6 Best Dog Beds for Older Dogs in 2022 (Expert Choice)

Beds for Older Dogs

Dogs usually spend about 12-18 hours a day in the bed. Older canine members are more likely to expend a big chunk of their time sleeping and resting.

Naturally, older dogs need more care than their younger counterparts. Diseases and deteriorating physical conditions can ruin their peaceful life.

As a result, an excellent dog bed is a fundamental requirement for them. The best dog beds for older dogs are meant for their ultimate comfort in this respect. Aging puts a toll on your mutual relationship as well which can be minimized with a great support from a fitting dog mattress.

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Big Barker stepped into the pet industry in 2012 with a view to serve the nuanced requirements of big as well as older dogs. You know large dogs and senior dogs are often subject to the same physical challenges. They have been sticking to their stellar comfort plans since then. You simply cannot place this orthopedic dog bed side by side to anything else in the market.

Eric Shannon, the founder of Big Barker, was having a real hard time finding the perfect bed for his dog, Hank. This problem heavily influenced him to start a business of his own. Norman Richie, the top American foam engineer immediately joined hands as he learnt the goals of Eric. 

But what about the price? Let’s summon the details. Of course, a Big Barker bed maims your wallet’s health to some extent as the Big Barker has introduced their proprietary 3-stage blend of American made foam. It absolutely delivers a feeling of being on top of clouds. Your aged dog cannot imagine a larger dream than this as it removes all joint concerns.

Their superior foam engineers have set out for a ‘’Can’t flatten, Won’t flatten’’ slogan. They have used all American components for the foam and not Chinese mass produced materials join the mix. They guarantee that 10 years of continual use will not leave a dent on foam structure and it will hold on to 90 percent of its shape. Flattening and pancaking is none of your issues if you go for this best dog bed. They say that Norman Richie personally supervises every single foam before they make out to your house.

Most importantly, the foam is certified by CertiPUR-US®, a not-for-profit foam certification organization in America. CertiPUR-US® determines product caliber regarding content, emissions, performance and durability. No lead, chlorine, arsenic or harmful chemicals will cause damage to your dogs’ skin.

A robust microfiber cover encapsules the mattress. The cover fabric scores 100000 in Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester. Normally, top class household furniture can undergo daily wear and tear with only 15000 score. So, what is Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester? It measures abrasion resistance of fabrics by rubbing it against a standard abradant. The score tells you how much attrition a fabric can undergo.

In short, you can expect the cover to weather all seasons. They have applied a special anti-tear formula for the cover. If you have a naughty senior dog, you know he or she badly needs this feature.

Big Barker has placed about 150 inches of zipper on three sides. This is an utmost pragmatic decision on their end as it has outstanding usefulness. You can pull out or push in the foam without any kind of hassle. Even the zipper is also manufactured in the USA.

Big Barker has two workshops respectively in Pennsylvania and Delaware comprising a 20 men strong workforce. These top rated craftsmen promise superior mastery in furniture and upholstery. All American hands and all American components define a Big Barker bed. Now, does the price sound like a no starter? Taking all aspects into account, it is rather a reasonable range as users point out.

The perfect bed is right here for your puppy for at least the next decade. Give your old or arthritic dog the best option. It is also suitable for dogs with hip and elbow dysplasia. Moreover, this one will be the best for post surgical times.

Handy seems a more suitable term than pretty for the Big Barker bed. It keeps your dog younger for a longer period of time. It does not let your large dog sink down to the surface. Big Barker offers four different color choices including burgundy, charcoal grey, chocolate and khaki along with three sizes.


  • Absolutely made for large dogs
  • The bed scarcely flattens over time
  • 100% US made product
  • 10 year warranty
  • Served 100k+ happy dogs


  • Replacement cover costs almost half the bed
  • The cover is not fully water resistant

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

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BarkBox always sneaks out some methods to preserve the health and happiness of dogs by introducing stellar dog beds. Lowering the price of dog supplies has always been a top priority for them without compromising in terms of quality.They have designed this ultra elegant dog bed with those visions in mind.

BarkBox started their journey in the pet industry back in 2011. Their primary inspiration came from Hugo, a great Dane owned by Matt Meeker. He is one of three co-founders of BarkBox. So, orthopedic dog beds are a natural segment of their interest.

They have streamlined a therapeutic gel memory foam core for this bed. What does memory foam mean for your puppy? Well, it was invented by NASA in the 1960’s primarily for the astronauts. It is composed of polyurethane and is also known as viscoelastic foam. Memory foam is highly regarded for its extreme density.

