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The Golden Retriever has captured one of the topmost popular position in the US canine market for a very long period of time.

Why not? These dogs are so good at so many jobs that we cannot but get awestruck. Coming from Scotland, these gun dogs have won many hearts with their sporting capabilities. They are true family dogs making your day a bit brighter.

The Golden Retriever is exceedingly beautiful, tenacious laborer, readily amicable and obedient student. Does your golden retriever need a cool name?

Golden Retriever Personality:

Golden Retriever personality

The Golden Retriever is a famous family dog. They were basically raised to accompany people of all walks of life regardless of age, sex and requirements. They possess an outstandingly amicable personality.

These dogs can be trained to handle any situation because of their calm nature. The Golden can get along well with their owner as well as newly introduced persons.

You can trust on the instincts of a finely trained Golden Retriever. They wholeheartedly try to satisfy you which lends the cornerstone for a lifetime relationship. Good looking Goldens rapidly capture your mind.

They are very outgoing in nature as they take a lot of interest into the people around them. You can enjoy a matured Golden Retriever personality when he reaches 3 years of his age. This dog bears a playful soul and almost never goes for a vengeful attack.

Children usually enjoy the most at the vicinity of a Golden as they both are lively and demonstrative.

Measure Golden Retriever Smartness:

The Golden Retriever is certainly one of the top smart dogs you can put your hands on. This dog captures the 4th position in the dog intelligence list prepared by Professor Stanley Coren.

They are easily trained for unlimited number of tasks. These dogs score high in obedience tests. They are good at sports. They are especially capable of accompanying a human being whether a matured person or a child.

He is fit for both field work or guiding a physically challenged person. As a hunting partner, he is a top performer. He can be trained for hunting and retrieving the prey. The Golden Retriever can trail you on land as well as water. They are amazing natural swimmers.

But these dogs are lousy security managers as they like to be intimate with an unfamiliar person rather than demonstrating any sign of aggression. This friendly attitude elevates his status as a social dog though.

Undivided attention on the job at hand is a common characteristic found in this dog. He will continue until the very last minute. He will accept the assigned task to heart. So, he is almost always a brilliant finisher.

He is patient and calm in a family environment. They are highly regarded for their guiding, searching and rescuing capacities.  You put a well trained Retriever into a competition and he will most probably come out as the champion.

His medium size does not necessarily reflect the enduring strength that he possesses. He is a late-to-mature breed and often carries puppyish attitude well into adulthood.

What & How to Feed:

Golden Retriever diet chart

The Golden Retriever is a highly active dog. Their level of daily workouts and age determine the amount of their food necessity. In general, vets prescribe 2-3 cups of daily intake equally distributed into two meals.

Supposedly, two small meals instead of a large meal helps prevent bloat, a fatal health concern for the Golden Retriever.

Protein and meat items are two inseparable ingredients of Golden nutrition. Chicken, fish and soy are very rich nutrient sources for dogs. You can give him some dry kibble which will greatly assist clean up his teeth tartar. Association of American Food Control Officials label ‘complete and balanced’ commercial dog foods.

You may want to go for commercial items in case you do not have time or experience for homemade food. Avoid preservative, sugar and artificial flavors while choosing his food. Your dog welcomes white or brown rice grains.

Raw eggs, chocolate and bones are not very good for him. Here goes a list of unhealthy food items for a Golden.

If your diet accurately matches his requirements, you will notice improved health and a certain zeal for action. Do not free feed him. It will raise bad practices.

Whether meal or treat, use it at the scheduled time. Your dog will evaluate his food and you will not have to waste. Keep an eye on his weight as he is likely to gain fat if he gets access to more food than his requirements.

Escape a Few Health Issues:

The Golden Retriever is an alive and kicking dog breed. These dogs are full of beans. They may fall in bad shape due to some breed related diseases.

But some orthopedic, ocular and other tests will prove invaluable to beat down a few disastrous health issues. Hip and elbow dyspepsia, juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, certain heart conditions, seizures, mast cell tumors, osteosarcoma, bloat and several allergic reactions could immensely damage his health.

Your dog is susceptible to many hazardous diseases that can almost instantly kill a dog. But luckily most of these rogue ailments get caught in the early screening. You need to check out the puppy before you bring him home and regularly pay visit to the vet.

Health clearances will surely soothe your mind and keep the problems at bay. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) provides health clearance of this sort. If you are going for this particular dog, you better be well prepared with some basic knowledge on these diseases.

Hip and elbow dysplasia leave misfit bone joints. Juvenile cataracts may cause blocked vision with limited sight at any age. Heart problems may rapidly lead him to fainting or even to death obstructing blood flow to and from heart. Malfunctioning brain might have the outer symptom of a seizure.

Just like the other big dogs your Golden Retriever is prone to malevolent cancer attacks. Be especially careful about bloat. It occurs due to voluptuous eating followed by exercise. Your dog will have difficulty in breathing and may become unconscious in such a case. Take the dog to a vet as early as possible.

