How to Clean Dog Ears

Dog ears are especially sensitive zones for taking care.
Cleaning Dog ear

Dog ears are especially sensitive zones for taking care of. So, how to clean dog ears is a valid question that you need to clarify. Droopy eared dogs such as Beagle, Bloodhound, Dachshund and Poodle have large hanging ears resulting in some inevitable caution on your part.

How to Clean Dog Ears

Air circulation does not get a free pass into their ears and all kinds of dirts take a stranglehold in that confined area. This alone is a powerful recipe for upcoming disaster.

All the other breeds are also prone to this condition but only in a limited scope.You can have a better insight on common dog care tips.

What are the causes behind ear infections?

An ear infection may take place in any dog due to mites, viruses, drug reactions, injury, trapped moisture, bacteria, irregular or incoherent ear cleaning method and allergies. Even excessive cleaning is often responsible for this problem.

It is strictly suggested that you do not ever attempt to cure any of these ailments at home. You should consult the vet instantly. Petmd discusses the natural treatments for dog ear infections.

What is the best ear cleaning routine?

This is truly a dog specific question that may vary from one to another. Some dogs have droopy ears, some have hair inside their ear passage and some may grow hair by the outer side of the ears. All these factors play significant roles in the cleaning schedule.

In a normal situation, you may want to check it weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. But an aggravated condition can also demand a daily inspection.

Check out for any discrepancy and dirt accumulation ratio in order to fix the routine. You can meet the vet for a proper suggestion too. Now, what are the ear infection symptoms that should trigger your immediate action?

A noticeable pain when you approach his ears, any kind of discharge, swelling, unnecessary head tilting or shaking, ear scratching, smelly odor, inflamed ears and the dog circling around in a one sided direction without any motive is all the red lights you need.

You may want to know more about the ear infection symptoms and their remedies from the AKC.

How to clean dog ears?

Dog ears are made to clean themselves naturally. As a result, they are not so motivated to allow you anywhere near the ears. But you also need to make sure that he does not fall ill due to uncleanliness.

Several observations show that about 20% of pet dogs are likely to suffer from ear infections.

1.  Professional groomers:

You can do this either at home or at a professional groomer’s. Home is a preferred option regarding monetary and time issues.

2. Treats and praising:

You need a spirited dog to cooperate along the cleaning path. Plenty of treats and praising words may do the magic here. Handle him adorably to present the dog with a wonderful session.

3. Daily schedule: 

Once you start the session, do not just dilly dally around. Finish the job without a stretch and in order to do this, you should not forget any necessary tools. Keep all those instruments by your side before beginning. A small break will mandate another hot pursuit behind the pooch.

4 Plucking:

If the dog has hair inside the ear, start by plucking some of those to clear out the way. Dogs usually do not pay too much attention to this small pain.

5. Cotton balls or gauze:

Cotton balls or gauze are mandatory. Use some vet prescribed cleaner. Your nearby pet stores or online shops are the sourcing points for these products.

6. Soak the gauze:

Soak the gauze or the cotton ball with the cleaner and rub down the ear canal. It will moisten and break the inner hard debris down into pieces. Squeeze some of the cleaners into the passage for a better outcome.

7. Dry cotton ball:

Then, clean out the dirt using dry cotton balls. You have to continue until you see no filth at all. But do not push too hard as it will put the dog at an unease. Hard scrubbing may also cause some damage in that sensitive part. Do not go for the area your finger fails to normally reach or stop just before the dog protests against your action out of pain.

8. Clean outer side:

Ear cleaning is not only about the inner side. You have to pay attention to the flap, corners and outer edges as well. Gently cleanse those areas too. Inspect by looking at the outer side to put all the problems at bay.

9. Dry the ears:

Before ending the whole process, you should make sure that the ears are completely dry. Moistened ears are breeding grounds for severe ailments.

10. Shake dog head:

When you are finished with your job, inspire the dog to shake his head in order to dislodge the rest of the debris. It will further clean the ears.


Cover the floor as well as the dog body with a towel in order to remove all the dirt at a time. Otherwise, it will spread out in your place.

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