Affenpinscher dog breeds

affenpinscher breeds

Affenpinscher is a combination of two German words ‘affen’ and ‘pinscher’. ‘Affen’ refers to the monkey and ‘pinscher’ means terrier. To put it into perspective, they have a characteristic monkey-like face.

Thus, the name Affenpinscher denotes the breed. As for so many other breeds, Germany boasts as the place of Affenpinscher origin.

How is the affenpinscher’s personality?

Affenpinscher Personality Chart

Affenpinschers are territorial by nature. They fiercely protect their belongings and surroundings. So, they usually disprove of any trespassing. Its tiny body comparatively contains a big dog attitude.

He is fearless. Spectacularly, a tensed circumstance renders him physically trembling. But do not translate it into his fright. By and large, his meager size cannot necessarily suppress the boiling inner rage and turns into this body shaking.

Are Affenpinschers smart dogs?

The Affenpinscher stands at the 37th position in the dog intelligence list prepared by Professor Stanley Coren. Smartness is doing what you are supposed to do in a certain condition.

In this parameter, you can place Affenpinscher in a smart group of dogs. He bears a rude temper. However, he is loyal to the master, feisty in nature, intrepid in the manner, and friendly to the other pets.

Affen is smart with his family but kind of dumb with the strangers. Once in a while, he is a hell of a stubborn dog. But you will mostly have an eager student of your tricks and training because of his innate pleasing tendency. This is an easy dog to deal with if there is no troublemaker around him.

He is a fantastic pet who is willing to go the distance to make it up for you. This puppy will make you laugh all day. You will also have an outstanding watchdog in him. Alertness is a natural blessing to him. This small dog will fearlessly guard your perimeter. So, he is a package of almost all doggy things.

Affenpinscher Coat features and grooming:

The coat of Affenpinscher goes coarse and rough. The AKC puts it as ‘shaggy but neat’. Notably, the coat color ranges from grey, black to even silver and red. Their rough coat stands about an inch high around the whole body.
Uniquely, the fur is longer as well as thick on the front side. On the other hand, shorter as well as thin on the hind side. A thick coat around the neck of an adult Affenpinscher produces a spectacular mane. It gifts him a majestic look.

They possess distinctly recognizable eyebrows and distinguished mustache. These aspects contribute to their monkey-like look.

In addition, their rough coat demands regular stripping to protect its natural tinge. Stripping involves pulling out unnecessary hair. To learn these grooming techniques, you may even consider undertaking training from a professional groomer.

Indeed, the desired appearance of an Affenpinscher requires weekly grooming. Brush its coat once or twice a week. Spray some detangler solutions for easier combing. Evidently, a metal comb and a slick brush are necessary for grooming.

Brushing is especially vital for Affenpinscher teeth. Affenpinscher nails could be a source of danger for both of you. If he jumps into your lap with large untrimmed nails, your skin may experience some damage. Moreover, the dog will hurt itself while running or playing on a hard floor. So, you must trim his nails regularly.

Look out for long hair that obstructs eyesight and tickles around his ear. Trim that hair occasionally. His ears gather unwanted wax. You have to take care of his ears too. You need to accustom your Affen with regular trimming and grooming at his puppyhood. He will not resist once he is habituated to these processes

Which training fits an affenpinscher?

Affenpinschers are sporadically lively dogs. They will jump into occasional fits of packed action. They also love to poke around. So, start training the dog at the very beginning of adoption. Whenever you take him out, use a leash. Teach him to act on your command.

However, he is quite a belligerent fella. So, a leash coupled with primarily taught commands will effectively control him for the rest of his life.

He needs to burn out his energy. Take him out regularly for a walk. Moreover, make a fenced playground for him inside your place. Potty training is inseparable for just any dog. Plenty of games will bar him from destructive behaviors. You might consider giving him other pet companions to interact with.

