How much to feed a puppy

Feed a Puppy

Food is the most vital ingredient to keep your puppy healthy. However, dog food chart has dramatically widened over the past few decades.

Nowadays, if you are searching for a suitable puppy food in a shop, the wide ranging options will soon make your head spin. Moreover, feeding your dog requires some basic knowledge at the outset.

So, how much to feed a puppy or when to feed him, are the things you need to know.

Feed a Puppy

Body mass based puppy feeding chart:

Besides weight, several key factors play vital roles in determining the amount of daily food. Age and physical condition can be mentioned in this respect.

Puppy Feeding Chart

A young active dog asks for more food than that of its senior counterpart. Moreover, pregnant dogs need much more food which is not fully reflected in the list.

Naturally, a sick or unhealthy dog will be content with a portion of his daily requirements. You will eventually come to terms with this issue as you continue feeding the dog for a period of time.

However, those factors indicate special circumstances and call for vet advice. In general, this puppy feeding chart is going to suffice your thirst for knowledge.

What is the perfect puppy feeding schedule?

In absence of timely food, a dog under 3 months of age is likely to develop hypoglycemia. This is a low blood sugar related issue and fainting, lethargy are some common symptoms.

So, regular feeding is vital especially for young dogs.

3-4 weeks:

Puppies feed on their mother’s milk for about a month. You should not deviate from this natural trend. This is the best course to ensure long time good health of the dog. On top of that, it will strengthen his antibody and thus the puppy will fight off diseases.

In case, the mother is unable to accompany the puppy, you may need to find out puppy feeding bottles and milk replacers.

5-12 weeks:

Hello, your puppies are going through teething period at this time around and start to take other food ingredients apart from mama milk. The dog asks for 4 meals a day.

It will undergo the weaning process at 5-6 week mark and usually this scheme ends at 8 week. Dogs prefer having soft moistened food by now.

However, you can give unmoistened dry dog food to a large dog by 10 weeks.

3-6 months:

Well, your pup has successfully made it out of hypoglycemia zone and you may want to decrease his meals from 4 times to 3 times a day.

Usually, you can serve him in the morning, afternoon and evening at this period. Timely food and general care will be enough for him at this period.

6 months onward:

This is the beginning of dog adulthood as they acquire reproductive capacities by this time. You can place two meals in front of him and he does not mind in the rest of his life.

Reproductive organs often undergo spaying or neutering process which further lessens rich food requirements. You can gradually start switching the dog from puppy food to adult food after a few months as well.

Which food nutrients do puppies need?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) delivers a recipe of the components a puppy food should contain. This is vigorously followed by the reputable food companies all the way through.

Puppy Nutrient Amount

This list also provides guidelines on arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine and so on.

However, calcium and phosphorus ratio undergoes a change when it comes to a large dog breed puppy. They are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia diseases and such a carefully balanced ratio can lessen their vulnerability to a great extent by resolving their skeletal development issues.

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