Bulldog Breed

Bulldog Breeds

Bulldog or British Bulldog or English Bulldog came to fame in the middle age England for a cruel and mighty sport named Bull Baiting. Just as the name Bulldog suggests, once this dog bore the mark of great tenacity and ferocity.

The game had enjoyed a remarkable popularity from the 12th to the 19th century. Ultimately, Bull Baiting was banned in 1835 for its essential cruelty. Since then, some Bulldog lovers bred these dogs toward a gentler nature.

Does affenpinscher personality best?

Bulldog Personality

English Bulldogs bear a sweet nature. Luckily, its gentle temperament puts it in the category of a dependable dog. They represent the best of a companion dog.

Most importantly, his awe inspiring face does not prevent him from becoming a family dog because of a reliable children-Bulldog relationship.  His sweet nature needs a list of sweet dog names for you to pick from.

Undoubtedly, They dislike loneliness. They love to stay closely connected to the members of the owner family. Obviously, a Bulldog actively seeks after human attention and pays back as well with a sound company.

They possess a history of mighty Bull hunting game. But nowadays, they prefer sleeping even to a mild exercise. They would not make a fuss even if a child awkwardly approaches him.

Though puppies have a tendency to test the boundaries, the older dogs like to let alone and rather play a philosophical spectator. Mostly, they are gentle, amiable and laid back in nature.

What are the signs of Bulldog aggression?

Bulldog generally refers to English Bulldog. They naturally used to be aggressive. But the 19th century anti-Bulldog measures bound the breeders to carefully weed out this aggressive trait.

Now, we see Bulldogs as a family pet gregarious enough to accommodate in any circumstances. Especially, your children will enjoy its company and protection. Be careful not to leave him alone for a long time.

As Bulldogs enjoy your presence so much, loneliness might lead him to destructive behaviors. Therefore, their occasional aggression often takes the form of dominance over the other pets and even humans. Take a preemptive action in his young age training to remove this attitude from him.

Do not act too seriously in this regard as its mere presence with a vicious disposition is often enough to assert dominance over the surroundings.

American Bulldog:

Ancestral protective genes drive American Bulldog aggression. However, they are caring to their family, owner and familiarities. But unknown intruder will smell his belligerence upon uninvited stepping into a bulldog turf.

Above all, low Bulldog intelligence demands repeated training in order to keep him under control in such a situation. Frequent social encounters will help him manage this tension tactfully.

French Bulldog:

French Bulldogs  hardly goes for a physical assault. Their aggression is limited to barking, howling and running. But do not take it for granted. So, prepare them for a peaceful coexistence with the others at a tender age.

They too like human company. Sexual manifestation is often a huge cause for apparently unnecessary bellicosity. So, it is always a better idea to neuter the Bulldog.It will trim down male Bulldog tensions to a great extent.

What are the major health issues?

Bulldogs nowadays barely resemble their forefathers. The issue of violence and breed expectations were met in a selective way which has gravely affected their health. As a result, Bulldogs are notorious for illness issues. Deformed Bulldog body structure is the biggest reason behind these illnesses.

So, it suffers from a long list of problems such as less functional respiration, acute skin allergy, overheating, Arthritis, Degenerative Spine Disease, Hip dysplasia, cherry eye, ligament injuries, joint fractures, the highest number of cancer and heart related ailments.

Once a mighty bull fighter has now reached such a physical condition that cannot but arouse our pity. Consequently, their medical issues ask for a constant inspection.

How effective is the parental record?

To put it honestly, you can check the parental records of the puppy for any chronic or hereditary diseases. But these measures do not guarantee any security against those diseases if you anyhow overlook his daily health checking.

Over exercise causes overheating and breathing problems. To leave nothing to fate, you have to check each body part of the dog to ensure safety. The dog needs cleaning every day from ear to skin.

They naturally suffer from heart and breathing related problems. How to cope up with your  dog tongue out, is a valuable lesson for Bulldog owners. Any primarily unnoticed ailment could rapidly degenerate into a fatal case.

So, keep close contact with a reliable vet who has gained fame for Bulldog treatment.

How much food does an bulldogs need?

Bulldog diet chart

Bulldog nourishment are especially vital as your lovely pet is prone to fast gain fat.Ultimately, a heavy Bulldog goes through tremendous joint pressures.

In this regard, you can go for the Rib Test to really have a definite answer about his obese or slim status. Your fingers can easily feel his ribs without too hard a pressure if he is in a healthy state.

Bulldogs need proportionately nutritious items coupled with plenty of water. It is because they have the drooling issue. Depending on his age, size, exercise and metabolism you can give him ½ to 2 cups of high quality dog food.

Meanwhile, the National Research Council of the National Academics opines that a fully grown up and active Bulldog daily needs 1353 calorie intake.

By the way, the Association of American Feed Control Officials suggests 18% protein and 5% fat for adult Bulldogs. It helps the dog maintain his proper level of strength.