Affenpinscher is an inquisitive dog and you will greatly benefit from hand signal training. Your daily schedule will determine the quantity of time you can be with the dog. But do not forget the walk.
Otherwise, the dog will get on the nerves of your near hand neighbors. He will needlessly bark in order to calm down the incessant energy boiling within.

How is affenpinscher’s health?

First of all, the Affenpinscher dog belongs to the healthy group. But the strongest of them fall ill too. Above all, small breeds need better care because of their fragility. Ensure a good diet, physical exercise and look out for common issues. The Affenpinscher is especially likely to undergo dental and bone problems.

They suffer the most from dental diseases. For example, bacteria attacks leave a trace in bad breath. Weak dental formation might break down a tooth. You need to brush their teeth twice a week. Provide them hard food items so that their teeth become stronger.

To avoid tracheal damages, use a harness and shun the collar. Patellar luxation is a birth disease that demonstrates symptoms at a much later stage. It tends to affect the leg bone structure.

Consequently, the dog will demonstrate a strange or abnormal gait. Evidently, heartworms take residence inside the heart. It is commonly spread by mosquitoes. A blood test reveals a heartworm attack. Any of these severe issues might require immediate vet suggestions.

They also suffer from heartworm, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, and tracheal damages. Probably, your dog will live a happy life. But these diseases are often fatal for the Affenpinschers.

How much food does an affenpinscher dogs need?

Affenpinscher Diet Chart

The highest quality food can ensure his good health. Normally, an adult Affenpinscher needs to have ½-1.5 cups of food per day. You may give him two meals respectively one in the morning and one in the evening.

Dog food, in fact, should be considered as a dynamic issue and there will always remain a difference in this context from dog to dog. An ideal quantity, for an individual dog, actually relies on its age, sex, activities, health, and so many other aspects. You will eventually fix the daily amount of food as you continue feeding him for a period of time.

The Affenpinscher dog can finely adjust itself with both homemade and commercial products as long as they fulfill its energy necessities. You can feed him small sized dog foods. You should not free-feed your puppy. Take away the rest of the food 20 minutes after serving him. This practice will obstruct some bad outcomes such as wasting and obesity.

Fillers do not play a positive role in his health. Affenpinscher meals should be rich in protein and fat ingredients. At least, 18-22 percent of proteins in each meal will maintain a sound energy level. Beef, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, dairy items, and lamb are excellent sources of proteins.

Barley, cereals, vegetables, and oats will give him some plant proteins. But vegetable proteins are not proficient in amino acids which are vital for a dog’s health. So, vegetables should not exceed 1-2% of his total diet.

On the other hand, fish oil, flaxseed oil, safflower oil, and olive oil will supply the dog with the necessary fat. Fat repels an injury by protecting the internal organs by setting up a protective layer. Bone and joint strength also come from it. Tapioca, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, beetroot, pumpkin, and vegetables serve him with carbohydrates and fibers. Carbohydrate is the source of long-term strength.

A commercial item has to be free of preservatives, dyes, and flavors for the sake of good health. In this respect, you may want to follow the guidelines set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Clean water should be on top of the agenda. Irrelevant use of treats causes overweight which can be a great concern for the Affenpinscher. You have to remain vigilant in this respect.

Affenpinscher dog breeds origin:

Surely, Affenpinscher, at first, was raised in Germany. But we cannot pinpoint the first breeding spot there. To be honest, hard evidence suggests that this breed widely surfaced in the 19th century. But old paintings, oral history, and texts support the existence of a bit taller, bearded and paltry dogs in the 15th century.

Ultimately, the rodent epidemic in middle age Europe led to the wide-scale deployment of Affens. Eventually, they have been bred to be in a far meager physique. Obviously, these woolly rat catchers maintained a unique capability for driving away pests from homes, shops, agro farms, and stables.

However, an adorable hairy look with eye-catching intelligence must have drawn the attention of the ladies. A minuscule size then contributed to their lapdog status.

