10 Best Small Family Dogs

Best small family dogs point to some intrinsic qualities that differ them from the other dogs. They are supposed to have friendly attributes, gentle temperament, adaptability, basic ideas of companionship and easy trainability.

Finding the best small family dogs is our motto. These small dogs thrive well in a home environment. In no way, these little dogs mean little joy.

Norfolk Terrier

Looks can be deceiving as this small dog is looking for a lot of physical exercise which is disproportionate to his size. These are the best small dogs for kids. So, Norfolk Terrier will soon capture the heart of your kids with his funky styles. There will regularly arise a tug of war ‘who can last long’ between your kids and the dog.


Small family dogs must include a Dachshund for proper listing. Badgers, foxes and rabbits are his enemies. On the other hand, you, your family and your friends are his endearing subjects. He is also a champion show dog. This is one of the best little dog breeds.


Here is your universal friend. Maltese is a people oriented dog breed. His charming face has teamed up excellently with a bold nature. This is a dog that never sheds its puppyhood until death. So, you have lifelong puppy at home as Maltese are one of the dogs that stay small. He is a member of the very small dogs club.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers have transformed into ‘American gentleman’ from a fighting dog category. This dog will become a champion for your kids with amusing style and vivacious activities. These days, he gets well along with just anyone. He stands among the best dog breeds for home.

Shih Tzu

Please, say hello to the ‘little lion’ with pure fondness and warmth. Looking for cute small dogs? Shih Tzu is the answer. You cannot escape his eyes while at home. They have been enchanting homes for about a millennium. Playfulness and mischievous activities put them on top of the small dog breeds.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog happens to be another genuine companion for your family. He is happy in an apartment with a little exercise. Small size and cute disposition has made him the king in popularity. His playful nature is an asset for any child as he is one of the small dogs good with kids.


You may not believe but Beagle is a hunter. This dog is sturdy and compact. They never discriminate between an adult or a child and go along just fine with anyone. You can enjoy a long companionship with this scent hound as this is quite a long living breed. You bet, he is also among the best dogs for small children.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

‘Sporty’ is the word fitting a Cavalier King. He is surprisingly active than his size indicates. Kids with lots of energy will have the best of this breed. They can stick to their nimble buddy. They can manage hiking or long walks too.


If you are looking for a lively and bright dog, you have just met him. Havanese bears a cheerful soul. Social interactions are truly appetizer for him. This one will always be glued to your side. He is intelligent and easily trainable.


Pugs are Asian lovers. Nothing gives them more pleasure than being around you. They are your clown masters. They have a compact physical build up. These small dogs are really good with the children as well as the other pets.


This list of best small family dogs does not mean that you are short on space. Rather, it focuses on giving you the best out of a small dog. We have carefully sorted out the finest dog breeds and pointed out their basic nature so that it helps you take the right decision.

If you already have one of these dogs, please comment below on your experience. It will help the other fans of that dog with better ideas.

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