Its dense construction contributes to delivering out of the world sleeping experience as the foam curves along the body contours. As a result, body pressure is relieved to a great extent. Whenever the dog presses upon it, the foam follows the exact shapes in line with the exerted pressure because of its essential elastic properties. Moreover, the foam obstructs elements from passing through thanks to its solid structure.

Now, let’s delve into gel memory foam. It is designed to protect your dog from extra heat. The memory foam is infused with gel microbeads. Gel microbeads make the foam exceedingly breathable. It absorbs excessive temperature. Usually, the gel beads can shoot down 1-2 degrees of accrued temperature from the bed. As a result, the puppy can have the best relaxation of its life on the dog mattress.

Usually, pet parents do not hope for this much facility within such a down to earth price range. This reinvigorating dog bed ensures all amenities for your furry friend. Waterproof properties of this bed do not allow accidents to slip down to the foam. You can step up regular machine washes. Your home interior will take elegant shape with this dog bed placed at a corner. Pure grade memory foam handles hip dysplasia, arthritis and all kinds of bone related concerns in a great way. The bed comes in four different sizes and 7 colors.


  • Premium class comfort
  • Deals with pains
  • Fit for all large dogs
  • Best sleep all the way
  • Smooth portability


  • Warranty is rather ambiguous
  • Spot cleaning is required for liquid penetration to the foam

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Friends Forever is a home and bedding goods brand. They vigorously declare that ‘’everyone has the privilege to enjoy the best things in life everyday’’. Stunning popularity of their supply line has led them to design audaciously ingenious products for dogs. This bed is one such outstanding item in their store.

They have manufactured a magnificent dog bed to cope up with the old age complications your senior dog may be suffering from. Superior efforts have gone into lifting the standard to a whole new level. The cushioned plush poly-fill bolsters are always there for extreme head and neck support. So, what is poly-fill?  This is the short form of polyester fiberfill. It is a synthetic fiber used for padding pillows.

Maxima® baby mattress grade memory foam is Friends Forever’s patented technology. It has in fact revolutionized pet sleeping style. No wonder, the bed receives top dog expert recommendations across the nation. Your dog will feel a deep difference of Maxima support as you give him the privilege to rest on it.

The cover is made of ultra premium microfiber suede. We have already discussed what microfiber is. Now, what is suede? You know, polyester and cotton gives an ordinary look whereas suede produces an elegant appearance. Suede comes from the inner split of a thin piece of leather. So, it is  less durable than full-grain leather. However, suede lends a rugged look to the bed surface. Microfiber suede contributes to an anti tear cover with unique appearance and water repellent capacity.

Furthermore, the bed features a non-slip bottom. Comfortable cleaning has skyrocketed its popularity through the roof as you can easily dismantle the foam and the cover. You will evventually love its pure metal zipper and liner. Furthermore, this orthopedic dog bed will ensure a medium time chew proof strength. 

High quality is the utmost consideration in bringing forth this orthopedic dog bed. A good night’s sleep is not the only thing you want in a bed for older dogs. Well, this one got you covered on both sides. Premium grade mattress foam endorses the health of your pooch. They offer four different sizes and colors for the bed.


  • Reasonable price
  • Always extra arthritic care
  • Durable structure
  • Meant for pet lovers
  • Medium level chew proof


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Warranty unspecified

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

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As BarksBar has worded it, ‘’pets have always been our first priority’’. BarksBar wants to take care and send some love for your older dog. BarksBar inspiration, contentment and work spirit derives from an out and out pet companionship. They would love to see you choose the safest, most comfortable and highest quality products for your senior dog.

Each BarksBar product is flawlessly planned and designed with the best industrial practices in mind to age issues of dogs. However, they always put extra effort into offering an affordable price too as this magnificent dog bed is a prime example of optimum price.

Dog happiness heavily relies on a good night’s sleep. An ultimate bed is a fine progress in the right direction. BarksBar has outlined a premium component dog bed with orthopedic care. So, what does an orthopedic mattress mean? The medical study of orthopedics is exclusively centered on spinal and joint disorders. An orthopedic dog bed combats the issues related to bad back and joints. It offers targeted and custom fit support in this regard. An old dog can always use an orthopedic sleeping pad as it can relieve his pains to a great extent.

