How Many Hours Do Dogs Sleep in a Day (Expert Opinion)

How many hours do dogs sleep

Normally, your dog is responsible for your early rising habit. But by the time you have attended your breakfast, he might fall asleep again.

So, when does this thing cross the threshold? Let’s check out about how many hours do dogs sleep.

How many hours does a dog sleep in a 24 hour period?

Dog Sleeping Percentage

Experts allow 50% of day time for sleep. Then they may take rest for 30% time. Their activities run for only 20% time of a day.

In addition, puppy growth requires more sleep than this usual limits. In fact, dogs prefer playing or attending to their owners more than sleeping. But we cannot be with them all day long. As a result, they pass their time sleeping in stead.

You need not worry over their sleeping routine unless it is too much than normal. The only way to get him out of dizziness is to accompany him in a playground or in a physical activity. If you are really tensed, take him to a veterinarian.

How Much Do Dogs Sleep: Puppies

Puppies sleep at least 14 to 18 hours a day. Seemingly, they are always on the bed because of essential physical formation going on underneath.

How Much Do Dogs Sleep: Adult Dogs

Adult dogs sleep about 12 to 14 hours each day unless you keep them busy with other tasks including walks, exercise, companionship and so on.

How Much Do Dogs Sleep: Senior Dogs

Old dogs may sleep for 14-20 hours everyday. The number of hours varies due to physical issues as well as experience. Large dogs hit senior age at 6 and smaller breeds at 7.

How To Improve Your Dog’s Sleep?

Get the puppy involved in physical exercise. It tremendously elevates healthy sleeping habits. Besides, you have to control its obesity as a fat animal is unlikely to wander around and get tired. The dog bed should be comfy inducing extraordinary sleep.

Then deal with the medical concerns so that the dog is not experiencing any difficulty in that respect. In addition, give her a fixed place and bed to lie down and encourage her to go there only during sleeping time. Also a timely sleeping schedule helps a lot.

Does a dog sleep continuously at night?

No, they do not sleep uninterruptedly at night. Generally, dogs sleep 7-9 hours at night. This is not necessarily an undivided rest period.

Most of the time, their eerily active smelling and listening senses disrupt their slumbers and they wake up occasionally to announce a stranger passer by or a bird or at simple home activity sounds.

But the vital thing is that they do not continue keeping awake for so long. If their active senses cannot have a follow up of physical activities, they are likely to lie down immediately. Given a quiet surroundings, your dog will demonstrate unscathed sleeping routine.

What is responsible for daytime sleep?

Human and dog sleeping patterns differ in both length and depth. Unlike humans, dogs, especially larger breeds such as the Giant Schnauzer and Saint Bernard, snooze a lot during daytime.

On the other hand, working dogs develop a dissimilar habit in this regard. They naturally look for uninterrupted activities and by the way do not sleep much. But you have to lend a helping hand here with plenty of job opportunities.

Moreover, our lifestyle exercises a greater impact on the dog too. We have moved a lot into the city as well as apartment life which leaves us with little room to spend quality outdoor pet time.

So, except for the daily routine activities the pets usually cannot have enough of their required physical actions. As a result, they sleep plenty in absence of available engaging opportunities.

In addition, dogs are psychologically more prone to spending time in their bed as their need for food is soundly met by their human owners. This huge shift in focus has left them jobless to a great extent. So, they prefer bedtime instead.

Why does my dog sleep all the time?

Now, we are going to discuss it in details. We have to consider several background scenarios determining the correct dog sleeping routine. Most importantly, the dog’s age, breed, medication, activities and illnesses are to be considered in this respect.

In fact, you should also take into account the amount of time you or your family members pass with the dog. The environment is another factor here. If the neighborhood is too noisy, the dog may experience a regular interval in his sleep. And as a consequence, he tends to elongate his time in bed.

Dog Sleep Factors

Kids often interfere in his routine. There may occur a change in usual timing for this too. Puppies as well as senior dogs tend to sleep more than their younger adult counterparts. Puppies may be compared to the babies. They act very busy while awake and suddenly falls asleep anywhere and everywhere.

Older dogs also do the same as the puppies do. But the difference is that they never forget to find the proper place before snoozing. Older and puppy dogs perform their daily activities during the short breaks which are immediately followed by another snoozing session.

Both these categories of dogs spend an astounding amount of time sleeping. Older dogs sleep even if you enter the room. Probably that happens due to their becoming deaf and less sensitive.

Why does my dog like to sleep with me?

You can count on several reasons behind this behavior.

  • At first, they do it because they like you a lot and want to maintain companionship even in the bed. Some of the dog breeds like the Golden Retriever, Bichon Frise and others have a bit too much social outlook. This gregarious character should be considered as a factor here.
  • These animals belong to a pack and its leader. So, the dog prefers to be around you.
  • Dogs are protective by nature. This sense is also responsible for sleeping with you as they want to protect you.
  •  Besides, loneliness sets them close to your vicinity.

Is sleeping with your dog a problem?

Well, not really if you take adequate precautions against their germs, dirt and ticks. Wash them properly and clean them with the vet prescribed medicine or shampoo.

Vaccination is also a vital issue so that you do not get easily attacked by dog contained germs. You can also consider setting another bed close to yours. It will keep you tension free to some extent regarding catching on a disease.

Dog sleeping on back:

In a word, dog sleeping on back points to an incredibly comfortable posture for him. His limbs as well as muscles experience genuine relaxation in this skyward-leg-style. This is also an indication of his safe and secure feelings.

In a subconscious way, he is demonstrating that he is not having any tension at all about the surroundings or he is not expecting any attack or mishap during the sleeping period.

Notably, wild dogs never take this sleeping position because of an instinctive feeling of danger. Curled up sleeping pattern helps them get on their feet immediately in case of an attack. Temperature control happens to be another aspect behind your dog sleeping on back. Their tummy contains less fur than their back and helps cool down easily.

Dog breeds that sleep a lot:

Then comes the breed issue. Larger breeds are likely to sleep a lot more than that of smaller ones. They are kind of sedated in nature. On the other hand, mixed breeds pass on average 14 hours of sleeping time.

Here, we must take into account the chance of active participation in something. If they attend a walk, a hunt or games, they feel exhausted.

  • Heavy physical exercise leads to more sleep.
  • Illness drives toward excessive sleep.

Narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea, REM behavior disorder and diabetes can cause unwanted snoozing. We have to consider sleep inducing medication too.


Rescue remedy or chewable relaxation supplement are often provided to sedate the dog. Those are often responsible for untimely sleeps. These are the common causes responsible for excessive dog sleeping.

An important difference is between sleepiness and dullness. If your dog behaves numbly even after a sound nap, take him to a vet. Because a timely good sleep must have some lively physical demonstration. ‘Why do dogs sleep so much’ should not snatch your peace if you notice some vibrant actions from the dog.

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