However, Bulldogs like to chew. This urge can be met by using kibble. Consequently, it will help retain his dental strength too. In the same vein, it is better to habituate the puppy with dry food items.

You can introduce canned items later. They are ultimate food lovers. So, it is quite common to overfeed them.

On a routine basis, you can feed them once or twice a day. Do not leave the food around the dog. It raises bad practices. You must not completely depend upon any dog sermon as a unique dog requires a unique amount of food. And keep a close eye on the signs of his ill health. It affects his eating habits in negative ways.

Do Bulldogs like kids?

Bulldog with Kids

In spite of a devilish look, Bulldogs are very suitable pets for the children. Their predictable and reliable company allows the parents to rest for a while.

In the past, Bulldogs had a fiery attitude that has almost been wiped out in the last two centuries with selective breeding. By the way, their Bullish temperament is now replaced with an amicable one.

As a result, kids have found a friend who possesses inhuman strength along with a friendly nature. You can allow your children to take part in a game with the Bulldog and need not worry for a second. The Bulldog will act like a big brother to protect the kids. They will not mind fetching the ball frequently. Bulldogs seldom bark.

So, the kids will rarely experience sudden frights. Their loyalty adds some extra score to put them in the family good book.

Do all Bulldogs shed a lot?

You can easily identify Bulldog shedding against a white or black background depending on the coat color of your Bulldog. It is generally a minor factor. Their smooth and tight coat along with short hair prevents acute shedding.

However, we shall mention several reasons behind massive hair loss as well as solutions for those issues.

Natural effects:
1. Mature Bulldog loses less hair than puppies.
2. Season change often drives shedding.

Medication and health:
1. Bacterial attack on the skin especially inside the wrinkles above their noses and tail pocket.
2. Childbearing or lactation.
3. Sensitive skin and food allergy.
4. No vet consultation prior to major changes in lifestyle.

Care related:
1. Lack of regular bathing, grooming and brushing.
2. Insufficient and often improper dietary practices.

1. Discolored hair.
2. Flying and lying fur all around your place.

Is Bulldog of British origin?

Earned the name:
We can trace Bulldog in England as far back as the 15th century. Bulldogs were mostly used in Europe for a better cattle management. Then there was the Bull baiting sport which involved bulls and dogs.

Successors of Mastiff dogs had the necessary skills to knock down a bull by getting a hold on to its nose. Strong jaw and massive biting capacity of these dogs had a clear upper hand over the tied down bulls. Thus the name Bulldog came to fame and existence. The game had a huge popularity in middle age Europe.

So, the dog gained much acclamation.

Existential crisis:
In England, Bull baiting was prohibited in 1835 because of its cruel nature. The city of Rome even went so far as to ban the Bulldogs on its streets. As a result, Bulldogs started facing an unprecedented crisis.

At this critical juncture of time, Bulldog lovers used to personally pet and breed them. They took care to remove the violent nature out of the dog breed.

This vicious disposition was the single most important trait of a Bulldog for centuries. The saviors decided to preserve the immense stamina of the Bulldogs.

So, they bred only the docile Bulldogs into a gentler form keeping the strength intact.

Retrieving old affection:
In England, Bulldog lovers resumed showcasing politer Bulldogs in 1860. In 1864, admirers founded a Bulldog breeders club. The first Bulldog show in the USA took place in 1880.

The American Kennel Club took the pain to revise the British breed standards into American standard in 1894 which is termed as the American-bred Bulldog.

The replaced standard was adopted in 1896 which is still extant to this day. Contemporary meek and friendly Bulldogs with staggering power declares a greater passion of some devoted fans. People took care to reestablish the Bulldog into the mainstream pet societies.

Now, Bulldogs are often the most reliable company for the little children in the family.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the notorious outcome of breed standard?

Bulldog breed standard demands a bully with short muzzles, under bite, rolling gait, furrowed brow and so many apparently unhealthy requirements. These popular demands along with a mercilessly breed-for-business attitude has driven Bulldogs to the edge of fitness.

Moreover, nature has played against their well being by placing them in the brachycephalic class.

Can English Bulldogs protect?

Bulldogs grow up as social, loyal and friendly pets. As a result, they fiercely protect these bonding’s and are willing to take up a huge challenge to save their family and friends. Bulldogs love to eat.

Food is always a welcome element for them. Do not ever mistreat his meals. They will not tolerate it anyway. Any such mistreatment may bring forth his unpleasant face.

Their gregarious nature and humble presence is a great gift for the safety of the kids. On top of that, Bulldogs can become fantastic babysitters. They like to stick around the kids and safeguard them. But Bulldogs will under perform when it comes to asset security. Unfamiliarity rarely breeds insecurity in his mind.

Moreover, he is likely to ignore someone’s presence in favor of a sound sleep. He seldom barks out of protective sensitivity. To put it into a proper context, we can safely assume that Bulldog may occasionally defend his family and friends which is unlikely in the case of an inanimate object.

Meanwhile, England is their place of origin. They are the successors of fighting Mastiff dogs brought by the Roman conquerors.

