10 Best Dog Beds for Hip Dysplasia in 2021

Best dog bed for hip dysplasia naturally brings us back to the orthopedic dog beds which are actually designed with the same purpose in mind. These beds are highly researched for giving remedy to the situation of your dog. Dogs can feel comfortable in such a bed because of its heavy duty bone and body support.

Your dog will finally get back the true sense of relaxation thanks to these tested therapeutic mattresses. A fitting canine orthopedic mattress can provide a much needed physical relief keeping the dog in a comfort zone. It helps with a faster recovery period for bone related concerns and most importantly, maintains his youth for a longer period of time.

Top 10 Dog Beds for Hip Dysplasia

1 Dogsculture Best:  KOPEKS Orthopedic Dog Bed

2 Best Overall : Big Barker Orthopedic Bed

3 Best Memory Foam: BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

4 Best Orthopedic Bed: PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed

5 Best Pain Relief Bed: The Dog’s Pain Relief Bed

6 Best Therapeutic  Bed: Furhaven Therapeutic Dog Bed

7 Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed: Laifug Dog Bed

So, the best dog bed for hip dysplasia in fact has a multipurpose role. Let us glide you through the best choices in this regard.

KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed:

KOPEKS Pet Accessories is located in Miramar, Florida. They are highly esteemed for outstanding pet products. Here comes another of their majestic dog mattress. This dog bed scores some additional points by offering a 3 inch tall headrest besides a solid 7 inch memory foam core.

This is a superb example of an orthopedic dog mattress. What is an orthopedic dog bed? Well, the medical study of orthopedics has led to these beds. These are carefully tailored mattresses for spinal and joint support. Orthopedic beds are exclusively designed to combat bone related deformities and you know that dogs are very often subject to joint and skeletal issues.

KOPEKS bed could be a good solution with regards to those concerns. It is also suitable for a young dog as it will put a cap on the aging process. Moreover, the dog will also maintain good health. Especially, dogs with arthritis and muscle problems can reap the best benefit of it.

Everyone knows about elegant suede looks. The cover is composed of plush suede. Now, let’s have a look on what sued refers to. It comes from the underside segments of the skin as the underside skin is softer and better pliable than that of the outer layer. Jackets, shoes, purses, furniture, etc have a history of using this fuzzy leather. Suede gives a truly gorgeous look of the bed and thus it becomes a valuable interior piece.

Until now, you have only heard about waterproof beds. This is high time you saw one. KOPEKS bed promises a fully waterproof encasement so that no accident can spoil your day. The liner hides below the suede cover and impeccably protects the foam. The bed has a rubber grip fabric on its bottom section and this fabric gives the bed an anti-skid bottom which is great for an active and energetic dog. Simply put, the bed will not slide around in the home. The bed has two colors and only one size available.


  • Orthopedic dog bed
  • Genuinely waterproof
  • Exquisite suede cover
  • 7 inch solid memory foam base
  • Machine washable cover


  • The bed might have a faint smell
  • The waterproof liner makes a bit of sound

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed for Hip Dysplasia :

Hank, the 92 lb hyena-like dog was the fur baby of Eric Shannon, the founder of Big Barker. To his complete surprise, Eric came to know that the market was glut with dog supplies suitable for small and medium sized dogs. But unfortunately, the same is not true for the big dogs. Sorting out an outperforming dog bed proved to be a gigantic task for him.

Most interestingly, Hank was suffering from hip dysplasia as well. This existential crisis led Eric to the biggest decision of his life. He took a solemn oath to solve the issue by introducing a unique bed suitable for all big dogs. Eric jumpstarted Big Barker in 2012. Norman Richie, the best foam engineer in America, did not need to think twice before joining hands.

What is the most important characteristic of a Big Barker dog bed? Well, it slashes down your choices to a single shot. Your hunt for a trendy and classy dog bed comes to an end at last. Especially, the large dogs will enjoy its immaculate service for the next decade.

Right now, you may be wondering about a no starter. Of course, we are talking about the high sounding price. Now, we have to check out the qualities at stake to justify the price range. You will certainly forget it as you go through this review.

A proprietary 3-stage blend of American made foam gives your dog a good night’s sleep. Big Barker has laid out an ingenious design for your adorable puppy thanks to a 30 year foam experience of Norman Richie. He personally supervises each and every foam quality that makes it to your home in terms of durability and class.

This stringent quality control process leads to their unique slogan ‘’Can’t flatten, Won’t flatten’’. They back up the claim with a flat 10 year warranty on the foam as it will not pancake or flatten during this time. Rather, it will hold on to 90% of its shape up to a decade.