Everyday use of it will reinvigorate your old buddy to a new life. Durable service life, timeless support and joint relief for the dog defines BarksBar dog bed. 3.5″ of solid orthopedic foam base warrants deep cushioning that paves way to smooth pressure relief of the joints. Moreover, it pledges of cotton padded walls that curve along the head and neck angles right away to provide superior support. This unique combination of physical backup sets the path to improved mobility and health.

The polyester cover lays out a quilted design. It is removable and machine washable for easier maintenance. You can put the cover on a gentle or delicate cycle and air dry. However, the foam should be spot cleaned. Soak the spots with soap water and then press out the water. Do not wring the foam during spot cleaning as it might cause permanent damage. Wet foam becomes very heavy and is subject to tearing.

In addition, spotting and removing fur has been made super easy. The bed contains a non-skid rubber bottom so that it remains locked at a specific place. Sliding to and fro on hardwood floors or tile is completely out of question. Super easy assembly has put this dog bed on a path to outstanding popularity.

Give your old or arthritic dog one of the best gifts he could crave for. Exquisite craftsmanship of BarksBar guarantees strong care of your puppy. Elegantly soft polyester cover and luxurious orthopedic dog bed fulfills your expectation to the brim. Pillow tops on all corners provide an amazing den and nesting feeling.


  • Orthopedic memory foam support
  • Affordable price
  • Easy cleaning
  • Bolster comfort
  • Superb interior look


  • Digging leads to dismemberment of the bed
  • Warranty is unspecified

FurHvaen Dog Bed

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Furhaven operates their pet empire from Washington. They set sail in the dog supply industry back in 2004 with a monastic mission of delivering snuggly soft comfort to all pets. Price issue tops their agenda. However, they are quite inflexible in terms of quality of the products. Everyday experiences lead them to create sleek designs to meet senior dog requirements.

The bed solidifies ergonomic contour for supreme dog comfort. Ergonomics refers to a design that fits the user appropriately. Your dog will genuinely feel like sitting on top of the cloud. This is a true heaven for a cuddler.

The top fabric is composed of plush faux fur. It is especially effective in the winter days for keeping the aged dog warm. It is fully machine washable. The core of course contains solid orthopedic foam for extreme comfort.

It has plenty of open space that permits enough room for liberal sprawling out. A sturdy orthopedic foam base backs up his straining joints. On a side note, excessive teething puppies can irreparably damage the mat. Absurdly beautiful look of this dog mattress adds practical value to your home interior.


  • Ergonomic structure
  • Keeps warm in winter 
  • Comfortable cleaning
  • 90 days of product coverage
  • Pet safe ingredients


  • Not suitable for teething puppies
  • Faux fur is not eco-friendly

JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed

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What can ensure the best physical support to a senior dog?

Well, it is the memory foam base. This bed introduces a high density memory foam base that greets the dog with an incomparable feeling of comfort. It has a breathable structure giving way to much needed smooth airflow.

This is a fluffy dog bed with excellent resilience to a naughty dog’s behavior. Its cushioned tops manage to provide the head and neck with the best rest. Outstanding appearance of JOYELF bed along with easy cleaning facilities send the owner’s mind through the roof.


  • Flame retardant material
  • Ultimate sleep experience
  • Removable cover

Why do you need the best dog beds for older dogs?

There are several issues that we have to grasp before weighing in on this decision. Let’s get straight into those factors.

  1. Arthritis, hip dysplasia and bone related joints will very often trouble their life during the senior age. A suitable dog bed can take care of this concern to a great extent.
  2. Incontinence makes their existence really hard. You will be burdened with extra cleaning efforts. A waterproof dog pad gives you an easy time in this regard.
  3. Discomfort is a genuine problem that takes place each day in the older age. The bed is an ultimate place for him to relax and become happy again.
  4. Body warmth goes downward along with aging. So, cold and hard floor surface is especially no place for a senior canine. Moreover, a hard floor becomes a physically painful reality if he is bound to stay on it.
  5. The older dogs prefer lying down at a corner than having a robustly active time. So, the bed is an important ingredient of his life.

What is a good bed for older dogs?

You have to carefully notice some features while purchasing a suitable dog bed. Here goes the list of the aspects.

  • Orthopedic dog beds are a better suit for the senior dogs.
  • Memory foam is of immense importance. It supports each curve of his body giving them pure relaxation.
  • Heated dog beds could be another option and this one especially gives the dog relief from body aches connected to hip dysplasia, arthritis and so on.
  • Then, you have to consider his sleeping position and physical measurement as well.
  • Removable cover makes sure that you can easily send the cover to washes and perform a sound cleaning.
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