10 Best Dog Breeds for Hiking and Running

Best dogs for hiking

Hiking is a preference for many dog owners. And it should be as this recreational activity can address both human and canine physical and mental requirements.

If you have a high energy driven dog, you know the importance of letting it go off the chart once in a while. What could be a better option than a wide open area for this purpose?

Moreover, you want a tireless companion that rarely bothers you with petty issues. In this respect, a healthy working breed dog serves the best. The best dogs for hiking very often belong to this category.

Features of the best hiking dogs:

We have to keep several issues in mind before choosing a hiking dog. Let’s take a detailed look.

Well trained:

Hiking poses a number of challenges along the way. These tracks are mainly unknown or little known. There may be dangers lurking at every corner including beasts, poisonous herbs, cliffs and so on. Your dog must be at your beck and call. So, you can handle a looming crisis more efficiently.


The dog must be capable of tackling daylong endeavors. Physical strength of the puppy matters the most as you do not expect to carry a dog all by yourself. The dog should accompany you, warn you of emergencies and be on its toes to accomplish your orders.

Fur length:

It has a great bearing on the probability of the dog’s getting away with the climate. Shorter fur length suits hot and humid areas whereas thick and long coat is convenient for colder zones.

German Shorthaired Pointer:

German Shorthaired Pointer

The GSPs are reputed for a fondness for exercise together with an acute hunting instinct. For an outdoor enterprise, they are in fact the top choice for a hiker. They can sweep the area off dangers and ensure a tremendous security perimeter around you.

The GSP can stand by your side for each and every day. Besides, they are fit for accomplishing a lot of tasks too as they are enthusiastic gundog of all trades.

Border Collie:

Border Collie

The Border Collies tirelessly toe the line of action. Daylong working capacity defines this dog breed. On a hiking trail, they will never disappoint you with idleness. Workaholic is a fitting word for them.

In addition, their strong smarts are extra fuel for you on the road. The Border Collie is a premium companion for an intensely active hiker.

Siberian Husky:

Siberian Husky

Athletic build of the Siberian Husky is a great boon for hiking. They are suitable for colder climates and almost all kinds of canine tasks. This dog can pull light loads on sleds as well.

Relentless running capacity gives them an edge over many of their counterparts. Outstandingly intelligent and exceedingly friendly  dog is a joy to be with on a long hiking trail.

Rhodesian Ridgeback:

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback has earned its due popularity from a lion hunting past in the vast African terrains. Indeed, they are highly courageous and remarkably tenacious.

Getting these dogs alongside you is of course a sign of good luck. They can also guard your tent at night. You may rely on their superior physical build up especially if it is difficult territory to pass through.

Bernese Mountain Dog:

Bernese Mountain Dog

These guys were raised in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. If you are ready to explore a highland, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are the best buddies to gather up. Berners are energy houses and they are ready for any high strength jobs out there.

Strikingly, their large physique does not prevent them from romping as well as intense activities. They can pull carts and sleds. Tracking, guarding and herding are some other areas of expertise. However, their thick coat is inconvenient for hot climates. 

Alaskan Malamute:

Alaskan Malamute


This spitz type dog is also fitting for chilly areas. The Alaskan Malamute brings in heavy duty working potential. They are basically sturdy dogs with a lot of stamina for an action packed day.

They especially look for open space for physical as well as mental stimulation. Consequently, it makes the Alaskan Malamute an ideal dog for hiking purposes. 

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retrievers are friendly and outgoing dogs and they should belong to the list of best dogs for hiking. Immense strength and a knack for all types of work has brought them an exclusive popularity across America.

This is a high spirited dog ready to accompany you with amazing life and zeal. They are awesome swimmers too. So, a marshy area is not a problem for them. The Lab is also good at guiding and rescue jobs. Give him a shot and you will remember it for the rest of your life.

Australian Shepherd:

Australian Shepherd

For a medium sized dog, the Australian Shepherd introduces notable strength and capability. This is one of the toughest ranch dogs impressing many admirers across the globe.

This keen cowboy partner can incredibly tackle rough jobs. They burst with joy as you dispense a job for them. Get them into your fold for a superb hiking experience.  



Extreme endurance differentiates the Vizsla from other dog breeds. They were bred to point and retrieve. They sought after brutal exercise schedules.

It turns them into ideal candidates for a hiking partner. These rugged athletes accompanied Hungarian sportsmen for centuries. They are fond of large open areas to sprint off endlessly.



The Weimaraner is also known as the silver ghost. Elegant appearance and big game such as deer and bear handling capacity has earned them a sound standing among big dogs. They are both friendly and fearless on the trailing tracks.

Love for extra bits of exercise gets them ahead in the competition. You will find an impressive companion in them on the hiking route.

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