15 Best Dogs for Kids

Kid Friendly Dogs

Dogs are great companions to the children introducing recurring source of witty amusement, endless sports, patient endurance, protective shielding and so on. Kids grow up better with child friendly dog breeds.

If you are considering taking in a new member for the proper support of your toddler or children, then our selected 15 best dogs for kids will assist you tremendously. A certain age kid requires a certain breed though some most intelligent dogs such as Golden Retriever is suitable for all age groups.

As a dog is not to be changed like furniture, it surely does need some premeditated thoughts.

1. Newfoundland:

When they truly mean a large dog, they mean a Newfoundland. With an astounding physical stature, these dogs are amazingly loving, patient and devoted. Newfoundland is also regarded as one of the best dogs for scared children.

Profoundly gracious Newfie is good natured with anybody and everybody except for itchy troublemakers. Children’s protection comes as his foremost duty.

The Sensitive mind puts him ahead of the other breeds in terms of best dogs for kids. This dog loves to play in the water. An awe inspiring characteristic issue comes forth in the AKC .

2. Beagle:

In spite of being a hound, Beagles are funny, curious and friendly. Beagle is one of the least known breeds for its aggression and does just fine as a family companion. They are fantastic playmates of the children with their endless energy and watchful vigilance.

He is a pack hound looking for plenty of company which is quite helpful for a kid. His sociable and easy going manner positions him as the kids’ best friend. But remember one thing about Beagle before you can rely on him without tension. This screenshot puts it finely

3. Bulldog:

Bulldogs are reputed for enduring patience regarding child friendliness. Their fierce appearance has got nothing to do with their docile and reliable playfulness. Kids can jostle or wrestle as much as they want with a Bulldog and you never need to worry about any retribution from the dog end.

Training a Bulldog is a Herculean task as he is both stubborn and empty headed. But you have to keep pushing in order to achieve the required socialization goals.

It will take much time and effort ensuring a trouble less home with a peaceful coexistence between the Bulldog and the other pets. Bulldogs are incapable of swimming. So, you should restrict his access to your pool.

4. Collie:

Amazing Collies bear an undying reputation for children friendliness. They learn things pretty quickly and make wonderful family members who are happy to play and watch over the kids. They were primarily bred for company and herding purposes.

But their high intelligence level has advanced their ranking to a position of child specialist. As a Herding Group dog, Collies possess a powerful prey drive that often leads to herding any moving thing be that children, cars or other pets.

So, on the very first such instance you have to act decisively in order to prevent any repetition. Once corrected, they are unlikely to behave in a wrong way. Day long worker Collies become aggressive only when they have no jobs to perform.

5. Labrador Retriever:

As an all square dog, Labrador Retrievers enjoy huge popularity in America. They are good at games, hunting, fetching companionship and so many things. His medium physical stature along with lively energetic moves is often frightening for a toddler as a wrong timing may cause some damage.

So, the dog is perfect for older children who will take the pleasure of the Lab company and participate equally as well. He is a perfect family dog because of his easy going and friendly nature. But do not expect him to watch over your children as he performs terribly in this sector.

6. Poodle:

The Poodle thrives on its exceptional intelligence and learning capacity. This dog loves water activities and is great at duck retrieving.

Being one of the most trainable dog, Poodles are great companions of the children. His true friendly nature allows a peaceful coexistence with the other pets. He is less energetic but performs wonderfully in agility or obedience competitions which is the single most important factor to accompany a child.

The kid is supposed to immerse into a world of amusing activities with a Poodle on its side as he tops the list of best dogs for kids. He is obedient and eager to please in any circumstances.

He lives peacefully with the other pets in the house. The Poodle is a splendid watchdog which means your children are safe under his supervision.

7. Golden Retriever:

Goldens seriously put an effort to please his family and are easy to train. As a result, these dogs rank 3rd in the AKC popularity list. They are all good for a family regarding child companionship because this is a family dog who abhors living outdoors.

They have a lengthy puppyhood which is both a blessing for your kids and a test for your patience in terms of his lively demonstrations. Tender age kids should be supervised as a boisterous Golden Retriever is not unlikely to step over the child.

In general, they are amiable and trustworthy. His friendliness even extends to a stranger which makes him an imperfect guard dog. Normally, your Golden will protect your baby and will turn out to be a constant source of kids’ amusement.

8. Irish Setter:

Just like a human baby, Irish Setters like to explore new places and new events. They are active, outgoing and sweet natured. Intelligence blends with mischief in an Irish Setter.

So, it is a bit of a patients job to train him. They are agreeable child playmates who are always ready to bring the ball back. Setters are also late to mature and as a result, tend to go along well with the kids.

Extended puppyhood could be an irritating issue for a grown up man but a boon for the young ones of the family. He is the fastest dog among the Working Group.

