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An effective retriever on both land and water, the German Shorthaired Pointer is a multi-talented hunter.

But inside the family circle he is an affectionate angel. Protection happens to be a bonus that automatically comes with this guard dog. This is an elegant fella looking for tons of exercise. He has an easygoing coat that will barely bother you.

German Shorthaired Pointer personality:

German Shorthaired Pointer Personality

Swift learning is an integral part of this dog especially if you start at a tender age. It can easily get up to your expectations.

But if your dog does not get enough exercise, he will show a bad temperament. This is a powerfully built dog. He illustrates ample energy in whatever he is into. Any invitation to physical activities really puts them into a frenzy of happiness.

When he is in pursuit of something, the GSP will reach a ferocious speed. This is a fine family dog. However, he has a tendency to assail the smaller pets.

So, you have to be careful in this regard. It happens due to their strong prey drive. Long time durability is a prime characteristic of this dog as his previous history indicates day long performance in field work.

In spite of his fearsome capabilities, a German Shorthaired Pointer cannot live out in the open. They must be well integrated into the family and should live inside of the house. This is fundamentally a jolly pet.

Measure German Shorthaired Pointer smartness:

This is a smart dog. Their high popularity in America also speaks for their adaptability as well as intelligence.

In the dog intelligence list prepared by Professor Stanley Coren, German Shorthaired Pointer captures the 17th spot. His position in the list amplifies that he is capable of showing some excellent brain work. Retrieving and hunting are two of his basic skill areas.

Whatever you throw at him, he will not miss a thing and fetch all of the items. This dog will remain glued to you. Pleasing behavior is a major aspect of a GSP. He is fit for just any active person.

Another of GSP specialty lies in scent work. Deceiving his eyes and deceiving his ears are two completely different things. His hunting skills have been tremendously sharpened due to these nasal attributes.

However, tasty food can easily melt down your lovely Pointer.

What & how to feed:

German Shorthaired Pointer diet chart

German Shorthaired Pointer is a robust dog and needs a lot of highest quality food appropriate for his age, health and activities.

Usually, an adult GSP can do well with 2-3 cups of food divided into two meals. However, puppies should get 3-4 meals due to health reasons. Neither homemade nor commercial product bother him if it qualifies in standard.

Dry food is good for dogs in an overall estimation. It keeps their metabolism and teeth in a fine state. Meat based meals are his primary demand. It is going to build up effective muscle which is an urgent requirement for this hunting dog breed.

Sufficient fat will keep his energy intact. You should source the proteins and fat from animal sources as his metabolism can process it better than that of plant products. An ideal amount for an adult dog is 18% protein and 5% fat.

Chicken, beef, fish, lamb are top choices for protein substances. Fish oil and Omega-3 fatty acid will mostly fulfill his fat requirements. Make sure that he does not eat immediately after some physical activities. This practice invites bloat a fatal disease.

You have to closely look into the product elements to ensure that his food contains enough nutrition instead of fillers. It will provide him with necessary energy. Fresh and clean water is a mandatory provision that the dog should have access to.

Escape a few health issues:

Health issues normally do not bother a German Shorthaired Pointer. But any dog can fall ill to some of the diseases that a little awareness can timely block off.

So, we are going to point out some of these problems. Before bringing in a GSP check out for the medical clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) can lift you out of some major diseases like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and some eye conditions.

Cancer has recently been the most reported case for this dog. Mast cell tumors and skin issues appear more often. Von Willebrand’s disease affects blood circulation. It clots his blood and hampers its natural flow. Prolonged or unnecessary bleeding is an outcome of this condition. A cure to the disease is somehow illusive even to this day.

All big dogs can somehow develop bloat which is a sudden and fatal condition. It is an eating related disorder. Excessive exercise just before or after the meals will cause it. The dog will turn pale due to stomach ache. You will have very little time to waste in such a case.

Insightful care program:

The GSP has an easy going smooth coat and it is water repellent. This trait gives him extra advantage while retrieving from water. But do not get deceived as it will shed.

So, once a week brush will be necessary. In the peak shedding season, you may need to brush him twice or thrice every week. You can use a firm bristle brush for this job.This dog needs an excellent grooming plan.

He is an active breed and you have to bathe him once every three months. Unless you can spot some dirt or stinky smell, you do not need to bathe him more often than that. His coat does not attract too much garbage. Your GSP is a laborious dog and should get plenty of fresh water after physical activities. Lack of water will make him lethargic.

This dog wants plenty of physical exercise. So, a fenced yard is a must. Otherwise, the dog will go after just anything and everything in the street. Get him out everyday.

Ear cleaning, nail trimming are also important for his care. Use an ear cleanser and cotton balls or gauze. Sweep away any wax and discharge with the cotton balls. You have to brush his teeth at least twice a week. The dog can greatly use at least a yearly veterinarian check up.

Proper exercise method:

GSP exercise should continue for at least an hour. Divide this time into two parts and take him out in the morning as well as in the evening. Each part will ensure half an hour of physical activities.

Now, you have all the options to take from as your dog is really adept at swimming, running, hunting, retrieving and all sorts of exhausting work.

Walking, jogging, hiking and the less intense actions are also welcome given a chance of occasional free running. This hunting and working dog can easily get bored in absence of exhausting schedule.

So, you can set him on a trail and challenge the dog to a race. You may also use him for hounding on some birds. Dog sports such as frisbee, fetching and interactive games are very exciting for him too.

GSP training cues:

Training a German Shorthaired Pointer is fairly easy because of its high intelligence. This process should commence with his arrival at your home. At the beginning, you can introduce the crate.

It will ease down most of the other training programs especially house training and separation handling. The crate will help build a schedule for bathroom breaks. It will also check his indiscriminate activities in your home while you are away.

Most importantly, it is going to be his personal space or living place.

Socialization is very important for this big dog with formidable capabilities. Begin socializing at an early age. So, it becomes a natural part of his personality. Give him the taste of separate sights and sounds. You can prepare him for hunting, retrieving and agility tests. GSPs are tremendous trackers and they are good at scent work too.

Basic commands such as ‘come’, ‘sit’ and the other instructions are vital as well. These are the primary skills which will allow him the chance to become a super dog with advanced training programs. But he has only one condition for all the training. It should be enjoyable with a lot of treats and fun.

German Shorthaired Pointer origin:

This German bird dog came into existence in the latter half of the 19th century. It was originally bred in Germany as the name clearly suggests.

German hunters undertook considerable efforts in creating a multi talented dog capable of smelling, hounding and retrieving a bird. Several scent hounds and bird dogs were crossed in order to create a perfect hunting companion.

So, there is no wonder that a GSP is a superior agility performer because of his history as a bird dog. His excellent show ring demonstration still speaks for the endeavors of the then German dog lovers. Prince Albrecht zu Solms-Braunfels should be respectfully mentioned due to his enormous contribution behind this dog breed.

The GSP nowadays enjoys considerable popularity in american canine pet world. He captures the 9th place in the AKC breed popularity list.