Chihuahua Dog Breed

Chihuahua Dog Breed

The smallest dog breed in the world comes with the biggest personality. He is always up for something and whenever he finds out a leisure, he likes to fill it up with songs and melodies.

You can never write him off because of a tiny size as he successfully manages the things he wants. You can do little in this regard except for acquiescing. They easily make it to the list of the finest small dogs. Who can turn down that little face with big round eyes?

Well, this is the soft power of a Chihuahua, a national symbol of Mexico.

Chihuahua personality:

Chihuahua Personality

The most important thing for him is to stay with you for all the time. His awesome companionship along with little size has contributed to his lap dog status.

But these are not the only tricks up his sleeve. He is a fantastic athlete who can score top results in obedience and agility.

However, he naturally does not look forward to a lot of exercise. You put this grain of sand of a dog somewhere and he will perform as the greatest watchdog ever in the whole block.

Not to forget, this dog is especially a bad choice for children. There will always be a ‘clash of the titans’ among their petite personality. Snapping is a common outcome due to kid disturbance. This dog is often seen to be getting too close to a person of his choice and stick with him thereby. He will follow this person everywhere. A kind of odd quality appears in his intrepidity.

Chi is just not fearful of anything or any situation at all and needs your timely protection.

Measure Chihuahua smartness:

The Chihuahua is an average smart dog as pointed out in the dog intelligence ranking prepared by Professor Stanley Coren. This dog has been placed at the 67th position in the dog intelligence list.

But we should remember that all the factors that determine a dog intelligence do not equally apply to this small dog. He thrives in what he is supposed to do which is companionship.

However, he can turn into a tiny tyrant if you overindulge him. This dog will demonstrate how to learn swiftly. Training them will be a relatively comfortable job. He is always alert to the surrounding circumstances. Competitions always bring out the best of the Chihuahua.

Most importantly, he is affectionate and enthusiastic in a home environment.

What & how to feed:

Moderately active Chihuahuas should have quarter of a cup to half a cup of of daily food. For an adult dog, you can supply it in two meals respectively in the morning and in the evening.

But food provision is truly a dynamic factor and there will always be a difference in amount from dog to dog. This quantity actually relies on age, sex, activities, health and so many other issues. You can determine the amount of food the dog requires as you continue your life with him.

The Chihuahua does not care about his food being homemade or commercial products as long as they fulfill his energy necessities.

However, you can feed him small sized dog foods. You must not free feed the dog. It creates some bad habits and will soon lead your dog to obesity as this small dog can gain weight almost overnight.

A 10 pound and active Chihuahua demands 404 calories per day as has been pointed out by the National Research Council of the National Academies.

But you cannot give him as much as this amount if your dog is prone to sitting out the days. Protein and fat ingredients should be the foundation of his meals.

At least, 18 percent of proteins in each meal will provide him with ample energy. Beef, chicken, fish,eggs, dairy items and lamb are excellent sources of proteins. Barley, cereals, vegetables and oats will give him some plant proteins.

On the other hand, flaxseed oil. Safflower oil, olive oil and fish oil are going to supply the dog with necessary fat. Fat repels an injury by protecting the internal organs by creating a protective layer. Bone and joint strength also derives from it.

Tapioca, sweet potatoes, brown rice, fruits, beetroot, pumpkin and vegetables serve him with carbohydrates and fibers. Carbohydrate provides long term strength. A commercial item should be free of preservatives, dyes and flavors for the betterment of his health.

Clean water is a vital requirement for the dog. Unnecessary use of treats causes overweight. You have to be careful in this regard.

Escape a few health issues:

The Chihuahua is a healthy dog breed and usually staves off most of the disease afflictions. But you always have a window of exercising some precautions before buying a puppy as these dogs might carry some genetic fault lines.
A number of health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) will lift the dog out of a list of major physical conditions. However, your dog may not suffer from any of these listed diseases in his lifetime. But a clear concept on some of these diseases can save both of you from a lot of troubles.
Heart and eyes are usually the areas of greater concerns. Heart diseases include Heart Murmur. It involves coughing and weakness. Blood flow disorder causes this problem that ultimately results into loud audible thuds coming out of his chest. A diagnosis can determine the real condition of his heart.

Mitral valve disease is often related to heart murmur. It will finally end in a heart failure. Treatment often requires lifelong medical attention. Patent ductus arteriosus is a low oxygenated blood issue. This problem leads to more red cell production in the blood than it is necessary.

So, the dog usually suffers from high blood pressure. Luxating patella is the displacement of kneecap which can be common in the Chihuahua. Limping is a sign of this condition and it might require a surgery for full recovery.

Moreover, portosystemic shunt, molera, collapsed trachea and hydrocephalus can attack your tiny companion dog. Then there is a Toy dog trademark disease called hypoglycemia. The blood sugar suddenly takes a downward spiral and timely feeding is a way out of this issue.

Insightful care program:

Two Chihuahua coat variations come in the form of long and smooth. They are average shedders. But tiny body size makes that amount almost negligible. Smooth coat does not look forward to frequent brushing.

On the contrary, long haired dogs will need one or two brushing sessions each week. Because the latter coat type tends to grow mats and tangles. A rubber grooming glove and soft bristle brush will do the job. You are going to find out that the long coat is somehow easy to manage.

Bathing is required only occasionally. Cutting his nails and brushing the teeth are vital for his good state. You have to check his ears for cleaning purposes. Take notice if any annoying discharge or smell is there.

If he goes outside even in the yard, keep an eye on his movement. This dog might be a delicious meal for a big bird. Do not let him trot around the yard on his own. You should keep him on the leash while going outside. This is more necessary for the protection of this fearless little dog. You can also take him to a vet for a thorough check up once a year.

So, the Chi requires plenty of care.

Proper exercise method:

Exercise is not a great concern for the Chihuahua. Following your footsteps inside the house is a lot for him. He is the perfect example of an apartment dog fitting in a concise space. Structured physical drills are not recommended for this dog breed.

You can get out with him for at best a slow walk. Even this type of activity can leave him panting hard. Everyday a 10-15 minutes of walk is fine. He loves running around in short bursts.

You have to take care so that he does not jump off a substantial height. It will cause an injury.

Chihuahua training cues:

The Chihuahua likes to see you pleased. So, you have a great opportunity of teaching him the training techniques. He is a little despot in your kingdom and lack of socialization will prove to be very ineffective in the long run.

Do not give in to his pleasing face. His cuteness should stand against the firm rules. He will run you around on his demands.

Let him be inside of a crate for house training purposes. It will also teach him some lessons on how to handle loneliness. His training method should be rigorous just like a big dog. You have to follow through the drills so that he can grasp the meaning of your leadership. You can prepare this dog for show jobs and dog sports.

Chihuahua origin:

The Chihuahua origin is covered in mystery and very little of the rock solid facts have come out except for their being a local dog of Mexico. This dog has been around for thousands of years and no specific time can be mentioned as their beginning.

However, Aztec and Toltec contribution has gifted them a smaller size which is a bit heavier than we see them today. Spanish invasion of Mexico saw the demolition of Aztec civilization.

But the Chihuahua who was an integral part of that culture managed to survive the brutal Spanish onslaught.

Chihuahua is a Mexican state and this dog first came to public notice in the 1850s from that state. American breeders took considerable interest in this breed and supervised its development to the form as of today. The first AKC registration took place in 1908.

Nowadays, the Chihuahuas captures the 33rd position in the AKC breed popularity list.

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