So, his presence is the single most important factor for a successful childs game completion. They perform worse on a harsh tone or discipline.

9. Bull Terrier:

Playful, charming and mischievous flourishes with affluent affection as well as exercise. Kid companionship is the greatest source of the adorable care that he thrives on. Medium sized and strenuously built Bull Terriers are liberated souls like most other Terriers.

They are excited by feisty games and behave well with the kids. They happily live with an active family. He holds a funny personality that easily finds out some troubles. With a champion entertaining mood and boundless energy, they are often considered the true childish breed in the canine kingdom.

Bull terriers are the living proof of a fighting dog turning into a companion dog. Their training takes much time and patience due to the Terrier traits. They are good watchdogs and willing to go further to protect their loved ones.

10. Vizsla:

Affectionate, gentle and energetic Vizslas bond closely with their owners. They are all family guys and abhor living alone. These Sporting Group dogs love to be around their family.

He likes a good snuggle with you after day long work. They have a strong protective instinct and make excellent watchdogs. Their love for people makes them a superb companion of the kids.

All time Vizsla actions will keep the baby happy along the way the dog will meet his daily exercise necessities.

He can continue playing tough games for hours. His loving nature will act as a shield for the baby against untoward incidents. He requires 1-2 hours of vigorous physical activities each day. Vizsla does not need much grooming.

11. Bracco Italiano:

The Bracco Italiano is also known as Italian Pointer. They are characteristically affectionate, intelligent and enthusiastic. This is a peaceful breed of dog who performs well as a gun dog.

Braccos like to have a close human connection and you can expect him to participate equally in the family activities. Their perfect place is a family with a big yard to run aplenty. They have a great necessity for physical exercise.

Puppy Bracco gets well along with the kids. This healthy breed holds on to its love for children in an adult age too. His patience makes him a worthy companion for the toddlers too.

Bracco Italiano is too happy to assist you in hunting and retrieving. He will sound an alarm on welcoming a stranger but is too gentle to make a good guard dog. These dogs are more popular in Europe than in North America.

12. Weimaraner:

Endless energy is the single phrase used to well describe the Gray Ghost or Weimaraner. He was bred in Germany and is capable of day long hunting, working or virtually anything with perfect training. They are reputed for obedience, fearlessness and beauty.

As a dear and bear hunter, smaller pets are a fair game for this breed. But he gets along well with the children and is whole heartedly a family member. He requires too much exercise per day or his destructive behavior gets exposed.

Children can enjoy an enthusiastic game partner in a Weimaraner. This dog does not make an easy friend with a stranger. He never takes a day off from his activities.

So, you need to train and socialize him well in order to have a perfectly disciplined dog. You have to possess a big place with plenty of inventions to calm him down.

13. Pug:

Anyone can enjoy the taste of Pug friendliness. His love just swells out of his small frame. This childish breed loves to be around you. They usually do not mind other pets around the place but dislike someone grabbing your lap without their consent.

If trained well, he performs as one of the best dogs for kids. He never intends any harm to a kid and is the oldest breed of dog with even records that date back to 400 BC. He holds onto his lapdog status thriving in human companionship.

Clownish Pugs are the eminent source of children’s pleasure with their playful activities. Their small size barely poses a physical threat to a kid. You can leave your kids with them after imparting rigorous training.

14. Old English Sheepdog:

This is an active, medium sized dog. He used to amass cattle in England. But nowadays Sheepdogs are more of a family companion. He is gentle enough to peacefully reside with humans and needs a huge amount of exercise.

With their inherent playful character, Sheepdogs become ideal mates for your children. These woolly goofballs are highly adaptable and smart. Sheepdogs are muscularly built and swift runners.

This docile yet powerful dog has got plenty of smart moves and witty actions. If well exercised, you can keep him satisfied in apartment life.

15. American Staffordshire Terrier

This is a good behaving dog with confident smartness. He is a terrier who never lacks courage to face a situation. The AmStaffs closely watch over the surroundings to have a better understanding.

His terrier ancestry does not fail you in a pleasant social interaction. He is a strongly built medium sized dog who cares plenty for your children.

With proper training, he is going to be your loyal and affectionate companion. His training requires a lot of patience. He does not do well with the other pets. The dog needs skillful learning about the innocence of a child.

So, the kids can stay out of his threat list. Early socialization is the key in this regard.


Teach your babies how to interact with the dog more than training the dog to behave. This lesson can stop occasional unwanted incidents. Thus, you can establish a mutual relationship between them. These 15 best dogs for kids are the safest for your children.

But do not rely on an animal instinct. Trust your training and socialization methods. More importantly, no matter how docile the dog breed happens to seem, never leave your child alone with the pet.

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