8 Best Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Danes in 2020

Finding out the extra large dog beds for Great Danes poses extra challenges for their owner. This mammoth of a dog can be physically fragile at times. Moreover, large dogs tend to become tired quickly. So, they like to take rest for a big chunk of their time.

On top of that, a large dog bed takes several considerations before making the final choice. We have taken our time to elaborately discuss each aspect of an individual dog bed including its features, maintenance, warranty, customer satisfaction, manufacturing process and the manufacturers.

We have gone out of our way to suck out all valuable pieces of information to present before you. Here, we are going to divulge the issues and unleash the top large dog beds for you to select from. Hope you enjoy the reading.

A List 8 Exclusive Dog Beds for Great Dane:

1 Dogsculture Best:  Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

2 Best Memory Foam Dog Bed: PetFusion Large Bed

3 Best Therapeutic Pet Bed: FurHaven Therapeutic Pet Bed

4 Best Waterproof Dog Beds: The Dog’s Bed

5 Best Overall: BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

6 Best Large Orthopedic Bed: KOPEKS Bed

7 Best Snuggly Sleeper Bed: BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

8 Best Chew Proof Large Bed : Kuranda  Bed

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed:

Big Barker bed is designed by exclusive experts adorned with core knowledge on dog comfort issues. Of course, it seems a bit pricier than the other dog beds because of its insurmountable depth in quality. They have introduced all premium materials in this bed.

This company absolutely focuses on big dog requirements. This large dog pad will support the Great Dane like nothing else. They have brought forth a proprietary 3-stage blend of american made foam. It gives the dog a heavenly feeling covering all joint concerns

Their knowledgeable foam engineers have come up with a ‘’Can’t flatten, Won’t flatten’’ slogan. No substandard Chinese foam is used whatsoever. Solid American foam makes sure that the bed never flatten or pancakes due to the body weight of the puppy. The foam undergoes CertiPUR-US® certification to ensure top class product calibre in terms of content, emissions, performance and longevity.

You may need to know about CertiPUR-US®. It is a foam standard certification program operated by a non profit organization. So, you do not need to worry about lead, arsenic, chlorine, mercury and harmful ingredients like these. It comes with a sturdy microfiber fabric cover. Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester determines the fabric’s score at 100000.

Usually, household items only need a 15000 score to withstand daily wear and tear. You may be wondering about the Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester.

Actually, it calculates abrasion resistance of fabrics by rubbing it against a standard abradent. Interestingly, the zipper goes on three sides easing entry and exit of the bed stuffing.

In addition, their production takes place in Pennsylvania. All American products and all American hands define this top class dog bed.

Now, you must have already discovered the mystery behind the price range. These above mentioned facts make one think that the cost is actually not sky high but reasonable. You know that the large dogs are susceptible to a lot of joint issues including arthritis, hip dysplasia and so on.

Lend your hand big league towards preventing these concerns at the very outset by giving a young puppy this Big Barker bed.

It is specifically calibrated for the giant dog breeds putting them at ease during sleep and rest periods. You will be amazed knowing that they offer 1 year of trial period for this dog bed. This dog bed offers four different color options including burgundy, charcoal grey, chocolate and khaki.  If you have already decided to give it to someone as a gift, you are sure to win the heart of the recipient’s dog.


  • Incomparable component quality
  • Absolutely designed for big dogs only
  • Extreme joint and arthritic support
  • Amazing home decor
  • Fortified against digging and nesting


  • Replacement cover costs half the bed
  • A cover is waterproof not the bed

PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed:

PetFusion came into the pet product industry in 2010 with three key motivating factors on the forefront. Immaculate design and functionality, outstanding product quality and affordable price are those inspiring factors. Their exclusive pet dedication has led to this awe inspiring dog bed for Great Dane.

Pet parents never brush aside this bed because of its top tier quality as the review section on Amazon and individual dog owners point out.

It comes with a 4 inch memory foam base or a less popular term ‘viscoelastic foam’. This extra large dog bed indeed comes with a super dense foam which is highly resilient to shape changes. It curves along the body contour depending on the amount of pressure because of its elastic nature. The dog will enjoy a superior comfort, revamped health and energy.