The Affenpinscher dog carries the rough coated and bearded outlook of the Pugs, German Silky Pinschers, and German Pinschers. Subsequently, a mixed outcome of all the above-mentioned dogs has made a mark on this breed. Frankly, the Brussels Griffon and Miniature Schnauzer both have received lengthy impacts from Affenpinscher breeds.

In 1902, Berlin Lapdog Club started standardizing Affenpinscher according to their classifications. Later on, this standard was accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and thus in 1936, the tiny breed successfully captured a place in the AKC Stud Book.

Unfortunately, the primary American enthusiasm for the hairy pet was violently interrupted by the tragic Second World War. Following the war, its breeding and adoption were revived only in the 1950s. Since then, the Affenpinscher has been a matter of significant interest in the American pet societies.

Affenpinscher Frequently Asked Questions:

Affenpinscher temperament:

Affenpinscher lives up to its name ‘monkey terrier’. This breed belongs to the Pinscher-Schnauzer sub-group. He is playful, active, and loves fun which makes him prettier in the eyes of women.

His intelligence leads him to curiosity. He looks for new things in the form of an adventure. Once, he takes up a serious challenge he will not go down easily. They are confident and stubborn. In spite of a bad temper, they can live peacefully with the other pets.

Insightful care program:

Affenpinschers are relatively low-energy dogs. That characteristic suits them perfectly as apartment dogs. Consequently, they are unfit for living out in the open. But they are very fond of playing outdoor games.
For that reason, you may want to take him to the nearest park. A pacy walk in the apartment or the backyard is often plenty of exercise for them.

Frightless Affen will take on anything that bothers him. So, never let him run alone in the street or leave him unsupervised. His coat needs combing twice to thrice per week. It requires shaping once in every three-month period. Finally, their training requires patience and lots of appreciations.

Which country has the largest number of Affepinschers?

In spite of German origin, America now has the biggest collection of Affens. These puffy little dogs came into mass use in 17th century Europe in homes, shops, and stables.

On the whole, small Affen stature has tremendously contributed to their unique capacity for catching and removing rodents.

Affenpinscher winning people’s heart:

Their primary use, as a result, has been determined as ratters. So, middle age Europe fully utilized this ability to keep away from the rodents.

Contemporary Affenpinschers have received much acclamation as lap dogs, companions and inclusive pets. The earliest recorded Affenpinschers are known to have an existence in the 19th century. But it is supposed that they have been around since the 17th century.

However, their little size does not necessarily reflect their immense courage. A larger than size attitude drives their personality. Large dog ancestry gives them this quality.

On top of that, they possess enough bravery to take on an enemy several times bigger. Affenpinschers are very much inclined to remain vigilant. They are good as a security alarm but not as a protector.

Frankly, Affens are a bit territorial in nature. They become fierce while protecting food, family, and home. Additionally, a keen sense of curiosity has placed them in the rank of inquisitive dogs. Usually, they want to know what is going on around them.

Of course, this energetic fella makes a wonderful travel companion. His clownish activities along with his curious mind will blow away all your fatigue. Moreover, he can take in a changed circumstance better than the other breeds. The Affenpinscher is sure to entertain you and secure your surroundings from tiny threats.

How to trim affenpinscher tremendous anger?

In the long run, a little one must undergo rigorous training to polish his social skills. Even such a training often fails to accommodate him perfectly in a social encounter. Not to mention, new guests will often smell his immense rage upon arrival.

As can be perceived, this characteristic behavior needs removal at a very tender age. You have to take regular walks with the Affenpinscher in the neighborhood and parks. It will help him gather various experiences and sounds.

Furthermore, you may also want to invite your close friends frequently. These social calls will help him grow up as a gregarious and accommodating dog. Note that an Affenpinscher behaves well with the pets he has been raised with. Generally speaking, they are loving to their family and very intelligent.

