These Best Small Dogs Are the Combination of Things You Need

These small dog breeds chart will be immensely effective if you are looking for the best small dogs fitting your tiny space left for a pet. People look for petite dogs for their smooth portability. The best small dogs come with smaller costs as they need to eat less.

The AKC also points out that a little one is likely to have lesser amount of medical costs. Easier grooming and handling are the other reasons behind choosing these dogs. The smaller their size, the more their lifespan. Most importantly, a large dog aggression may lead to a devastating result. So, families with kids often seek for popular small dog breeds considering the above issues. The teacup dog breeds often overlap the small dog breeds chart.


This Toy Group Chinaman appears with all the good qualities of an ideal dog. Pug is one of the best dogs for kids and its temperament is heart warming and loving. They live up to 15 years. Pug weight hovers between 14-18 pounds ensuring intimate activities with you. Moderate walk is enough for his exercise.

Boston Terrier:

These gentle breed rarely shows any aggression.  Boston Terrier temperament is brightly amicable. Once a week brushing will do just fine with the coat. He is an all-round dog who is capable of going for long as well as short exercise session. 1.5 Cups of dry food is enough for his appetite.


10-11 Pounds of Havanese weight declares its incomparable lap dog status. Generally, sociable Havanese temperament will rapidly grab your heart. They love to pass time with the children. He is a perfect apartment dog. His cute appearance springs from his long hair which needs daily grooming. Havanese does well with a brisk walk and occasional playtime. These are one of the smallest dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

His Spaniel ancestors pushed a sporty character into this dog. He is quite a long living Toy breed. He is both happy to be a couch potato and a fair exercise partner and  long coat breed requiring regular, attentive grooming. Cavaliers even follow on to your movements almost never allowing you a personal space. Gentle Cavalier will soon melt your heart with graceful affection.

Yorkshire Terrier:

Long coat is a wrong insinuation for Yorkshire Terriers as it often mops the floor. 7 Pound body carries this flamboyant soul. Yorkshire Terrier temperament dictates a superior boldness and curiosity. They will not go for long period of exercise sessions.

But you can bet on their short distance running spree. Yorkies have a commandeering tendency on other animals which is an alarming bell for you. A large opponent may take this attitude seriously and fight back. Yorkshire Terriers belong to the long haired small dog breeds. They are flawless lap dogs enjoying a similar status since the Victorian Period.


This Toy breed weighs only 7 pounds distributing one pound for one inch of his 7 inch height. He is a peace loving family member who just loves trotting around you. Maltese was bred in Malta in the pre-Christian era.

You have to brush his white coat everyday. In length, the fluffy white coat resembles that of Yorkshire Terrier. Fearlessness is an inherent Maltese temperament. So, you need to protect him in case of a bigger threat. These dogs are superb performers in agility and obedience tests.

Miniature Pinscher:

Miniature Pinscher lifespan extends even up to 16 years. On the grooming department, you do not need to worry too much. He is another braveheart in a small body. He is in fact always on the move and do not like to be pursed in a journey. If you have a Miniature Pinscher, you must not undergo any rodent issue. These dogs are practically natural rodent sweepers. They are keen watchdogs with spectacular senses.

Bichon Frise:

The AKC puts that ‘Bichon Frise stands among the world’s great personality dogs’. They are up to 11 inches tall and weigh less than 18 pounds. Bichon Frise temperament is happy. They are peace lovers and cooperate well with the other pets in your place.

He is compassionate as a companion dog. He just loves making fun around. Bichons enthusiastically served among the French royalties and his early American job happened to be in the circus. Unlike the other small dog breeds, this dog is inserted into the Non-Sporting Group of dogs and Non-Sporting Bichon Frise upholds a diversified character. It suggests that they are stout dogs instead of being fragile.

Brussels Griffon:

This is another Toy Group member who fits well in a teacup. But his size does not demonstrate his sky high personality. Self important Griffons were extensively used as ratters in Belgium. One Griffon fan should mention his climbing capacity which may incur fatal damage if he soars too high. He does like to maintain his territorial integrity and in case of an invasion, his threats stretch up to fierce barking.

This quality gives him an edge as a watchdog.They appear both in smooth and rough coats. He needs half an hour of exercise daily. They are excellent companions.


Dachshunds keep appearing in several different categories for their versatile qualities which are responsible for their escalating popularity. As a small dog, he is one rare hound with awesome smelling capabilities. A pack of Dachshunds can keep your nose poking neighborhood away from you. Dachshund has three coat variations and the short haired dogs enjoys the most popularity. This intelligent dog makes a sound family member. Miniature breed needs more activities than that of his larger cousins. Half an hour of exercise will suffice his requirement.

Jack Russell Terrier:

He is a hunting dog and in spite of his small size, he can prey on a fox. This smart and agile dog suits an experienced owner as he has his own ways to perform an action. He is capable of mimicking the speed of a hound. So, do not brush him away at the first look. He can jump up to your face. This sturdy breed is susceptible to deafness and you have to check on it regularly.

Terrier JRTs should have lengthy exercise routine with plenty of time for exploration. He likes to remain busy on anything and everything. Never unleash him in an outing as he will instantly follow his instincts and run away.

Miniature Schnauzer:

This is another terrier with medium energy. He loves accompanying you no matter wherever you go. His outgoing personality makes him a wonderful companion. He possesses a serious prey drive and so must be leashed in an open area.

They are exceedingly intelligent and are fairly easy to train if you can put on a happy face on the activities. His terrier nature dictates his rough behavior towards larger dogs. You have to rescue him fro such a situation. But they are wonderful watchdogs sounding an alarm at any approach.


This is smallest among the small dog breeds having even 5 inches of height at the shoulder. Naturally, he belongs to the Toy Group. His big personality makes up for the small size. Chihuahua is a fantastic watchdog and a national symbol of Mexico. His feisty behavior goes against the kids as some of them tend to bite. They live a fairly long life.

If you are searching for low maintenance dogs for apartments, Chihuahua is undoubtedly the right option. A short home run is enough for their exercise. This ancient breed is generally healthy. Chihuahuas learn pretty quickly as they have got a beauty with brain. He does well in a positive training session.


The Pomeranian knows very well that its beauty is quite unbeatable. His lustrous coat requires frequent brushing. They are great companion dogs except for little kids. It is another German breed who performs as a watchdog in typical German efficiency. They are both witty and ardent learners.

So, you can train them quite comfortably. You may take him outside for his daily walk or do it inside the house. He is content in either way. He is considered the finest among the best small dogs. This is a healthy dog breed.

Finally, these dogs appear with different personalities and functions. Some of the best small dogs are devoted workers. But most of them are reputed for their inherent beauty. They are good companions. But infringing on a small dog territory will result in a negative way as their size is primarily responsible for their protective attitude.

A well trained dog will beat down the wrong assumptions and display a trove of heart warming activities. The best small dogs are ideal apartment dwellers that thrive solely on human companionship.

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