Moreover, a lot of substances fail to pass through the foam. So, your Great Dane will have the time of his life lying on it. The bolsters on three ends provide one of a kind head and neck support. Water and tear resistant cover brings peace of mind.

Non-skid bottom means that the bed will not drift around the room. The bed has a removable cover giving you easy time in cleaning. If you are really up for making a good value of your money, it should be one of the top choices. The largest dogs are loving it for its essential credentials.

An immobile dog will get inspired to become physically active again. Aches and pains will be dramatically reduced due to its well researched design.

Your destructive dog will find it very difficult to tear. This is a water repellent item making mess handling all the way easier. You can detect hair, dirt and debris in a clear light thanks to its unique color. Comfortable assembly along with other premium features has skyrocketed its popularity among true pet lovers. They place three color options including chocolate brown, sandstone and slate grey.


  • 4 inch memory foam core
  • Water and tear repellent cover to some extent
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Trendy and functioning design
  • Easier dirt detection


  • Return policy is somewhat ambiguous
  • Removable cover is not rock solid waterproof

Furhaven Therapeutic Pet Bed:

Furhaven stormed the pet products industry in 2004 with an aim to provide ultimate pet comfort within affordable limits. They are fully keeping up with their promise. Washington based Furhaven has introduced a deluxe mattress dog bed for Great Danes. Of course. It comes with memory foam privilege and orthopedic egg crate support.

So, what is orthopedic egg crate foam? Well, its name comes from an essentially wavy appearance. It creates peaks and valleys on the surface level. This potholed surface guarantees softer touches than a solid foam.

Dogs with arthritic issues will enjoy its unique shock absorption capacity. Large and older dogs also love this feature. Egg crate foam is often placed at the top layer of human mattresses for softer and cooler sensation as it increases air circulation. The Great Dane also deserves its therapeutic resource.

Moreover, there is a layer of cooling gel foam containing gel beads. It will be activated as the dog sleeps on the bed surface. The gel memory foam will absorb heat and remove it from the sleeper.

Usually, it can bring down 1-2 degrees of temperature. In  addition, the bed’s high loft fiber filling is highly enticing for shaping and nestling. This characteristic gives the sleeper a fluffy feeling.

Again, their foam is also CertiPUR-US® certified. Outstanding pet health is a single goal of the manufacturer and they use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) foam. It is completely free from flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. So, the product is neither harmful for the environment nor the pet.

Washing of the bed has some specific instructions. You can machine wash the cover but not the foam core. Remove the filling before sending it to wash. You have to use cold water and no bleach. You can go for either line dry or tumble dry low.

However, using a mild soap suits the foam. They produce the foam locally in the USA. This bed is exclusively designed and assembled in the USA.

For your kind information, Furhaven is super active in a pursuit to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, the bed is highly compressed during shipment. But you do not need to worry about it as upon unravelling the package it will gain its former self within a certain period of time. This time fluctuates due to a variation in transit period.

Jumbo dogs will now love their crate time if you place it inside the cage. This big dog’s bed provides support to each inch of his body with one of a kind care and support system. Its memory foam core is a great relief for joints issues and as it introduces orthopedic aid along the way. Especially senior and physically incapable dogs will reap the best benefit of this one. They offer a whole lot of colors to choose from.


  • Orthopedic egg crate foam
  • Cuddler’s heaven
  • Optimum dog health
  • 90-day coverage for defects
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not skid proof
  • Decompression of the foam takes time

The Dog’s Bed:

The Dog’s Balls believes that the pet animals are the foundation of vibrant lives. This motto has propelled them to design an exclusive dog bed for a timeless experience. Companion pet wellness is always a priority for them.

The bed is adorned with five core parts including a dense orthopedic memory foam, bolster tops, a water repellent protective inner layer,  a solid base of high stability support foam and an Oxford fabric cover. Each of these components is designed thoughtfully as well as tested rigorously.

You already know about memory foam from the products mentioned above. So, I am not going to bore you with a regurgitation.

Let’s focus on the other aspects. The inner waterproof mattress protector is obviously meant for water prevention. So, dogs suffering from incontinence cannot spoil your day everyday. Both the outer Oxford fabric and the inner fabric are immaculately sketched with a view to repulse dust mites, mildews and molds.