The dog will truly feel like sleeping on top of the cloud. Endless joint comfort is a natural result of the memory foam quality because of a dense support base. Moreover, it is verified by CertiPUR-US®, a not-for-profit organization that certifies foam authenticity in America. Their solid standard tests are applied to determine emission, performance, content and durability.

For your kind information, they do not use mass produced Chinese foam in the mix. Besides, it is totally free of lead, chlorine, arsenic and other harmful stuff. Washing the foam requires a small trick. Use warm water and dish soap to soak the affected area. Let the mixture sit in for 5-10 minutes and then press out as much moisture as you can. Wringing out is prohibited as this practice may dismantle the foam into pieces.

Let’s discuss the cover fabric now. Daily wear and tear cannot have any impact upon it as they offer tear resistant cover. It can actively combat issues such as digging and nesting. Besides, the Cordura™ cover does not smell bad like other dog bed covers because of its outstanding standard.

It is certainly waterproof and small incidents like drool, licking, happy squirts, or a wet dog coming in from the rain will not get access through the fabric. Easy cleaning has immensely contributed to its sky high popularity. You can machine wash the crate pad cover on low heat. Then dry on low for 10-15 minutes. High heat will damage the waterproof backing.

Amazingly, a thousand washes will not mar the beautiful appearance of it. Interestingly, the cover scores 100,000 in Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester whereas high end home furniture requires only 15000 score to withstand daily wear and tear. Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester calculates abrasion resistance of fabric by rubbing it against a standard abradent. 

The zipper covers 75% width of the cover. So, pulling the bed stuffing out and pushing it in is easy peasy for you. No more wrestling is needed to pull out the stuff as there is about 150 inches of zipper on three sides of the cover. In fact, Big Barker is defined by all American hands and all American components. They are headquartered here in Prussia, Pennsylvania. 

Best dog beds for hip dysplasia should have a great resilience against continual use. And here goes one of the ultimate choices in this respect. This dog bed comes home with a military grade fabric turning it into a fortress.

So, this bed can weather overuse issues in a practically proven method. Besides, the Big Barker bed guarantees out of the world comfort for the puppy. Overall, you can always count on this pressure relieving dog bed. The bed comes in three sizes and four colors.


  • Tear resistant formula
  • Water repellent cover liner
  • Deluxe comfort
  • 10 year warranty on the foam integrity
  • All American products


  • Replacement cover costs almost half the bed
  • It is not completely chew proof

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed Hip Dysplasia:

BarkBox launched their operations in the pet industry back in 2011. They have continually been seeking for an outstanding connection between humans and pets. Premium class pet supplies and a satisfying customer base elevates their status from a mere manufacturer to a friend of the dog community. When it boils down to the best dog beds for hip dysplasia, we are bound to consider their classy offer.

BarkBox employs therapeutic gel memory foam for this excellent dog bed. So, what is memory foam? In short, it is made of polyurethane. Thick density and viscosity features the memory foam. It can take extreme bends and shape along the body curves of the puppy. But as the dog forsakes the bed, the foam is instantly reorientated to its original shape. This characteristic gives him superb pressure relief. NASA invented memory foam in the 1960’s exclusively for the astronauts. Nowadays, sofas, mattresses, car seats and so many other furniture use it. This foam renders a longer lifespan of the bed.

Now, let’s jump into the gel memory foam part. In short, they insert gel microbeads into the foam. It gives rise to a superb breathable foam that helps regulate body temperature. The gel beads can slash down extra heat from the bed. Thus the puppy enjoys an intensely comfortable sleep throughout the night. Moreover, this orthopedic dog bed is an insurance against hip dysplasia, arthritis and physical aches.

Washing goes easy as the zippered cover is machine washable. A single wash will bring back the fresh look and smell you want all the way. Deal with potty incidents in proper ways as you have a water resistant dog mattress. It flawlessly matches your home interior and successfully hides all dog fur to a great extent. Ergonomic memory foam instantly flies the dog into the realm of fairyland. It has four sizes and four colors for you to choose from.


  • Maximum therapeutic support of gel memory foam
  • Admirable interior look
  • Superb customer satisfaction
  • Zipper on three sides
  • Great fit for any dogs with joint issues


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Foam requires spot cleaning and air drying

PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed:

PetFusion kicked off their journey into the dog supply industry with three core motivations in mind. They want to give you the taste of seamlessly blended designs, exceptional quality along with a reasonable price. Well, they have amassed all those attractive features into this exclusively designed dog bed. Years of research has finally culminated into this long lasting dog mattress. Let’s jump into the details on how it can altogether change the lifestyle of your puppy.

