Best 24 Inch Dog Crates in 2022

24 Inch Dog Crates

Small dogs can be grumpy as well and so, they need to be caged just like a big dog. If you let the puppy loose, it will show you the 101-guide-to-trouble-making paths.

So, a 24 inch dog crate can give you sound relief in this regard. Shopping for a fitting crate is part of the job. We have to explore the ways to use it.

Moreover, there are situations that bar you from using one. Most importantly, we have to identify the right measurement of the dog so that the crate is neither small nor large for him. This article will deal with these issues one after another.

AmazonBasics Dog Crate

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AmazonBasics dog crate comes with both single and double door options. You can feel its beefed up security thanks to two latches on the door. Moreover, the bottom section introduces mini dividers so that the paws do not accidentally slip through.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best dog crates for the small dogs. This one comes with a folding privilege promising superb mobility. It can carry responsibility for young and old dogs alike. Metal wire body guarantees lasting life of the crate.

Rounded corners protect your dog from injury in case of physical contact. Easy set up process has sent its popularity through the roof.

New World Metal Crate

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Pet security is the ultimate consideration when it comes to the New World dog crates. It has a slide bolt latch to keep your dog safe inside. This is a great den like place that the dog can call its abode.

Besides, your traveling experience will go smoothly thanks to its easy portability. In addition, you can place it indoors or outdoors anytime you want to. This crate will assist in imparting house-training lessons to the dog.

Anxiety issues will also come reasonably down to an almost imperceptible level. This is a home inside a home barring no visibility of the whole place.

Carlson Dog Crate

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Pack your things and go for a trip in an instant. This is an easily foldable dog crate giving you freedom of movement with the dog be it a vet visit or an outdoor camping. You can fold it flat for storage privilege.

Besides, you can remove the pan and wash it at any time. This crate fits any dog from young to adult ages with a height up to 16 inches. Multi point locking facility is a tremendous security against breaking out attempts. The dog will love its den and you will have the peace of mind with Carlson dog crate.

How to measure a dog for the right sized crate?

Take a measuring tape and get the length from the tip of his nose to the base of the tail while the dog is in a standing posture.

Then, have the dog seated on its bottom and measure from the floor surface to the top of his head. It gives you the perfect height of the dog as many dogs tend to be taller while on a sitting posture. Width is not that important.

Usually, dog experts suggest that you can buy a crate 2-4 inches larger than his physical proportion. It will allow the dog vital stretching of the limbs during its cage time.

Why do you need a dog crate?

You must have many reasons for using a dog crate. We have added a few in that list. Let’s check out those issues.

1. Crate is the ultimate personal space for the dog.

2. It helps remove his anxiety issues over the course of his training.

3. In addition, you can travel with the puppy hassle free.

4. Potty training becomes easier with the crate as dogs in general are not very willing to spoil their living room. They learn eliminating at a certain location dictated by you.

5. It prevents the dog from chewing on things in the house.

6. This is actually a shelter for the dog that helps him deal with the threat issues by providing security.

7. You have to have a crate for occasional vet visits as well.

When you should not use the crate?

There are times and occasions when you have to be judicious in using the dog crate. Though you will feel like its necessity, these situations should not be considered as opportune moments.

1. Little dogs are not to be caged. Usually, this training starts after the dog surpasses 6 months of age.

2. This is not a punishment for the dog. It is a method of better house management. So, do not confine the dog out of anger.

3. Do not keep the dog inside for a long period of time. It will spawn anxiety instead of removing it. You can keep them for 4-8 hours and not more than that.

4. If the puppy stops demonstrating destructive behavior, give the crate option a rest and leave it for occasional use.


24 inch dog crate is exclusively for the smaller dogs. A great choice in this respect will give your dog the best den life. Besides, you will have easy time in cleaning.

On top that, none of these crates allow successful escape attempts. So, you can relax and pick one from this list.

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