Most interestingly, the combo of support foam and memory foam is appreciated by dogs suffering from torn cruciate ligaments, osteochondritis, patellar luxation, arthritis and hip dysplasia.

It will also effectively handle post surgery issues along with immobility during illness by taking care of pressure sores. Pressure sores take place due to staying in one position for too long and the usual outcome is damaged skin. Dog elbows are the most common sore points in this regard because of the proximity of bone and skin.

Undoubtedly, it is suitable for dogs across the age levels. Your giant puppy looks forward to taking a rest on top of this one. Treat your dog like a royal personality with the best orthopedic support out there. Its medical grade orthopedic aid is an outstanding boon for the overall health of your puppy.

Let the Great Danes have the best bolster dog bed for relaxation. This bed comes in four different colors including brown plush, brown with brown trim, grey plush and grey with black trim. There are 11 colors available for you to pick from.


  • Orthopedic medical support
  • Premium class lazing time
  • No pressure sore
  • Waterproof
  • Replacement covers available


  • Warranty is unspecified
  • Bolsters and mattresses are not sold separately

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed:

BarkBox entered the pet market in 2011 and interestingly, the motivation has initially sprang into life from Hugo, the Great Dane. This puppy belongs to Matt Meeker, one of three co-founders of BarkBox. Meeker was actually struggling to find suitable dog products from the pet supply chains.

So, a cool and unique product line defines BarkBox in order to make sure that the pet parents do not need to go out of their way to find one. You have reached very close to the perfect bed for your beloved Great Dane.

Of course, it comes with two layers of therapeutic gel memory foam. What else can we expect from a Great Dane lover company owner?

Superior therapeutic support aids the dog in conditions such as hip dysplasia, joint pain and arthritis. It exerts a comforting effect upon your big dog. This bed also relieves body pain just as The Dog’s bed does.

Besides, easy portability has sent its popularity through the roof. Waterproof lining covers your washing responsibility to a great extent.

However, we should note that this is occasionally not a solid water resistant bed. Moreover, washing is a breeze with the BarkBox dog bed because of a zippered cover.

Extra large dogs need this much extra comfort. BarkBox bed introduces the highest quality relaxation for your big furry baby. None of his potty incidents will ruin your day anymore as the bed prevents any spillover. Smooth airflow makes his sleeping time peaceful. Your puppy is going to know the true meaning of deluxe sleeping experience. There are a bunch of colors for you to pick from. 


  • Therapeutic gel memory foam
  • Smooth portability
  • Comforting effect
  • Easy peasy wash
  • Tremendously hides dog fur


  • Warranty is rather ambiguous
  • Spot cleaning is required for liquid penetration to the foam

KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed:

KOPEKS Pet Accessories is headquartered in Miramar, Florida. They are highly regarded for admirable pet supplies. Here goes another of their wonderful creations. This extra large dog bed for Great Dane scores some extra points with a 3 inch tall headrest apart from 7 inch thick memory foam base.

This is the dictionary definition of an orthopedic dog mattress. What is an orthopedic dog bed? Well, the medical study of orthopedics has led to these beds. These are carefully tailored mattresses for spinal and joint support.

Orthopedic beds are exclusively designed to combat bone related deformities and you know that large dogs are very often subject to joint and skeletal issues. KOPEKS bed could be a good solution with regards to those concerns. Especially, large dogs with arthritis and muscle problems can reap the best benefit of it.

Everyone is aware of elegant suede looks. The cover is made of plush suede. Now, let’s check out what sued refers to? It comes from the underside segments of the skin as the underside skin is softer and better pliable than that of the outer layer.

Jackets, shoes, purses, furniture, etc have a history of using this fuzzy leather. Suede gives a truly gorgeous look of the bed and thus it becomes a valuable interior piece.

Until now, you have only heard about waterproof beds. This is high time you saw one. KOPEKS bed promises a waterproof liner so that no accident can ruin your day. The liner hides below the suede cover and protects the foam. The mattress contains a rubber grip fabric and this fabric gives the bed an anti-skid bottom which is great for a rowdy dog. It will not slide around in the home. 