True comfort derives from the PetFusion bed. It will make the puppy super healthy and relaxing. So, what does the bed offer for your dog? It is made of memory foam of course. Their foam is inevitably certified by CertiPUR-US®. It does not give in to mercury, lead and other damaging chemicals. Low VOC emission sets this one apart from the other choices. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and simply put, low VOC stands for eco-friendliness.

Moreover, the bolsters are stuffed with recycled green polyfill which is again an environmental friendly material. Conventional polyfill is petroleum based and may be harmful for pet health. On the opposite, organic polyfill originates from cotton, corn or soy fiber. None of these substances poses any threat to the dog. The bolsters are superb for booth head and neck support. 

PetFusion bed brings in a water resistant cover. The cover will greatly protect the foam from day to day normal incidents such as drooling and licking. But we should be cautious that it is not fully waterproof. However. It is tear repellent. So, dog nesting and digging can be effectively handled as of today. Besides, the bed has an anti-skid bottom section. The dog cannot slide around the home.

PetFusion bed guarantees European REACH safety standards. REACH is a regulation of the European Union that aims at protecting both human health and the environment from threats posed by chemicals. So, your pet does not suffer from any health hazards due to skin contact with the bed. Interestingly, this bed applies a soothing effect upon the dog. The bed has four sizes and three distinct colors.


  • Genuine memory foam
  • Tear resistant cover
  • Bolster support for head and neck
  • 36 month warranty from PetFusion
  • Safe skin contact


  • Cover is not fully waterproof
  • Obscure return policy

The Dog’s Pain Relief Bed:

The Dog’s bed is launched by The Dog’s Balls Store. They believe that pet animals are an inseparable part of our daily lives and beloved family members. The Dog’s Balls Store is striving to make a significant stride in pet product quality. Visionary imagination has set them on a path to outline awe inspiring dog mattresses for a unique sleeping experience.

The bed has four basic parts. Those are thick orthopedic memory foam, water resistant inner protection, a high stability support foam core and an Oxford fabric cover. All these components bear evidence of thoughtful design and rigorous testing. We are not going to regurgitate memory foam issues as we have elaborately discussed about it. Let’s dig into the other aspects now.

The bed brings in a top grade support foam containing innumerable tiny air pockets. It renders a cushiony feel of the foam. So, your dog can enjoy better air flow on hot days. Together with the memory foam, it takes care of dogs suffering from osteochondritis, cruciate ligaments, arthritis, patellar luxation and hip dysplasia. This combo is also sufficient for the tender post surgery periods.

Pressure sores are real concerns for immobilized or stiff dogs. Pressure points are common at locations where the skin has short distance from the bone. Staying in one position for too long causes this problem which in turn is responsible for damaged skin. Dog elbows are usual victims to the sore points because of an inevitable proximity between the bone and skin. This bed will handle sore joints with medical grade care.

Removable cover along with the inner protective layer gives you easy time in handling accidents. It is mostly effective for dogs with incontinence issues. The inner water resistant mattress totally safeguards the foam section from any kind of water intrusion. An excellent team work of the Oxford fabric and the inner cover rprevents dust mites, molds and mildews.


  • Orthopedic medical grade support
  • Deluxe lazing time
  • No more pressure sore
  • Waterproof cover
  • Replacement covers available


  • Warranty is unspecified
  • Mattress is not sold separately

MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Hip Dysplasia:

What does a dog truly want? Certainly, the answer is comfort with a lot of cuddling privilege. You got it all with the MIXJOY dog bed. You know full well what a shaggy fake fur really offers. It introduces a genuine combo between unimaginable beauty and superior feeling of comfort. It gives rise to a solid peaceful sleeping experience paving way to a good behaving dog.

The round shaped bed is a true comfort to your eyes. It derives ultimate head and neck support thanks to the slightly bolstered edges. You can carry this lightweight bed to just anywhere and everywhere making it the best travel friendly dog bed.  Moreover, you can go for both hand and machine washing. You can also put it in the drier. 

This super soft and warm bed is all your fur baby wants to have. The dog will finally fall in love with its bed. Its comfortable rest can heal anxiety and joint issues to some extent. The joints of his body can at last relieve some accumulated pains and strains.

Pet safe ingredients secures a better life for your pet. Washer and dryer cannot harm it under your careful surveillance. Non-slip bottom stops all unwanted movements altogether. It has three sizes and four excellent natural color options.


