Vizsla Dog Breed

This is a Hungarian dog breed reputed for enduring strength and dedication for hard labor. He has been the pride of Hungary for centuries. The Vizslas are capable of showing too many feats as they are also renowned for their wonderful pointing and hunting skills.

However, outdoor activities do not make him a feeble indoor partner in any estimation. He is an excellent companion and gentle co-worker. If you like to love and be loved, the Vizsla should be the top choice.

Vizsla personality:

Vizsla personality

The Vizslas are primarily built for ultimate athletic achievements as they are in born hunting dogs. He does not mind a physical test with ample challenges.

This is a tireless worker and the happiest with a job at hand. An active family can make the best out of this dog. The Vizsla asks for plenty of exercise.

He is a versatile dog gifted with almost all doggy trades. He can help you in a search and rescue job. This one is also good at show jobs including agility and field work. However, your puppy needs attention as well as closeness for mental freshness.

He is going to follow you from a close range all day long. If you are unwilling to tolerate it, then think twice before buying a Vizsla puppy. Barking, whining and moaning is an inseparable part of this dog if not controlled with due training.

But this is actually a devoted and loving puppy who brings in a good heart to the family.

Measure Vizsla smartness:

The Vizsla is a highly smart dog as has been reported in the dog intelligence ranking prepared by Professor Stanley Coren. This dog captures the 25th spot on the list. His multi-talented functions are evidence to an immense level of wit. This dog promises more protection than that of the other Sporting breeds.

He is fit for a watchdog job and very often a guard dog as well. The Vizsla does not miss a thing that goes on around him. Legendary hunting skills should be mentioned in this respect in order to illustrate his wit.

You can train him easily and get him ready to become a champion as he is truly a swift learner. But he scores poorly in the face of harsh treatments.

What & how to feed:

Vizsla diet chart

Highly active Vizsla should have 3-4.5 cups of daily food. You can supply it in two meals respectively in the morning and in the evening.

But food provision is not a static issue and there will always be a difference in amount from dog to dog. It depends on age, sex, activities, health and so many other factors. You can determine the amount of food the dog requires as you continue your life with him.

The Vizsla does not care about his food being homemade or commercial products as long as they fulfill his energy necessities. However, you can feed him medium sized dog foods. You must not free feed the dog. It makes some bad habits and will soon lead your dog to obesity.

A 55 pound and active Vizsla demands 1409 calorie per day as has been pointed out by the National Research Council of the National Academies. Protein and fat ingredients should be the base of Vizsla food.

At least, 18-20 percent of proteins in each meal will provide him with ample energy. Beef, chicken, fish,eggs, dairy items and lamb are excellent sources of proteins. Barley, cereals, vegetables and oats will give him some plant proteins.

On the other hand, flaxseed oil. Safflower oil, olive oil and fish oil are going to supply the dog with necessary fat. Fat repels an injury by protecting the internal organs by creating a protective layer. Bone and joint strength also derives from it.

Tapioca, sweet potatoes, brown rice, fruits, beetroot, pumpkin and vegetables serve him with carbohydrates and fibers. Carbohydrate provides long term strength.

A commercial item should be free of preservatives, dyes and flavors for the betterment of his health. The Vizsla is either a medium or a large sized dog and you can feed him either medium sized or large sized dog foods. Clean water is a vital requirement for the dog.

Extravagant use of treats is responsible for overweight. You have to be careful in this regard.

Escape a few health issues:

The Vizslas are a healthy dog breed and are not notorious for too many disease afflictions. But you always have a window to exercise some precautions before buying a puppy.

A number of health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) will lift the dog out of a list of major physical conditions.

However, your dog may not suffer from any of these listed diseases in his lifetime. But a clear concept on some of these diseases can save both of you from a lot of troubles.

Various forms of lymphoma cancer can alter his course of life. The list includes attack on intestinal tracts, spleen, liver and skin. This is a malign cancer but treatable. Symptoms only appear at an advanced stage which is really worrisome.

Usually, it starts in the lymph nodes. Swollen abdomen, jaw and limbs are red flags. Lethargy is also a common outward sign. Based on the stage of the attack, it might require surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Progressive retinal atrophy is an eye disorder that involves a gradual diminishing of the rod cells. Night blindness is the primary outcome which eventually leads to full loss of vision.

However, you can detect the condition before it reaches an ultimate situation. This is an inherited disease. Treatment can lengthen the period to his complete blindness but a cure is not available to this day.

Epileptic seizures are not uncommon to this dog breed. Sudden collapse,
stiff body, violent throbbing are some of its symptoms. If you notice any of these signs, take him to a vet.

At such a moment, do not try to touch the dog as he is likely to get snappy. The other common issues include entropion, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and von Willebrand’s disease.

Insightful care program:

A rubber curry brush or a firm bristle brush can adequately take care of his short sleek coat. His coat sheds a little but it increases in the seasons. A weekly brush can fend off his dead hair. Bathing is not necessary unless you spot dirt. Normally, a bath in every three month period is going to keep him clean.

He is an active dog and his nails require extra care. If it grows too long, the dog may get hurt. Closely inspect inside of his ears for cleaning and occasionally put some ear cleaning solutions for the sake of its good state. Brush his teeth 2-3 times every week.

Immensely active Vizslas need a fenced yard more than anything. It will give him some space for free running. The dog will be benefited from a yearly veterinarian visit. Vaccinate him properly for safety’s sake.

Proper exercise method:

At least, forty minutes to an hour of exercise will fulfill his requirement. He is of a muscular physique and possesses a great hunting sense. This is a recipe for optimum level of workouts. You can use him for walking, running, swimming and any other forms of activities.

He can play a game of fetch, retrieve an item for you, track a prey using his immense scenting capability. You can employ any or all of these devices. But keep him on a leash as you do not want him to take flight behind an interesting animal or object.

While going out, take some water with you to cool him down. Do not let him exercise in a hot and humid condition. Heat stroke is one outcome of extreme temperature. This saying is equally applicable to before or after meal exercise. This practice leads to bloat, a violently fatal stomach disorder.

Vizsla training cues:

Such a robust dog needs early socialization. Let him meet a lot of humans and pet dogs so that he can develop a round personality. He is super witty and can easily grasp your training techniques.

Moreover, he likes to please you. So, you will have him trained quite comfortably. Hunting is already in his blood and you can just whet it a bit to have a tremendous field sport companion. Crate training is vital to impart the lessons of house training.

It also helps him better handle separation anxiety. But an adult dog should not be confined more than 2-4 hours at best. Effective bark control methods are also important for his social skills. Field trials, tracking, scent work, agility, rally and hunting tests will bring out the best sides of a Vizsla.

Note that a dull training session will rarely make him enthusiastic. So, keep it fun with toys and treats.

Vizsla origin:

The Vizsla comes from Hungary and history suggests that they have been around since at least the 8th century. They have accompanied the Hungarian warriors for ages and the nobles took care to polish their skills in hunting and pointing.

They have even served in the First as well as the Second World War in the capacity of messengers. This dog is credited with the development of the Weimaraner and German Shorthaired Pointer.

American soil opened to them in the 1950s and since then they have been experiencing an ever increasing popularity. The AKC listed this dog as a distinct breed in 1960. The Vizsla has since then withdrawn its hunter tag and has replaced it with versatility.

Nowadays, this dog is ranked on the 31st in the AKC breed polarity list.

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