  • Orthopedic dog bed
  • Genuinely waterproof
  • Exquisite suede cover
  • 7 inch solid memory foam base
  • Machine washable cover


  • The bed might have a faint smell
  • The waterproof liner makes a bit of sound

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed:

As BarksBar has put it, ‘’pets have always been our first priority’’. BarksBar would love to take care of your Great Dane. Their primary motivation, contentment and work spirit originates from a thorough pet companionship. They always prefer the safest, most comfortable and highest quality products for your extra large dog.

Each BarksBar product is immaculately thought through and designed with the best quality practices in mind to ace big dog issues. However, they set out with an aim to offer an incomparable price too. And of course this graceful dog bed is a peak example of optimum price.

In fact, dog happiness is straightforwardly correlated to a good night’s sleep. A fine bed is the right kind of progress in the right direction. BarksBar has settled for a premium grade dog bed with orthopedic care.

You already know that an orthopedic dog bed combats the issues related to bad back and joints. It offers targeted and custom fit support in this regard. A large dog can always use an orthopedic mattress as it can deliver him from skeletal pains to a great extent.

Everyday use of it will revamp your big fur baby to a new life. Durable service life, endless physical support and progressive joint relief for the dog sets this dog bed apart from the pack. 3.5 inches of solid orthopedic foam core guarantees deep cushioning that leads to smooth pressure release of the joints.

Moreover, it pledges of cotton padded walls that bends along the head and neck angles right away to provide a superior feeling of restfulness. This unique combination of physical backup sets the path to improved mobility and health. The polyester cover lays out a quilted design. It is removable and machine washable for easier maintenance. You can put the cover on a gentle or delicate cycle and air dry.

However, the foam should be spot cleaned. Soak the spots with soap water and then press out the water. Do not wring the foam during spot cleaning as it might cause permanent damage. Wet foam becomes very heavy and is subject to tearing.

Besides, spotting and removing fur has been made super easy. The bed contains a non-skid rubber bottom so that it remains locked at a specific place. Sliding to and fro on even hardwood or tile floors is completely out of question. Super easy assembly has put this dog bed on a path to outstanding popularity.


  • Orthopedic memory foam support
  • Affordable price
  • Easy cleaning
  • Bolster comfort
  • Ultimate interior look


  • Digging leads to dismantling of the bed
  • Warranty is unspecified

Kuranda Chew Proof Aluminum Dog Bed

Kuranda has been conducting business in America since 1987. They are headquartered in Maryland. It was originally an Australian company that was later purchased by Michael Harding in 1987. You understand the immense necessity of a chew resistant dog bed when you are going to deal with a powerful giant like the Great Dane. Well, here goes your best shot in this regard.

You may already have started wondering about its huge weight. Do not have an ounce of worry as the frame comes from aircraft grade aluminum and the bed is super lightweight. Despite being a featherweight, it can carry up to 250 pounds of body weight.

Until now, you have read about flat dog beds. This one gives your dog an elevated posture. However, you should not be tense about slipping off the bed surface due to its raised structure. The top cover is made of Heavy Duty 40oz solid vinyl. The fabric ensures a solid traction. The dog can comfortably jump on and off the bed without fearing any accidents.

We should light up some more about the fabric as it promises the most abrasion resistance among all vinyl tarps. Usually, manufacturers across the industries use it for strength as well as durability. Waterproof, UV resistance and mildew resistance are some extra features that come along.

This is a true dog bed for lasting indoor and outdoor use. Kuranda offers a flat one year warranty on it. On the flip side, you have to assemble the bed as the shipment reaches home. But cleaning is genuinely a breeze for you. Just hose off the top with water. Moreover, the bed provides orthopedic support. In short, this is an all in one dog bed. It has five colors and six sizes for your puppy.


  • Chew proof dog bed
  • 1 year warranty
  • Suits both indoor and outdoor use
  • It contains a heavy duty fabric
  • Ultra easy cleaning


  • The top occasionally fails under constant aggression
  • Needs assmbling

Frequently Asked Question:

Which bed size does suit a Great Dane?

Usually, the biggest beds are for the Great Danes. These beds come in XXL size. The bed measurement however varies to some extent depending on brand. This dog stands at 28-32 inches in height.