  • Calming effect
  • Heavenly comfort
  • User oriented design
  • Easy carry feature
  • Simplest maintenance


  • Hand washing is preferred
  • Large sized dogs are no fit

BarkBox Memory Foam Cuddler Dog Bed:

BarkBox has brought forth another unrivalled dog bed for your fur baby. It also uses therapeutic gel memory foam just like the previous one we have discussed above. The design of this bed promises an acute uniqueness. It can accommodate large dog breeds such as Golden, Poodle, etc.

The bed contains four bolsters on all corners to maximise comfort. You can push the bolsters into the bed then zip it close. The assembly is really easy for anyone to follow. Moreover, this is a machine washable dog bed giving you luxury leisure time all year round. Besides, a single wash will give it the fresh look and smell back. Incessant ingenuity puts BarkBox one step ahead of their competitors and this dog pad is a good example of that.

Most importantly, every dog looks forward to having orthopedic support. They are very much susceptible to hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc. Your puppy will enjoy greater ergonomic memory foam support in this respect. You might wonder about the price at the beginning. But we hope by this time, you have got all answers to your initial questions as they do not compromise in terms of quality. This bolstered dog bed has three sizes and only grey color.


  • Reasonable price
  • Gel memory foam support
  • Deals with bone related issues
  • Easy maintenance
  • Comfortable assembly


  • Not waterproof
  • Unfit for a chewer

Barksbar Puppy Bed Hip Dysplasia:

Pets are always on top of BarksBar priorities. A desire for taking care of your pet dog has driven them down the road of the pet supply industry. They believe that pets should receive equal comfort just like their human counterparts. BarksBar products are outlined and developed to higher standards that we would expect for our family members. This orthopedic dog bed for hip dysplasia will make your dog’s life ever more graceful.

Certainly, your puppy wants the comfort of its 4 inch pure orthopedic foam support. It is exclusively designed to meet everyday requirements to the fullest. A premium human grade orthopedic memory foam blesses the dog with a good night’s sleep. Lasting structure of the bed is meant for years to come.

Indeed, you want joint relief to the maximum point. BarksBar brings in the privilege as well. Apart from the memory foam, they have placed a rim cushion on all three sides. These cushions are the ultimate relaxation providers for his neck as well as head. These are cotton padded walls and they bend whenever the dog puts physical pressure on it.

There is a non-skid rubber setup in the bottom section in order to prevent willful drifts. It will remain immobile on not only normal floors but also wooden and tiled floors. The bed lies at the place you set it. Obviously, it is a superb compliment to your existing home interior. It has three sizes and only grey color.


  • Human grade memory foam
  • Outstanding head and neck support with cushions
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Comfortable cleaning and hair removal
  • Stellar home addition


  • Not waterproof
  • The bed may slightly smell

Furhaven Therapeutic Dog Bed Hip Dysplasia:

Dog beds for hip dysplasia and dog beds for senior dogs are actually the same. Very few dog bed brands hold this motto upright as Furhaven. They have been in the dog product business since 2004. So, they understand your requirements in this regard to the fullest of its meaning. As a consequence, they have come up with a therapeutic back and neck support design.

This bed introduces an incomparable contour outline. Ergonomically designed contour is totally meant for a superior feeling of cushion. Besides, the cover is made of micro velvet. You know that this component ensures luxuriously soft touches thanks to its cent percent polyester velvet front. You bet they have employed medical grade foam for optimum health and wellness of your dog.

Indeed, it features ultimate physical support for any dog with hip dysplasia. The pet will derive lofty comfort simply resting on it. Especially, hips and joints can immensely benefit from its architectural style. Skyrocketing positive reviews on amazon tells a one of a kind story. There are 21 different colors, 7 sizes and 4 distinct materials for the bed.


  • Ergonomic contour design for sprawlers
  • Premium orthopedic support for hips and joints
  • Micro velvet top
  • Comfortable cleaning with easy stuff removal feature
  • 90-day limited coverage


  • The memory foam bed is the top comfort provider
  • Be careful about orthopedic, memory foam and gel memory foam options before ordering

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed:

Sealy Dog Bed also declares that their dog beds are completely free of poly-fill or foams of compromised grades. Dog Bed of the Year award went to their pocket for consecutive years in both 2014 and 2015. So, quality issues should not bother you while checking one of their beds.

Dogs across the ages can benefit from this mattress. It is about 4.5 inch high at the front and the bolsters stand at 7 inch. Especially, it will effectively deal with the orthopedic issues of your puppy including hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint and bone related concerns. Amazingly, they have a pro-charcoal base absorbed into the design and this is truly a great remedy to the stinky dog smells natural to any dog bed. It will suck out odor to a great extent.

The cooling foam is a fantastic feature for handling hot days. The bed is exclusively outlined to prevent shifting of the foam to the edges of the bed. What does it mean? The dog will move around as much as he wants. But the foam will remain in place and not gather in the corners. They have four sizes and four colors for the product.


