10 Best Companion Dog Breeds

Dogs friendship

In a word, your lifestyle determines the type of companion dog you need. There are variation sin dog behavior and attitude. You have to pick one depending on your requirement and that of the dog.

If you are an occasional hunter, smaller dogs will have no use. If you lead a sedated life,a flamboyant Border Collie could spell some problems. And a house full of children is a disaster for a little Shih Tzu. Well placed judgment could bring happiness for both of you and your dog.

It differs from man to man based on their profession, age, family size, hobbies, personality and so many aspects.A dog is a blessing in loneliness with unconditional love and reliability. A fine companionship always springs from these commendable qualities.

What Are the Outlines of Companion Dog Training?

A good companion dog should have some qualities that inspire the desire of companionship in the mind of its owner. Behavioral aspects come first which remind us of obedience training.

Smooth and gentle dog manners never fail to gather accolades.The dog has to obey your basic orders like ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘stay’ and so many ordinary things.So, your dog must master those moves well. Hand signals are vital for the success of this training.

What type of companion dog temperament suits you well?

Companion dogs require a cool temperament. This applies to both in and outside the home.Ill temperament can damage the reliability which is necessary between the dog and the owner.

General dog training tactics help you smooth down the edges of your dog temperament. Early age training puts positive impact on the dog that lasts for the rest of his life. You have to set the boundary between what is cool and what is unacceptable.

The dog may often transgress the line. You should not get worried and thus end in a bitter relationship with the four legged animal. Hold your nerves tight and reinforce the expected behavior over and over again.

How can you instill patience in your companion dog?

Patience is the key element of nice temperament.The dog will learn the basics of patience in a high level training. The training phase has to evolve with the age of the dog. We should not expect a puppy to listen and obey each and every command.

On the other hand, an adult dog must not discard your consecutive orders.You may command the dog to stay and focused for 1-5 minutes. This training should involve huge treats with each success. In the later stages, you may go on some errands and even then the dog must not move from his place. You can consider this project a good one when no distraction shall unhinge the dog.

What are the goals of socialization for companion dogs?

Companion dog needs to be well socialized. It is a process that teaches various happenings that may take place around him. Meeting new people and pets, customs and rituals and the actions in a social environment are valuable lessons for the dog.

The dog learns expected behavioral patterns in various situations while walking in the street or park. It also imparts training on how to receive a guest in a favorable manner. Companionship is actually a basic idea of socialization. So, this is a part and parcel of companion dog training. The difference between dog and human society along with the connecting lines are taught in socialization.

What matters in strong companionship?

Companionship often aligns with hobbies. Here, you have to be tactful. Your dog selection will determine the true assimilation of two souls. If you are too much into hunting, you cannot have a Bulldog partner. On the other hand,if you are an avid reader, you should not take an Italian Greyhound.

None of you will enjoy the relationship if your natural character goes the other way. Choose a dog that matches your requirement. Otherwise, no training can heal the schisms.

A list of 10 best companion dogs:

They are cute and cuddly. If you are looking for a little breed that fills up the short space in your apartment, you have come to the right place.

These dogs will facilitate your need for canine fellowship. They are good for keeping your lap warm. They will maintain an enjoyable partnership throughout the day with a lively presence.

Small Medium Large
Maltese Boxer Golden Retriever
Pekingese Bulldog Border Collie
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Italian Greyhound Dalmatian
Yorkshire Terrier


Maltese are age old dogs of unlimited friendship. They are bred for their exclusive companionship. His appearance rings a bell of haughtiness. But these dogs are in fact the epitome of gentleness. Tiny Maltese are also good for agility and sports. But their exuberant fur eventually hides this capacity.

Nothing is more attractive to him than an affectionate cuddle on your lap. These are fearless dogs in spite of their small size. So, you have to keep an eye on his movement while outing. An obtrusive kid can bring the snappy Maltese out of this sweet looking dog.


Pekingese Loyalty and polished manners are two cornerstones of Pekingese temperament. They would like you to understand the higher status he usually enjoys. So, matures folks can have the best of his company.

