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A fitting dog blanket on a dog bed helps the fur baby build up a cozy den following the footsteps of their wild ancestors. It can provide him with plenty of security which is especially vital for a dog with anxiety issues. In this respect, a chew proof dog blanket could be a vital element for his overall well being along with the good health of your wallet.

They love snuggling under a cover that can keep up the warmth on a cold night. Moreover, resting and nesting reaches a different strata for the canine companion. But a relentless chewer can turn out to be a real nightmare in this regard. So, you are wondering about looking for the perfect dog blanket that cannot be ripped apart just on a whim. Now, get going with this reading to find out the ultimate answer to this real world concern.

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PetFusion Premium Blanket

1. Extremely soft

2. Prevents scratching

3. For all season use

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This top of the shelf pet blanket is what you are looking for all along. You can use it for multipurpose. Its thick layer of fiber is made of high standard ingredients. Pill resistant features keep you free of worries. You can now save your furniture from the clawing of the dog. Pet hair cannot stick to its body. You can throw it on the backside of the car, floor surface or bed and it will look amazing. This is a completely machine washable blanket for your comfortable maintenance. Any defect will be backed up with a one year warranty.


Rivers West Tundra Blanket

1. Machine washable

2. Outstandingly durable

3. Guaranteed warmth

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It is a highly appreciable blanket especially for the chilly winter days. Windproof body lets nothing in or out of the blanket. So, the dog can remain warm inside for all day and all night. Your car seats are now safe from the mischievous paws of the puppy. Interestingly, this one is fit for both humans and pets alike. Your dog will love its soft and warm touches. Portability has been made easy with a carry strap.



1. Unprecedented comfort

2. Saves furniture

3. Comfortable cleaning

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You want to maintain the warmth of your dog’s body in the night. Here goes the ultimate solution to this problem. Most importantly, this is a lightweight dog blanket that never compromises in terms of body warmth. Besides, you have a solid protection against clawing and chewing of the dog bed and furniture. Just lay it on top of the things you want to save from his teeth and paws. You will find all sizes available for your puppy.


AIPERRO Fluffy Dog Blanket

1. Super soft

2. Saves furniture

3. No fading

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Tackle your fur baby as a professional does and use this dog blanket. There happens to be no shedding or pilling in any way. It can immensely improve the environment of their crates, beds and kennels. Place it on the couch, sofa, bed or car seat on the go. This blanket will protect those things at all costs. Top class soft fleece keeps your puppy warm throughout the night as well.


FurryBaby Fleece Dog Blanket

1. No dirt on the furniture

2. Highly portable

3. Shake off fallen hair

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Your dog wants a free roaming zone? Well, give him one without limits by placing this blanket. You can easily spot hair, dirt as well as remove those with little to no effort. It will also defend against furniture scratching and protect your valuable assets. This is a fully machine washable dog blanket. The puppy is looking for the warmth and bouncy feeling of its fleece component.

Is a dog blanket useful?

There are several benefits of a dog blanket. Let’s check them out.
01. Dog hair and dirt reaches every nook and corner of your place. The bed, couch, car seat and everything else becomes affected as you can see. The blanket can effectively cut down such contamination by keeping his hair and dirt stuck in his blanket.
02. The bed alone is not enough for preserving his body warmth. The blanket covers the dog in full and works great for a sound rest.
03. Thunders can truly scare the dog and the blanket acts as a shield by covering his eyes during those moments. He will feel greater security under it.
04. Smaller potty incidents will barely reach down to the bed. Everybody knows that washing a blanket is easier than washing the bed.
05. Of course, the safety feeling of a den is a boon along with the blanket. A suitable blanket will add some extra points towards the comfort zone.

What are the properties of a chew proof dog blanket?

There are several things to consider for a chew proof item.
01. It can be made of fleece, polyester, wool or plush.
02. Usually, thickness translates into durability of the blanket. So, most of them are double layered.
03. Stiffness or hardness is not a mandatory aspect as a soft blanket could provide more comfort. On the other hand, hardness can be an obstacle in this context.

What does a chew proof dog blanket mean?

In fact, chew proof dog blanket does not indicate an immortal blanket that can take on a herculean task of preserving itself for an eternity. There is actually no blanket that can guarantee 100% chew resistance. You can flag such an advertisement for blatant falsehood. So, we have to bring down our expectations to a certain limit.
Two things really count here. One is the degree of destructive behavior of the dog in question and another is the material quality of the blanket. Premium quality material can resist ill activities for a long time. On the other hand, a constant chewer will stop at nothing. His endless efforts can bear fruits relatively quickly in the form of holes and tears here and there. Significant chew resistance can be identified as chew proof and an experienced dog owner will feel the world of difference lying between these two grey zones.

How can you prevent dog chewing?

Dog experts and trainers point out some pragmatic ways for you to put a stop to his destructive behavior. Let’s go through those.
01. Give him enough physical exercise so that the dog feels tired to undertake ill initiatives.
02. Train the dog with ‘leave it’ command. So, you can obstruct his chewing by voicing it out loud.
03. Make him used to the crate life. When no one is there for supervision, get him locked down. Thus you can relax for at least 4-5 hours at a stretch.
04. Give the dog a number of chew and puzzle toys. It will keep him busy in positive ways. Especially during the teething period, it is vital to restrain his gum pain.
05. If the puppy feels anxiety, he is likely to demonstrate bad behavior. Remove the things that trigger anxiety from around him.
06. You can also contact the vet or an animal behaviorist for a pinpoint identification of the real issues behind it. He can give you a precise method to deal with an individual chewer.

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