13 Best Guard Dogs for Family Protection

Giant Schnauzer

Best guard dogs protect you, your property and your family in the best possible way. They are fiercely protective and often less hesitant to attack a perceived threat.

Moreover, these dogs are reputed for hard work and long term stamina. Besides, you can count on them any time, anywhere especially as a home protection dog. But they also need to undergo rigorous training and socialization in order to have an even temperament.

Thereon, we have brought you a host of the best guard dogs who will never fail you. Not to forget, small guard dog breeds are most of the time watchdogs and suitable for apartment dwellers.

So, they are less visible in the list below. Obviously, the question on watchdog vs guard dog has been dispensed here. You will grasp the real intention of a guard dog finishing this article.

A list of 13 best guard dogs for families:

These best guard dog breeds mean serious business which may often seem to be outdated in the current socialized world context.

But it should be noted that these canine companions are capable of heartfelt love and loyalty. Securing the perimeter, controlling unwanted access, chasing a fair game gives them pure joy.

Most importantly, they should have a strict attack-on-order lesson. Otherwise, these protection dogs are the unpredictable forces to reckon with in a tensed situation.

What is the most suitable home guard dog?

Among all the fierce guard dogs, the Bullmastiff has the capacity to become the best home protection dog. They bear statement to an epic level of strength and agility.

However, this is not enough for home protection as it includes kids as well. So, a Bullmastiff has a tender heart which is a good influence on the children. Intelligence, kindheartedness and vigor aligns in this guard dog and this may be the one canine member you are looking for.

What is dog territorial instinct?

Barking, baring the teeth, growling and aggression often occurs due to the territorial nature of the dog. The dog tends to consider some of the things as his own.

These things include the home, family, toys, often public spaces, food, people and so on. Those valuable possessions should not be in danger or in the face of an infringement.

If any untoward incident happens or the dog thinks that it is going to happen, he is likely to spring into action. This feeling is identified as territorial instinct in dogs.

Which breed has the strongest guarding instinct?

The Akita is the dog with the most protective senses. None of the slightest threats goes undetected from their intelligent oversight. Just like the Komondororok, they are unlikely to bond with a stranger. Even a family member must earn his closeness to an Akita.

This Japanese breed has been a symbol of aristocracy in their native land for centuries. Physical superiority, virile build up and keen observation are enough to put him on top of the guard dog list.

Which dog shows more aggression: male or female?

Unneutered female dogs are more protective in most of the cases. But there is little research in this field to really determine the true nature of a dog based on its gender.

Female dogs experience more of the mood swings and when it happens they are to be carefully reckoned with. If we consider this issue as male vs female dog, male dogs are generally more protective.

Again, girl dogs are not showy in this respect while male dogs need to establish their dominance and so seem to be more threatening. An angry female dog is not good at all for her counterpart. Because her aggression almost always means something. This behavior, in male dogs, is more or less even.

We also have to remember that protective sense relies on breed, environment and mood. It has little to do with gender.

Does a dog defend its owner?

Most likely, your dog will protect you in case of danger. But some of them are notorious for accepting treats from an intruder as well. Approximately, 34% of convicted burglars are afraid of raiding a house if there is a dog in it.

Giant physical stature of the dog itself is a great deterrent for most burglars out there. It answers a lot of this question.

But it really depends upon individual situations. Protection training bears utmost value in this respect. If your dog is well trained to protect you, he will act in the nick of time.

As dogs nowadays have been used to living an idle life in the apartment, their protective senses have dulled to some extent. They are not habituated to experiencing dangerous incidents on a regular basis. So, an attack upon you might completely perplex him and he might not understand how to react.

It is vital that you teach him about the situations when their protective senses must get activated. The dog should learn to differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior and such differentiation calls for extensive training.

Let him know the guarding perimeter by taking him to walks across the boundary of your property. Barking, growling, baring teeth, physical assault and chases are some of the most effective dog deterrents.

Are dogs more protective of female owners?

Dogs are not protective of female owners in a special way. Though a few dog people want to point out an awareness of dogs toward human gender, this statement does not hold water in general.

Dogs can differentiate between friendliness and animosity more easily than identifying your gender. They like to protect their close ones including family and friends regardless of biological differences.

However, male folks walk in a gait that can be translated as threatening to a perceptive dog due to its directness and charging style. On the other hand, mostly polite female gait does not inspire a similar feeling in the dog. This fundamental difference often gives rise to dog aggression out of nowhere.



