuffing. Read it thoroughly and follow the instructions.

02. First, remove all the loose dirt. The vacuum cleaner helps you with this task. Go over the whole bed several times to make sure of its cleanliness. During this process, loose hair and dander flees the bed. Pay special attention to the corners as these are the favorite spots for insects, their eggs and dirt.

03. The dog bed usually guarantees rainbow color stains with poop marks, food grains, urine spots, mud smudges and so on. Dealing with these stains is an important part of the task. A safe and wonderful spot stain remover can do the trick for you. Apply the remover and wait for a few minutes before you go laundering. Rinsing the bed and wringing out the water is vital for the overall process.

04. You can use a machine wash if the manufacturer permits it. Otherwise, hand washing is the way to go. Most of the stuffed beds allow machine wash these days. In either case, you have to place a certain amount of detergent inside the washing machine or the bathtub. Apply the deodorizer as well so that none of the smell remains after the wash. Hot water cleans easily and thoroughly. Use hot water option in case of machine wash. You can fill up the bathtub with hot water. Give a wholehearted wash and eliminate all stains as well as odors. Rinse out the water repeatedly so that none of the soapy water sticks around during drying. You will continue pouring hot water as long as you can detect soapy bubbles.

05. You may opt for either air dry or the dryer. It is also a matter of tag instructions. Leave the bed out in the sun on a flat place so the moisture is no more there. In case of using the dryer, you have to be careful about excessive heat concentration at certain zones. It can tremendously reduce the longevity of the bed. If the bed is thick at places, you might need to use a hair dryer at low temperature for the sake of quick drying out process.

06. It is time for fluffing as the bed has completely dried. Pull the stuffing from the thick areas to the thin locations of the bed and make it look even. This is also a good time for bringing the cover back in action. Zipping the cover will terminate the whole process.


A healthy dog-human relationship calls for cleanliness. Now, you have discovered the simplest method on how to wash a dog bed with stuffing. So, why should you not jump into action right now? Let’s get our hands busy for the betterment of the household environment.

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