Insightful Care Program:

The Golden Retriever likes physical activities. Exercise is a big demand that you have to meet. If you have an opportunity, take him out twice for 20-30 minutes of walking or swimming which they are great at.

Conserved energy may cook up a recipe for some unwanted happenings. Proper dog care tips will remarkably reduce your concerns on what to do.

The coat should be cleaned regularly. Long Golden coat tends to hook up all kinds of dirt and the coat may form tangles in absence of brushing.

So, regular grooming is an inseparable part of his care. The dog will also lose its shiny look by the way. Ear infection is a greater concern for his health and those drooped ears ask for regular cleaning.

This dog likes to carry things in their mouth. So, you have to prepare some toy or other hygienic item for this purpose.

Otherwise, he will find out all kinds of unhealthy instruments for retrieving. Train the dog especially in this regard. You should maintain the integrity of their natural growth. In this context, regular brushing of his teeth and nail trimming is vital.

Proper vaccinations and regular health checkups are a sure way to guarantee your dog’s well-being. This dog is an indoor pet. Do not let him stay outdoors.

Proper Exercise Method:

Golden bone structure does not do well with heavy exercise at a very young age. Your routine have to be low key until the dog reaches 2 years. By this time, try to avoid hard surface for his running or jumping because it may bend down his bones. It is better to consult a vet before starting out regular strenuous program.

Your Golden Retriever is very happy to join in any kind of outdoor activities be that hiking, walking or romping around the place. He loves to carry just anything in his mouth no matter what. Thus the dog justifies the retriever part of its name.

He is a good companion for biking or games that involve bringing something back. You may throw out a ball which he will instantly pick up and get it back to you.

In general, regular 20-30 minutes of exercise mellow him down to his original self. This schedule will keep his unwanted barking or aggression at bay.

Hunting is one of the most favorite part of Golden pastime. He will love to accompany you in such a precious moment with his active helping hand. This high energy Sporting breed is capable of making a huge nuisance in absence of his daily exercise quota.

Though they are more of a family dog these days, their physical growth and structure requires plenty of movement. Chewing and digging could easily replace a fine temperament in absence of positive activities. The Golden loves swimming as they are great swimmers.

This exhaustive exercise will let a lot of his steam out in a sunny day. You may hide his treats and ask him to find it. His fully active senses will burn out plenty energy in this game. Use these sessions for a better socialization and learning as well.

Golden Retriever Training Cues:

The Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. So, training them could be a relatively easy task. You can expose him to different levels of training based on his age and learning capacity. As an active and outdoor breed, your Golden will capitalize the best of the hand signals.

House training is the first thing the dog needs to learn as he comes to your home. Young age coaching will always pave the way for further improvement at the later stages of his life.

Then, there is the issue of socialization. Your Golden is naturally an amicable dog. You just need to shape his thoughts over the edges. Goldens like to go out a lot.

So, meeting new people and dog is always a welcome from the part of your Golden. Treat and praising words play a big role behind his motivation.

Lavishly use nice words to encourage him. Session duration has a huge impact on his learning. Short training period helps maintain an undivided Golden concentration. Small instructions better catch his attention. ‘Sit’, ‘come’, ‘stay’ or any other basic order need to be in action while the dog is at its initial stage of learning.

He has got the build of a medium large dog. So, do not restrict yourself within the basic orders when you have a Golden Retriever. He is fit for so much more. He is fantastic playmate for your kids, awesome hunting companion, excellent agility competitor and a fine running mate for you.

Keep your imagination open and set the dog on a high track.

Golden Retriever Origin:

Long coated Golden Retriever was also developed single-handedly just like the German Shepherd Dog. So, Dudley Marjoribanks and Lord Tweedmouth stand equal to the contribution kept by Captain Max Von Stephanitz in developing a new breed.

The Golden Retriever was exclusively developed in Scottish Highlands during the dog loving Victorian Period. He was a devoted hunter and was looking forward to creating retrievers fit for wet climate and rugged lands.

He experimented on several cross breeds and pure breeds to meet his ends. Most strikingly, he maintained flawless records of all those experiments.

So, we come to know that Lord Tweedmouth mixed his Yellow Retriever with Tweed Water Spaniel. The latter breed is no more to be seen these days. There was a slight contribution from the Bloodhound and Irish Setter too. The Golden Retriever is not an out of the blue breed appearing suddenly because of an accidental cross.

Great efforts went into taking care for generations of this cross breeding results.

Intelligent selection for the next generation ultimately brought an expected outcome in Golden Retriever. This dog was spotted at first in 1908. It was a British dog show event.

The Kennel Club in the UK recognized this breed no later than 1911 while their American counterpart the AKC followed suit in 1932. The name Golden Retriever stuck on since 1920. And this dog has been experiencing steady rise in popularity since its induction in America.