The Akita stands the tallest among the best guard dogs when it comes to devotion and loyalty. In fact, they are the best attack dogs. These dogs used to protect the royal personages in the old Japan. Akita is a tall, strenuous and thick boned dog who is worth every bit of your attention and praise.

The saying, that ‘beware of the silent one’ goes perfectly well with the Akita. Usually, the Akitas seldom bark and drive an assault on the spur of the moment. You, as the owner, will not even understand the signs of his attacking mood. It happens so fast and out of the blue style.

By and large, their personality barely allows any other pets in your place as it might be an additional source of friction. He does not need exhausting exercise as a brisk long walk is enough for his stimulation. He likes to shadow you all day long but maintains a strict aloofness with the strangers. Therefore, he is a proud member of the best personal protection dogs.

Puppies must undergo rigorous socializing. Otherwise, they are not unlikely to kick someone’s as real good in any time. Even after socialization, they are going to retain their cool and reserved personality.

Belgian Malinois:

Belgian Malinois

He is a Herding Group member with impeccable smartness. This is a multi talent sturdy dog. Frankly, you are not allowed to keep him unemployed. Their job capacity ranges from police dog to family companion.

Luckily, they strongly bond with their providers. Similarly, the Belgian Malinois is a superior performer in agility and obedience tests. On top of that, they are true workaholics looking forward to doing anything you can offer. The Belgian Malinois intelligence comes close to the top of the class and their capacity vastly varies. But he is not the best guard dog who likes to get stuck into an apartment.

Doberman Pinscher:

This German working dog has been developed exclusively for guarding and he excels at his job. It should be noted that he is a mixture of several fearsome breeds such as the Rottweiler, German Pinscher and others. If you can meet the exercise requirements, he is more like a laid back member of the family looking over the activities of the other people.On the whole, you can count on his immaculate intelligence even among the smartest dog breeds.

He is not suitable for an inactive owner. This muscular and tall dog is intelligent enough to understand what’s going on. In addition, he loves his family and gently performs in his watch dog capacity. But threats are never good for his psychology as he is likely to send a fierce feedback.

He will undergo strenuous paths in order to minimize an incoming fear factor. You can comfortably rely on doberman guard dog breeds. Furthermore, a Doberman Pinschers a great associate of the children both in terms of play and protection.

Great Dane:

Great dane

This is another Working Group dog that possesses a large body but a tender heart. Coupled with friendliness and dependency, the Great Danes are easygoing. His formidable size, which ranges from 100 pounds to 200 pounds, immediately thwarts any ill motive. As can be seen, he is a sincere guardian at his heart. However, his patience and loyalty should not be translated into his weaknesses as he can go a long distance in order to root out a threat.

Danes are true symbols of courageous spirit. He was primarily developed as a boar hunter. So, we cannot put any question mark on his capacity. In fact, the earlier sharpness has eroded to some extent but still enough bravery exists for a guard job. Luckily, he is not feisty in nature and does well with the children and apartment life.

Your family approaches determine whether he can be the best guard dog for first time owner. A Great Dane puppy can knock out a table or a child. Even the best guard dogs will fear a Great Dane. So, he needs good socialization. He is fit to be one of the best family dogs.

German Shepherd Dog:

German shepherd

The German Shepherds are courageous and smart. Being in the list of the best guard dogs is not enough for him. They are truly versatile dogs despite belonging to the Herding Group. Both his formidable size and intense look work miracles in protecting anything. In the same token, these are sleek figured top sprinters among canine competitors. Correspondingly, the German Shepherd Dog is a hyperactive breed who must have a great deal of daily exercise.

Though he goes well along with his family members, strangers are likely to smell some of his rage or reservation. This athletic breed is the best at guarding. On the whole, intelligence blends with loyalty as well as agility in a German Shepherd Dog.


Komondor dog

The best guard dogs are naturally wary of strangers and the Komondorok bear the earmark of highest reputation in this regard. Uniquely, strangers have little room to interact with the Komondor as these dogs are always set to drive an all out assault if they sense any wrongdoing. He has a blue collar ancestral record in Hungary, his country of origin. After all, this strenuous dog used to herd and guard cattle. In brief, he will watch over each of your steps all day.

In the same token, the Komondorok are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the family. Early socialization and fair amount of exercise will calm his temperament down. Do not subscribe him unless you are an experienced owner. Not to forget, he belongs to the guard dogs that don’t shed.



The popular name goes as Rottie or simply Rott. In short, he is confidently calm. His robust physique often deceives us into thinking him as a rambunctious canine citizen. But a deeper look into his personality reveals a mellow characteristic residing within. This is a devoted family dog who wants to be with his family. Proper training will shut off his undue aggression.