Here, you have to maintain vigilance to keep him away from dangers several times bigger than him. He is playful and is always ready with some new inventions to please others. Most importantly, they remain loyal to their masters no matter what. Affenpinscher has an intelligent mind which leads him to stubbornness. It requires pruning at an early age.

Nonetheless, their actions change course in the presence of children. So, it is often suggested that you do not adopt one in presence of little children in the family.

Affenpinscher adulthood:

Generally, puppies gain adulthood within two years. The first year goes down as childhood. Then the next year passes on the process of shedding puppyhood. Small breeds such as Affenpinscher take a year to reach a full-grown physique. On the other hand, their sexual manifestation starts occurring from 6 months on.

Emotional maturity is the thing that we seek in an adult dog. It suggests a calm and determined dog that knows what to do or how to act. Actually, this is the core of maturity that takes most of the time.

After a year and a half, puppies leave their usual habit of testing boundaries or picking up an unnecessary fight. They fully grow up within two years.

Is Affenpinscher a good family dog?

First of all, you must not leave your child alone with an Affenpinscher. They dislike surprise hugs, kisses, and chases. They are not fond of being hit with anything.
He might grow furious if someone drives him into a corner. In those cases, Affens tend to bite back for the sake of getting relieved. Young children often fail to realize the importance of his personal space.

Their unsought intrusion into Affenpinscher territory could have a risky blowback. So, keep an eye on both of them so that they do not pull each other’s body parts. For a better outcome, socialize the dog at a very young age. It will impart a lesson to the dog on how to accommodate children and the other pets in the house.

Do not focus solely on the dog training. Teach your children too. So, they can grow a peaceful relationship with the pet. Especially, tell them not to disturb a sleeping dog.

Ask them to sit by the side of the dog and not over them. Do not allow your child to hold a puppy on its lap. Besides, you have to carefully analyze the dog’s behavior in this situation.

Any noticeable change in the dog behavior requires your rapid rescue of the child. Notably, the Affenpinschers act well with the other pets especially those of a similar size to them. Usually, Affen lovers adopt several of them at a time for easier training and management purposes. Cats and Affenpinschers are almost identical in size. They go well as a team.

Is he loyal to the owner?

We have already discussed the fearlessness of an Affenpinscher. They have got a big dog attitude. This psychological potential, as an outcome, makes him a true friend to his family. He boldly confronts a challenge and secures his perimeter perfectly within his capacity.

On top of that, he raises protests against any harm to his family. Provocations might lead him to a self injury. But he does not know how to retreat. This fiery character gives him a fond welcome from the owner’s viewpoint. Usually, he is selflessly loyal to his family.

Is Affenpinscher the best breed for me?

Called ‘mustached little devil’ in France and ‘monkey like terrier’ in Germany, Affenpinscher activities are far more important than its physical attributes. It is often called the therapy dog. He is funny and fearless. He wants to please his master. Moreover, his ape-like face contributes to his entertainment efforts.

Especially, lonely persons will have a lot of health and psychology-related benefits by adopting an Affenpinscher. As they are apartment dogs, city people can have the best out of them. Spatial and behavioral issues can easily be solved by adopting this dog.

Male or female dogs make better pets?

Many experts agree that male dogs are easygoing and female dogs are sure to give you a crooked look if things go wrong.

Male dogs have the issue of scent marking.
On the flip side, unneutered female dogs discharge blood and other things through their vagina twice a year and it continues for almost three weeks. Both of these factors are responsible for dirty furniture and an unhealthy environment. Female dogs are more likely to be compassionate and caring type.

While you are considering adopting an Affenpinscher, those issues are not grave enough. So, we would like to suggest that you go with any or both of those sexes. As small breeds like to be in groups, you could take several of them at a time.

Their small size minimizes the gravity of their actions. If you decide on neutering them, then gender is not an important issue here. To sum up, you can follow your heart.

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