14 Tips to Stop a Dog from Digging

Many dog owners face a real problem regarding dog digging.

Many dog owners face a real problem regarding dog digging. But in fact, it is a common dog behavior issue. They dig your lawn or garden in a similar manner regardless of its value to you.

You will have a perfect list of effective solutions to this behavior. Now, we shall jump straight into the question how to stop a dog from digging.

How to stop a dog from digging?

Some of these simple measures will put an end to your dog digging holes all over the place.

1. Plenty of physical exercises,

2. Participation in enjoyable sports, Keeping him busy in any kind of useful job that suits his taste,

03. Fitting toys such as tennis balls,

04. rope toys or treat filled kong do well,

05. Providing a cool place in  hot weather,

06. Using digging repulsive elements such as vinegar or citrus peels,

07. Dogs bury their precious possessions under a hole. So, stopping him from taking any food item or toy outside,

08. Handling anxiety or stress,

09. Interaction with the other dogs in a park or somewhere else,

10. Arranging amusing training sessions,

11. Eliminating rodents and pests from home and the backyard,

12. Partially inserting some rocks into the holes,

13. In an extreme case, introducing a certain location for digging.

14. In case you need to use pest control, do not do it yourself unless you have experience. Ignorant use of pesticides might inflict an injury upon your dog too. In practice, it is better to take assistance from a professional exterminator.

What triggers the digging behavior?

A dog develops digging behavior for various reasons. Here, we are going to elaborate on a few responsible factors.

A) Breed is very often a serious issue. You might need more time to mend it. A terrier is often a great digger. In such a case, you better prepare a box filled with soil/sand or an encircled area that allows ample digging practice.

B) If they are looking for a cold or comfortable place, they are likely to dig beside a tree or a building. In short, their living place needs some renovation.

C) Dogs are natural predators and rodent is always suitable prey. They may go after rats, squirrels and so many small games. They also go after underground elements and those sounds are completely inaudible to us. Random holes are often a sign of this thing.

D) Dogs are master attention seekers. If they notice that you are paying more attention to them while they are doing it, they are going to continue. It usually happens when you allow them little quality time.

E) However, a rather disappointing factor is that your dog may seek an escape route. They might want to hide from something or go after something on the outside.

F) Stored energy needs its natural outlet and for a dog, digging is sometimes the best plan to spend it. Idle dogs are subject to it if chances appear.

G) Stress builds up in absence of enough social and physical activities. It can lead a dog to dig behavior.

H) A special reason is a separation from you. If you are too busy to give him quality time, the dog may go nuts.


This discussion makes clear that digging is neither a birth defect nor an incorrigible behavior. We have to identify the trigger points of the dog. Ample exercise and socialization will thumb down it dramatically. With the help of these highly effective steps, we strongly believe that you will be able to find out the underlying facts and remove it with a fitting response. Now, you can get into action with full confidence.

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