Take the precise measurements of your puppy by sizing up from the nose tip to the end of the tail. Then add at least about a foot or 12 inches for wiggling space. Now, you can buy a bed that addresses the length and width concerns.

What is memory foam?

NASA came up with the idea of memory foam in the 1960’s. It was designed for the astronauts. Memory foam is made of polyurethane along with a number of chemicals. Thus it makes sure of tremendous viscosity as well as density turning it into something extremely comfortable, soft and energy absorbent. Based on foam grade, comfort levels could vary in a significant way.

What are the benefits of memory foam?

It significantly improves sleep experience by relieving stressful pressure points. Senior, arthritic, large dogs in general and dogs with medical conditions will benefit from its thick supportive structure. It ensures that the puppy does not sink down to the floor surface.

Rather, the memory foam will push back against pressure whenever the dog lies upon it. This simple mechanism provides plenty of physical relief especially to the giant dogs.

What are the features of extra large dog beds for Great Danes?

You have to look for a few factors while you are purchasing the bed. Let’s check those out.


Large dogs are frequently subject to arthritis, hip dysplasia and other bone related diseases. An orthopedic dog bed is your best bet against these physical conditions. Both young and old dogs can benefit from this property.

Memory foam:

Memory foam provides extra care and support to his joints. It can deal with physical pains and strains as well. This large dog needs it all the way more.


The bed should be fat in size so that the Great Dane does not sink down to the floor surface.


The bed might require a good wash each week. A machine washable bed and a disengageable cover can bring a lot of peace for you.


This big dog can play rough and his bed should be capable of accommodating this behavior. Otherwise, soon you will discover that you have to change it again. An indestructible bed is the way to go in this respect.


Large dog means large potty incidents. So, the bed has to be water repellent. It will save a lot of your unnecessary effort.

Wiggle space:

You know the gigantic physique of the Great Dane asks for the king size bed in the market. He must have plenty of room for snuggling and wiggling.

Why separate big dog beds for Great Danes?

There are several reasons for you to buy a separate bed for your canine companion.


Every dog has a subconscious leader in itself. If you allow him to sleep with you, he will count himself as equal to yourself. This is bad for pet management.

Individual dominion:

The dog should have a separate place so that your other furniture does not turn into battle grounds every now and then. You know the cons of fighting against such a giant for a little room on the sofa. Moreover, he can take a sleeping position on whims without caring much about you.

Dirt management:

The Great Dane will play outside and come to the bed. It will invite a lot of dirt and germ along the way. His fur and potty accidents are often troublesome experiences for you. So, his unique abode helps you deal with this issue more effectively.


The puppy becomes happy with a perfect bed that supports each of his limbs and brings utmost comfort.

Which toys do Great Danes like?

Puppy lovers never forget to make the bed time more fun with a bunch of suitable toys. It keeps the dog busy so that he does not become bored during rest. We have listed the 5 best dog toys the Great Dane likes in general. Both his jaw and mind should remain in action.

Are the “pillow tops” machine washable?

The ‘The Dog’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed’ mentioned in this list can be machine washed at a delicate cycle. A number of the best dog beds come with bolsters. These are sometimes machine washable and sometimes not. You may ask the seller regarding the washability of a specific bed.

What is an odor resistant dog bed?

Dogs are normally responsible for reprehensible body odor. They have little hygienic sense and they do not mind dirt or germ. So, their bed can be hell of a source of stinky smell. Luckily, there are a few odor resistant dog beds for you.

They use various techniques to remove the doggie smell including pro-charcoal base to suck out odor. It refreshes the bed for week long use and helps your nose deal with the pup.

Will these beds resist against chewing?

Most dog beds are not supposed to guard against constant chewing. So, there is little wonder if you find no bed is 100 percent chew proof. However, conscious pet parents prefer a chew proof dog bed cover in this regard. It costs a few bucks and saves the precious bed stuffing from the puppy’s vicious teeth.

Top brand names of large Great Dane beds covered in the list:

1. Big Barker

2. PetFusion

3. Furhaven

4. The Dog’s Bed

5. BarkBox


Are these beds large enough for a Great Dane weighing above 150 lbs?

All these beds will adequately accommodate your Great Dane. His limbs will never stretch outside due to ample space.

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