This Is Why Dog Intelligence Ranking Matters

We can safely assume that a dog intelligence ranking is not enough. Most of us need some related answers to satisfy our inner quest for knowledge on dogs.

So, we have listed the most common questions a dog owner might ask on this issue. Here goes the questions and answers to most basic dog intelligence issues.

Which factors do determine dog intelligence ranking?

There are several major traits vividly telling us about dog intelligence. Here goes the main ideas for you.

  1. Sharp memory is the first indicator. Intelligent dogs remember your directions and commands for a very long time.
  2. He is a solution junkie to almost any problem. Puzzles, traps, tests or boring environments he seems to overcome all these with relative ease.
  3. If the breed focus is independence such as a terrier, then the dog will pay little attention to your commands. In this case, the dog may seem foolish. But actually, he is not.
  4. He is a tremendous magician while seeking your concentration. He seems to be aware of the timing and process of attracting your attention
  5. He not only learns tricks from you with ease but also invents a few of his own. In a word, living with him is often a challenge as you have to constantly feed his learning needs. He can follow on your footsteps and do some real job too.
  6. He is an exploiter-in-chief. He finally receives whatever he wants whether it is a treat or an outing.

These dogs are supplementary to the most intelligent dogs. We are going to have some insight into these breeds regarding their intelligence capacity. These favorite dogs do not necessarily mean higher intelligence.

On the other contrary, they perform really poorly in some cases. But as they have obtained a substantial fandom, we shall take a look. Let us get into their inner characteristics

What is the smartest dog breed?

The Border Collies are considered to be the smartest dogs in the world. It is because of their easy trainability and excellent working intelligence. He has captured the top spot from an observation that included 200 breeds.

Not to forget, companion dogs try to please their masters too. Why is one of them not in this position?

Well, the answer lies in cognitive smartness. One thing is to follow your owner and another is to follow as well as devise some new methods. Border Collies are good in both fields.

Some dogs are dumb in the head but they have splendid senses that help them outshine the other breeds. Here, we may name hounds as an example of this category. Their sighting and smelling capacity compensate for their lack of receptive skills.

Professor Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia puts the Border Collie in the top spot. The AKC puts the words ‘remarkably bright’ for this breed.

You will have athleticism, energy and work drive in this dog. He is a busy dog and likes to keep it that way. So, you will be in a tremendous challenge to satisfy his work drive.

Belgian Malinois intelligence ranking (22 Among 137):

This is a fantastic guard dog who is naturally wary of strangers. They are day long workers. An active family will enjoy his utmost company. Their authoritative attitude and strong prey drive scores negatively in the presence of children.

You have to supervise a child at this time. A cyclist or a jogger is the best fit for his companionship.

Pomeranian smart ranking (23 Among 137):

Smart socialization lies at the core of this dog. It is the ultimate ground to prove his intelligence. He is alert and sensitive to his surroundings.

Akita intelligence ranking (54 Among 137):

Power assimilates with boldness in an Akita. This Japanese dog is another super guard dog. He does not conduct any business with a stranger. He is extremely loyal to his owner and gets along well with his family.

Yorkshire Terrier intelligence ranking (27 Among 137):

Smartness and independence are two inseparable qualities of a Yorkshire terrier. He is a package vivacious dog who is always ready for outings and activities. He is not content in an insipid life.

Siberian Husky intelligence ranking (45 Among 137):

Fierce Husky look does not make him a guard dog. Rather, he is a tireless worker. This is a tremendous digger and will most likely ruin your beautifully furnished place. It happens when he is bored. These bad qualities are compensated with eagerness and humor.

Rhodesian Ridgeback intelligence ranking (52 Among 137):

Rhodesian Ridgeback will scarcely bark. But he is the dog who used to fight with the lions in Africa. So, this is a protection dog for a family. These are good hearted big dogs.

Standard Schnauzer intelligence ranking (18 Among 137):

High intelligence as well as spirit is a Schnauzer trademark. Standard Schnauzers need a good amount of exercise for maintenance. They can fit in your personal guard capacity. Training them is quite easy because of their swift learning ability.

Australian Shepherd intelligence rank (42 Among 137):

This is a herding dog and like all the other herders he is a bit smarter. He is an authoritative dog and will unseat you from leadership at the opportune moment. However, their loyalty to the family is unquestionable. Despite the name, he is born and bred in America. He is like no-job-no-happiness dog.

American Pit Bull Terrier intelligence ranking (Not listed):

American Pit Bull Terrier does not have any intelligence ranking position. But we shall dig into their nature as well. Playful nature and tremendous activity are their basic traits. You will find ample tenacity and courage in them.

Boston Terrier intelligence (54 Among 137):

Intelligence ranking tells little about Boston popularity. He is full of enthusiasm and gives you a touch of gentle affection. Boston Terrier has a secret sense of humor that blossoms at your presence. He is fond of your attention and to that aim, he will often clown around.

Jack Russell Terrier intelligence (46 Among 137):

Managing his swelling energy is a gigantic task for an owner. He is a hunter and loves this job. His games span from rats to foxes. You always have to find a suitable job for him.

You have to choose between either single mindedness or stubbornness as a suitable depiction of this dog. In the end, both words actually mean the same he is going to pursue his ways.

Shih Tzu intelligence ranking (70 Among 137):

This dog will not give you a hard time. He is simple minded and focused. He pinpoints his energy towards pleasing you. Apart from giving you companionship, he will do little. But his fans do not want anything more.

He will mostly follow the path that you do. Nevertheless, that is what makes him a great companion.


These are the popular dogs and they have been placed on a serial based on several dog tests. Their performance evaluations are reflected in the serial number. However, this intelligence ranking has very little to do with its popularity.

They have captured millions of hearts around the world with several other doggy traits such as herding, guarding or working capability. Dog popularity also depends upon owner choice and it is a variable that will never rely on a single factor such as intelligence.

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