  • Cooling foam
  • Takes care of hip dysplasia and arthritis
  • Absorbs odor with pro-charcoal base
  • High end comfort and easy wash
  • They share the profit with Pets for Vets


  • Initially, the bed may rarely have negligible wrinkles on the cover
  • The cooling mechanism has little effect in reality

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed:

Letting the pet live wonderfully every day is simply the motto of Laifug. They stand out among dog bed manufacturers with this double double pillow mattress.The 4 inch and 2 inch pillows on head and tail ends render a great place for your cuddle babies to have a nap.

A 40d memory foam blesses the dog with a good night’s sleep. The 40d memory foam possesses a dense structure. This quality makes it a perfect choice for those who need a skeletal, head and neck support of a firm bed. A dog suffering from hip dysplasia is a perfect candidate for this memory foam.

Similar to the Big Barker beds, this one will also retain 90% of the foam shape for at least the next three years. Moreover, the waterproof properties of the microfiber cover is a genuine boon for any owner. The tear resistant cover is really soft to touch. Smooth cleaning has sent its popularity to a superb height. There are three colors and one size for it.


  • 40d memory foam
  • Bolster support for head and neck
  • The foam retains shape for at least 3 years
  • Waterproof microfiber cover
  • Smart addition to the interior


  • Only jumbo size available
  • Made in China if you are wondering about comparatively low price

Brindle Designer Memory Foam Dog Bed:

Brindle Pet Products is famous for superb designs within affordable limits. This bed is no exception to that general principle. You hear about waterproof beds all the time. But how many of them are genuinely up to the mark? Well, here goes your ultimate choice in this respect. The foam is completely covered in a water tight casement. Rest assured about it.

Its 4 inch thick foam consists of 2 inch memory foam and 2 inch support foam. The combination of these high density foams generate a true feeling of comfort for hip dysplasia puppies. Besides, arthritic dogs are also big customers of the Brindle dog beds.

Brindle is very confident of its performance and they offer a three year warranty along with the bed. The zippered cover can be comfortably disengaged from the stuffing for washing or cleaning purposes. Most interestingly, it is a one of the rare hypoallergenic dog beds that obstructs dust mites.


  • 4 inch outstandingly comfortable foam
  • Solid waterproof cover and it does not make any sound
  • Tremendously supports a dog with hip dysplasia
  • Easy wash
  • 3 year warranty


  • Subject to tearing
  • Cover is not included into the warranty

Top 5 brands of orthopedic dog bed for hip dysplasia:

  • Big Barker
  • BarkBox
  • PetFusion
  • The Dog’s

What is hip dysplasia in dogs?

In general, large dogs such as Great Dane, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, etc are more likely to suffer from hip dysplasia. Their skeletal formation is often responsible for this. Obviously, this is a hip disease and it causes a mismatch between the femur ball and the hip socket joint leading to corrosive rubs rather than smooth sliding of the leg joint.

Why does hip dysplasia in dogs happen?

Both genetic and living conditions can contribute to this disease. For your kind notification, living conditions include obesity as well as nutritional issues. Normal hip joint development process gets barred and the dog might lose his mobility over the course of time.

What are the symptoms of hip dysplasia?

The symptoms of this condition often appear in the young age. Here goes a list of the signs for you to look at.

  • Discernible decrease in the amount of activity
  • Painful standing effort
  • Disinclination to jumping, running or high stamina exercise
  • Ostensible carrying of the affected leg or simply lameness
  • Strange or swaying gait
  • Grating sound stemming from the joint
  • Thigh muscle significantly loses mass

How to treat hip dysplasia?

  • This situation does not immediately call for a surgery or something of a grave consequence.
  • Normally, pay close attention to weight control.
  • Swimming is an excellent option for such a patient. This form of exercise does not add further pressure on the joint. On the opposite, it keeps his limbs moving and active. It can also strengthen his muscles and joints.
  • Then, there is physiotherapy that helps deal with joint stiffness.
  • Extreme exercise sessions do not bring this dog good news.
  • Vet might suggest you some anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery in a severe condition.

What is the role of a dog bed in the case of hip dysplasia?

A fitting dog can tremendously impact the condition of the dog. It will not cure the dog. But there are other benefits that the dog is looking forward to. The best bed for hip dysplasia can perform the below mentioned tasks.

  • Relieves pain
  • Provides high quality comfort during naps and rest periods thanks to top class cushion
  • Increases blood flow maintaining sound health of the affected limb
  • Memory foam base will support each curve of his body using the body heat

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