However, he holds a reserved attitude towards the strangers. But it should not transcend into timidity. The Rottweilers are great protectors and at the same time unforgettable family friends. In the final analysis, guarding success has landed him in the police, military and port services.



White coated Kuvasz is a powerfully built dog often weighing above 100 pounds. He is both loyal and intrepid. This Hungarian breed had a flock guarding job in the early days. His strenuous capacities ask for a longer period of exercise and romping around. So, you need to have a big open yard for his playfulness. His night patrols are likely to announce each stranger with intense barks. Strikingly, the Kuvasz does not like living in an apartment as they continually look forward to guarding their territory.

Contrarily, their large size never hinders light footed activities as they prefer to be the highest performing athletes. His friendship never extends beyond his family. No stranger is going to befriend him. No matter how cordially you welcome him in your place. The Kuvasz is extremely loyal to his people. In contrast, he does not bode well for the children.

Giant Schnauzer:

Giant Schnauzer

By and large, the Giant Schnauzers share little attribute of his cousin Miniature Schnauzers. His large size contributes immensely to his commanding disposition. Above all, these Working Group dogs are loyal, trainable and witty. His job list frequents quite a long path. Notably, the guarding motivation springs from his territorial instincts which dictate him toward protecting his family and belongings. 

Hence, he does not seek for a formal training in order to perform as a guard dog as it is ingrained into his psyche. Giant Schnauzer is sharp at police, military and rescue jobs. Similarly, he is your daily task manager looking forward to expanding his area of expertise. Excessively energetic Giant Schnauzers should have long exercise routine.

Cane Corso:

Cane corso

The Cane Corso prospered in Italy primarily for his property guarding intuitions. He used to hunt wild boar, a track record proving his robust abilities. Notably, the best thing about a Corso is that he will not follow an aggressive path unless she perceives an inbound threat in his terms.

He is superior to the most other Mastiff breeds in terms of agility. Early extensive socialization might break down his aloofness. Otherwise, a Cane Corso will pay little respect to a stranger and will often consider him a threat. Take an in depth look into the Cane Corso. He does not seek for a cuddle or even your attention. But he likes to stay beside you. Certainly, their imposing presence with a large muscular body will beat down any trouble seeking intentions.



The Boxer is another Working Group dog both bright and active at the same time. Boxers can act in a silly way despite their burly look. But make no mistake by taking this consideration into the field of bravery. They are reputed for performing fearless deeds. Boisterous Boxers must have a lot of exercise. His high spirits can only be curbed in this way. Above all, he is a loyal family dog willing to protect his companions. He is friendly in nature but wary of strangers.

However, he is unwilling to initiate an attack on the spur of the moment if trained well. Most importantly, they respond sadly if you maltreat them. So, you need to train and socialize him carefully. Adult dogs are not trouble seekers. On the other hand, they contain a cool temperament.



The Bullmastiff is a cross between the Bulldog and Mastiff breeds. They are significantly large in size and belong to the Working Group of dogs. Both of his ancestors bear a history of war and violence. In the early days, the Bullmastiff was of greater use in England to guard against poaching.

To clarify, they are low energy dogs translating into their low exercise requirement. Thus, the Bullmastiffs may be considered as a best guard dog for apartment life. But this dog is capable of higher strength when it comes to serious jobs such as sports. He is purely a family guy who loves to stay by his people and remains reserved towards the strangers. It makes him a good watchdog too. The best or worst thing about a Bullmastiff is that he does not know the art of backing down from a situation.

Rhodesian Ridgeback:

 Rhodesian Ridgeback

He belongs to the Hound Group and bears a natural hound instinct. This best guard dog was born and bred in Africa as a hunter and protector. They were extensively used to prey on large animals. Their liberated soul and serious prey drive are two formidable issues to reckon with when they are your family members.

Meanwhile, they are super athletes and fast enough to beat any aggressor. Fortunately, Rhodesian Ridgeback holds an aloof attitude regarding strangers. They need strong willed leader for effective training and socialization. This energetic dog needs robust exercise schedule for a better physical and mental stimulation.


Small guard dog breeds are no match for the best guard dogs who are generally large in size and built strenuously. So, our selected sentry dogs have naturally come up with enormous physical traits. In short, they are the top performers in terms of family and territorial protection. These dogs have versatile qualities and excel as home protection dog too. Your family members and assets are equally safe at their disposal.

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