In fact, they were bred for cattle security and farmland protection. American Bulldogs still bear the testimony of that temperament.

With the gradual erosion of inherent cruelty and wildness along the breeding path, the Bulldog has learnt to accommodate well with the children and other pets. Their protective nature is often a blessing for the owner and his family members.

In the early days, a perceived threat must first face the Bulldog before causing any harm to the family. Unfortunately, their threat recognition capacity has diminished to a great extent.

Nowadays, Bulldogs are generally considered gentle, dependable. They belong to the group of Non-Sporting dogs determined by the American Kennel Club.

Stubbornness and how to remove it:

Apparently gregarious Bulldogs are often stubborn as hell. Specially, they do not like the idea of being driven by anybody else.

Not to mention, they rapidly establish themselves as the pack leader. Formidable physical structure helps them a lot in a bid to achieve the pioneering role. You may not have his attention even after loudly calling out his name for five long minutes.

Remember that he focuses his concentration where he wants to. At those instances, keep calm and stick to your training methodologies.

So, you have to take control of the leading position once you bring a Bulldog into your home. They learn better while young which means you have 20 months after its birth to perfectly shape up the dog.

At this time, Bulldogs will show much enthusiasm in finding new things around them.

You have the opportunity to shed bad aspects and implant desired behavior into his psyche. Bulldogs are passionate food lovers. The right treat will lead a obstinate dog into doing anything.

Here, be careful not to turn the treat into a bribe. Once, he fully gets the exercise do not use the food anymore. Brevity accompanied with useful skills makes a training session far more effective.

Bulldogs are usually headstrong. Long sessions easily dull their senses. So, keep it short. Do not let him go away with any untoward behavior. Be firm. Otherwise, the dog is more likely to repeat the same mistake.

A well trained Bulldog is not unlikely to act belligerent. But we should precaution you against initiating any violent attitude towards the dog. Be patient and try to understand him better. At those unpleasant occasions, ask him to do something easier and reward him.

How much does an English Bulldog cost?

They have a usual price tag within $1000-3000 US dollars. Popular demand and physical deformity are primary factors behind escalating Bulldog cost.

English Bulldogs fail to undergo a normal delivery because of a large baby head. As a result, they require vet assistance during pregnancy and delivery. They also need artificial insemination as they cannot mate naturally due to an awkward physique.

This thorough supervision process raises the costs upwards. People love to have Bulldogs as a pet. Market demand also plays a significant role in increasing the expenditure for an adoption.

Remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bulldogs are notorious for ill health. Veterinary services and their day to day maintenance will also put an economic pressure on you. But costs never bar a true Bulldog lover from having one.

How to stop shedding:

You may have already imagined some of the prescriptions we are going to place below. When you notice too much shedding, first and foremost you have to pay attention to the food.

Fortunately, Omega 3 supplement is often half the solution. Salmon, Sardine, flax seed and Mackerel contain plenty of Omega 3 fats.

However, you have to be cautious in providing him with grainy food items. Those are bad for his hair loss trouble. Smoothly brush the Bulldog coat everyday.

By the way, you can steer clear off the unwanted hair falling down everywhere. Bathe your Bulldog once a week. Usually, it removes harmful germs off his body. And avoid shampoos made for human beings.

In brief, sensitive Bulldog skin will face irritation because of  a wrong type of shampoo. The collar sometimes sources bacterial infection or allergic irritation. Invest in a proper and germ free collar that guards against any such things.

If your Bulldog does not stop shedding once you have tried all the above mentioned formula, it is high time you took him to a vet. There may have some underlying issues that our plain eyes often fail to detect.

Are all Bulldogs lazy?

Actually, Bulldogs are not lazy. They are physically not very active and never chase. They seldom bark and nothing feisty comes out of a Bulldog. As a result, people mistake them for a lazy dog. Please, remember that centuries of efforts have gone into breeding gentler Bulldogs.

However, their rude shape underwent so much polishing that the then cattle manager and Bull baiter has now earned an infamy for laziness. Hence, you can put its personality in another way which is calm and confident. Unlike Affenpinscher, Bulldogs use their energy solemnly.

Dog sleeping pattern tells a great deal about ‘Bulldog relaxation’, a term which could be a better replacement for the word laziness. In fact, they are rarely rattled by events around them.

Obviously, Bulldogs seem to enjoy an unbound leisure. They are famous for their almost limitless strength.

Consequently, if something arouses him, he won’t be pacified easily. Another important issue here is that Bulldogs prefer sticking to a routine. His enormous energy will never drive him around.

Rather, he is more accustomed to the familiarity and often dislikes doing new things or adopting a new way. You have to change this habit during early age training by taking him to places and sights. Otherwise, it is going to be a part of the Bulldog character which might prove difficult to manage.

As an owner, you know in your heart that your Bully is never a lazy guy. Therefore, he is just looking for a perfect chance for action. You can realize his power and willingness once you take a walk or participate in a game with him. If he plays along, you have got the best partner.

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