Teenage children farewell this dog. But unpredictable kids are not so welcome to the close bondage. They were the royal companion dogs of Chinese courts for centuries. This Toy group member loves your attention and is an incomparable lapdog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog thrives on human relationships. They are very much people oriented. He just loves sitting on your lap or a good belly rub. In spite of being a toy breed, they have relentless energy for chasing a small game or participating with your long walks.

They are fond of running around a lot and so they need to have access to a fenced ground to balance that swelling energy.

Depending on your lifestyle, they can also maintain an enormous couch potato status. But an idle routine will lead to a fat and lethargic dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier will leave anything behind for a good humored cuddle by its owner . These dogs are one of the smallest dogs and do fine as lap dogs.

Yorkie has a long silky coat which is a great bonding opportunity for you. They do not seek too much exercise and can live a happy life as apartment dogs.

This dog is a sharp watchdog rarely failing to announce a stranger. Older women are said to be most fond of this breed for its adaptability to home without making too much fuss.

Medium sized companion dogs:

These dogs mostly possess a herding record in the previous days. This profession has endowed them with the tenacity and patience of a top companion dog.

Dog companionship goes two ways. You do something for the dog and in return the dog performs something for you.

Medium size dogs are good for your daily work management. They can accompany you both at home and outside. Small dog belligerence or large dog aggression has a tolerable limit in a medium dog.

Here, you can go for strength, temperament, adorability and so many aspects


The Boxer is a funny guy with a lot of energy. They belong to the Working Group of dogs. So, his owner should expect a little more running and walk for him. This is a top class family friend if you can exhaust his energy.

They like to maintain an amusing environment around their loved humans. These dogs are reputed for patience and farewell as children playmates. Intelligence and alertness are two integral qualities of a Boxer. You will certainly enjoy petting this dog.


The Bulldog is the true representative of a companion dog. This is the gentlest family dog you may desire for. Medium size, short muzzle and low physical activities are the trademarks of Bulldog. They show love to all and are never ferocious. Their good nature makes them solid friends to kids.

Loyalty and devotion is the backbone of their existence. Not so agile Bulldogs are more than happy to join your small distance walks and short game spells.  Bulldog temperament stands out among all of its appreciable features.

Italian Greyhound:

Italian Greyhound In a word, this dog is all about speed and chases. Their toy size makes them formidable hunters of the smaller games. Italian gentlemen had a greater preference for Italian greyhound companionship in the middle ages. His grooming takes the least effort.

He needs your presence for his protection more than his dashing actions necessarily suggest.  They also love to be around you. Once you tire him out, he will barely move from the couch. This sighthound requires a fenced area for sprinting around.

Large sized companion dogs:

If you are looking for companionship, true loyalty and utmost reliability, you will love these giant dogs. Cost, space and lifespan are three key factors that you must consider before getting one of them. These dogs are intimidating to other people.

But you will enjoy the best of their behavior. Your active life mostly suits larger dogs than that any other size.

Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retrievers are the finest of companion dogs across all age levels. They are especially suitable for families with kids. You can simply train this dog for any purpose except for guarding. Smart Golden Retrievers will surely soothe your mind.

Excellent obedience, smooth temperament and patience are the hallmarks of this breed. These qualities are quintessential for intimacy. You can enjoy its vibrant and valuable closeness if you meet up the exercise requirements.

Medium large physique, intelligent presence, powerful actions and solid love for togetherness will rapidly melt your heart in his favor.

Border Collie:

The Border Collies are the most workaholic dogs. They would be obliged to serve you from dawn to dusk. So, the owner needs to be prepared to tire the dog out in some way. Besides working capacity, these dogs are reputed to be very intelligent.

They will not idle around you unless the job is finished. But they also possess a mellow character which often comes out after all the tasks are finished.

His presence is a challenge for your intelligence too as his subtle and quick wits will surely test your methods. They are quick learners and you will surely fall in love with a deep look into his arts.


The Dalmatians are a highly active breed. They are very fond of human connection and close relations. Their quick wit makes them fast learners. They are good for watchdog jobs. These medium size dogs are frequent runners.

They like to please you with their activities which is a nice trait for a companion dog. But you have let him have plenty of exercises.

Otherwise, he may feel disgruntled It is better for you to be an active person in order to earn the respect you want from a Dalmatian.

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